Published on Feb 14,2018
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Today, real-time operational insights and immediate engagement are the key business requirements. They are evidently bringing a cascading effect on the Big Data job market. Data professionals and aspirants seeking a Big Data career cannot afford to remain content with their current data analytics skill set. There is an urgency to update one’s skill set.

Let’s take a look at why Apache Storm Training is essential for your career.

Apache Storm – Industry Choice for Real-time Big Data Processing

Among the new Big Data technologies, Apache Storm is the industry choice for processing streaming Big Data in real time for the following features:

  • Guaranteed messaging processing
  • Runs any programming language
  • Simple programming model
  • Horizontally scalable
  • High fault tolerance
  • Faster queries
  • Quick test

If you are not getting the right experience in Big Data analytics and feel hard pressed for time, an online Apache training program can equip you with just the right skills for the job market.

Huge Job Opportunities for Apache Storm in Surging Big Data Market

Big Data, although a relatively new concept, is very crucial from the business perspective. It has created vital requirements in the job market. Evidently, there is a pronounced talent crunch. For professionals like you, this is a real opportunity to fast forward your career.

Big Data market is growing phenomenally and the industry is all set to cross the $50 billion mark by 2017. It is only natural, when the industry is growing that fast and big, there will be massive job requirements. Gartner predicts by 2015, there will be around 4.4 million IT jobs in Big Data. Some other facts related to the upsurge in the data scientists’ positions are illustrated below.

Big Data Jobs, opportunities for Apache Storm Professionals

Job Titles & Salaries of Apache Storm Professionals

A skilled Apache Storm professional can automatically qualify for the Current Top 10 Big Data Jobs available. For a skilled professional, there are many jobs and job titles to choose from.

Job Title & Salaries for Apache Storm Professionals

Apache Storm – The Strongest Keyword in your Resume

Apache Storm skill will automatically qualify you with the right edge that employers are looking for in a prospective Big Data professional. Apache Storm training provides online project exposure during your course period. This gives you an insight on how Storm is used in real situations for solving Big Data challenges in an organization. This gives you a definite advantage over other job seekers in the Big Data field.

A typical job description for data professionals on job portals looks like this:

  • 10+ years professional Java development experience
  • A demonstrated passion for analytics and algorithms
  • Experience implementing Big Data solutions using Open Source Java libraries
  • Experience with Apache Storm and streaming real-time CEP solutions
  • Understanding of Cloud architectures and computationally intensive development environments
  • Experience with Docker and Zookeeper, HDFS/Hadoop and cluster management
  • Expertise with Git, Maven and the Agile development process
  • Experience with Scala a plus
  • Experience with NoSQL, columnar, in-memory, data stores a plus
  • Experience with Bitmaps and vector processing a big plus  (For example RoaringBitmaps and Yeppp)

(Source: LinkedIn)

Top Companies Nurturing Big Data Skills

We are already seeing many companies using Apache Storm for business purposes like real-time normalization, real-time analytics and micro-batch processing. Let’s look at some use cases of Apache Storm  in the industry, based on their applications:

Groupon – Real-Time Data Normalization:

Groupon uses Apache Storm to build real-time data integration systems. Storm aids in analysis, cleansing, normalization, and resolving large amounts of non-unique data points with low latency and high throughput.

Twitter – Analytics

Apache Storm powers Twitter’s publisher analytics product, processing every tweet and click that happens on Twitter to provide analytics for Twitter’s publisher partners.

Storm helps in integration with the rest of Twitter’s infrastructure, including Cassandra, the Kestrel infrastructure, and Mesos. Many other projects are underway using Storm, including projects in the areas of revenue optimization, anti-spam, and content discovery.

NaviSite – Event Log Monitoring

Storm is used as a part of NaviSite’s server event log monitoring/auditing system. NaviSite uses Storm to send log messages from thousands of servers into a RabbitMQ cluster and then to check each message against a set of regular expressions. Apache Storm enables NaviSite to handle a load of somewhere around 5-10k messages per second. NaviSite has plans to do real time intrusion detection as an enhancement to the current log message reporting system.

Why Choose Apache Storm Training?

An online training program for a short duration, with flexible timing options, and all the important modules covered in an easy-to-learn tutorial format, can make a big difference to your career growth. Storm’s capabilities as a free, open-source distributed real-time computation system, have set the new industry standard. A Training program with live online project exposure can give you a hands-on experience with Apache Storm’s real-time processing skills.

Some of the advanced skills that you can expect after successfully completing Apache Storm Training:

  • Analysing, cleaning, normalizing and resolving large amounts of data points
  • Quick data processing, content discovery in real-time for revenue optimization
  • Real-time intrusion detection for event log monitoring

Through online training, you will understand the simplicity of Storm and its usability with any programming language. You will learn why Storm is best suited for processing real-time information from highly dynamic sources and why it is the technology of choice. When you complete an online training program in Apache Storm successfully, you not only learn all its dynamic features and its scope of usage, but acquire the right certification that makes you eligible for many Big Data jobs in the market.

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