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What is the Average Java Developer Salary?

Last updated on Nov 27,2019 6.8K Views
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Java is one of the most popular programming languages and has managed to keep its magic intact with its platform independence. According to the TIOBE Index, Java has dominated the programming field from the early 2000s to 2019. Well, this clearly shows the popularity of Java and its usage in industry. In this article, we will discuss the Java Developer Salary and know why Java has been one of the most popular programming languages. In fact, a Java Developer can expect an average salary of Rs 443,248 (IND) or $73,743 (US) per year.

The following topics will be covered in this article:

  1. Who is a Java Developer?
  2. Java Developer Job Trends
  3. Career Paths for Java Developers
  4. Openings Based on Salary
  5. Java Developer Salary:

Before we delve into the details on Java Developer salary trends, let us first have a brief outlook on who is a Java Developer and the skills required to become a Java Developer.

Who is a Java Developer?

A Java Developer is the one who created complex web-based applications and collaborates with software developers to integrate Java into business applications. These developers are involved in the complete SDLC of the business product to identify and analyze issues in the product. They also have to come up with a solution to the issues, analyze and document user requirements.

Skills to become a Java Developer

The skills to become a Java Developer are as follows:

  1. Java/ J2EE
  2. Spring
  3. Hibernate
  4. JavaScript
  5. JDBC
  6. Eclipse Java IDE

Now that you know who is a Java Developer, let us take a look at the job trends of a Java Developer.

Java Developer Job Trends

According to, there are around 30,997 jobs in the US and 32250 jobs in India. If I have to break it down according to locations, then refer to the below tables which illustrates the number of jobs in different locations in India and US:


CityNumber of Jobs












CityNumber of Jobs



New York




San Francisco




Java career opportunities will only shoot through the roof! As the world is turning towards building new web applications on a day to day basis, both start-ups and well-established companies like Accenture, Amazon, Google, etc. are offering lucrative salaries to a Java Developers.

Looking at the above job trends, almost all of us can start off making a career in this field. So, next in this article on Java Developer salary, I will discuss the career paths of Java Developer.

Career Paths for Java Developers

Once we start making a career in a particular field, we always have this question in mind!

Is Java Developer a good career? What next? What is the career path?

Well, I would say that Java Developers do not have to worry much, as they have a fabulous career path ahead with many options.

A Java Developer has options such as :

  1. Software Developer
  2. Sr. Software Engineer
  3. Java Software Developer
  4. Team Lead

All the above roles have high popularity in the market and are paid well with high salaries ranging from  $87,641 to $100,073. So, on that note, next in this article on Java Developer salary, let us look into the number of openings based on the salary:

Openings Based on Salary

Looking at the popularity of Java, there is no doubt in the fact that Java Developer is one of the most popular job roles in the market. According to the Oracle research, Forbes states that Java stands on number one developer choice for the cloud, with 21 billion Virtual Machines running in the cloud-connected code. So, according to job openings based on salary are as follows:

Openings Based on Salary - Java Developer Salary - Edureka

According to the above chart, it is clear that a Java Developer is a great profession to start building your career. Now that you know the number of openings based on salary, let us look into the salary estimate of a Java Developer in depth.

Salary of a Java Developer

The salary of a Java Developer ranges from  Rs 443,248 (IND) or $73,743 (US) per year, but, it might vary based on a few factors. Before I deep dive into those factors, refer to the below graphs for the average salaries of Java Developers:


Source: Payscale


Average Salary - Java Developer Salary - Edureka

Source: Payscale

Next, in this article on Java Developer salary, let us look into the salary of a Java Developer based on experience.

Salary of a Java Developer Based on Experience

The below tables depicts the salary of java developers based on experience for India and the US.


Career LevelYears of ExperienceCompensation


<1 year

Rs 254,493 (based on 461 salaries)

Early Career

1-4 years 

Rs 406,088 (based on 2,620 salaries)


5-9 years

Rs 827,338 (based on 715 salaries)


10-19 years

Rs 1,342,021(based on 148 salaries)

Source: Payscale


Career LevelYears of ExperienceCompensation


<1 year

$59,177 (based on 304 salaries)

Early Career

1-4 years 

$69,519 (based on 1,458 salaries)


5-9 years

$82,994 (based on 911 salaries)


10-19 years

$97,110 (based on 400 salaries)

Source: Payscale

Well, I believe it is a known fact that for the same work people in different countries get different pay. Let’s see how much the salary of a Java Developer varies based on the geography.

Salary of a Java Developer Based on Geography

I am listing down the Java Developer salary for the following major cities:


Bengaluru₹ 7,80,609/year
Hyderabad₹ 5,27,762/year
Pune₹ 4,35,987/year
Chennai₹ 2,80,449/year
Mumbai₹ 6,71,414/year



Seattle$117,973 per year
New York$124,278 per year
Chicago$104,860 per year
San Francisco$58.45 per hour
Washington$105,767 per year


Looking at the above numbers, you might be interested to know the companies hiring, Java Developers. So, next in this article on Java Developer salary, let us look into the companies offering salaries for Java Developers.

Salary of a Java Developer Based on Companies

The below tables depicts salaries offered by a few companies:


Company NameAverage Salary
Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp₹ 6,66,000/year
Cognizant₹ 5,57,000/year
Capgemini₹ 5,55,000/year
Infosys Limited₹ 4,88,000/year
TCS₹ 4,48,000/year

Source: Payscale


Company NameAverage Salary
J.P.Morgan Chase & Co.$ 90,000/year
TCS$ 73,000/year
Infosys Limited$ 73,000/year
Cognizant$ 69,000/year
Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp₹ 64,000/year

Source: Payscale

If you are someone looking to get into an interesting career, now would be the right time to up-skill and take advantage of the Java career opportunities that come your way.

Check out the Java Training by Edureka, a trusted online learning company with a network of more than 250,000 satisfied learners spread across the globe. We are here to help you with every step on your journey, for becoming a besides this java interview questions, we come up with a curriculum which is designed for students and professionals who want to be a Java Developer. 

Got a question for us? Please mention it in the comments section of this ‘Java Developer Salary’ article and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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