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Java and Python Podcast: Which Language is the Best?

Last updated on Jan 29,2021 819 Views

Kislay Keshari
Kurt is a Big Data and Data Science Expert, working as a... Kurt is a Big Data and Data Science Expert, working as a Research Analyst at Edureka. He is keen to work with Machine Learning,...

Java and Python are two of the most Popular Languages in the industry right now. But which one is better? Listen to this podcast and find it for yourself. We also have the transcript of the Podcast below.

Kislay: Hello everyone and welcome to this interesting Live cast on one of the most controversial topics today in the IT industry, which programming language is better Java or python. So stay tuned guys as we have to subject expert with us Sayantini from Python and Neha from Java.

Sayantini: Hi Neha, so we all know that python is definitely the topmost programming language right now. It’s easy to understand. It’s easy to use whenever you’re writing any particular code and definitely it’s very popular right now. So Neha you are standing strong with Java here right now. What makes you take a strong stand about Java right now. What is it?

Neha: Well, Sayantini I feel that Java is more popular than other programming languages because if you see the job Scenario, it has a very high demand and when it comes to software applications and also it is one of the best-suited tools for server-side programming as well. Whereas python does not and not just that all the mobile apps that we are using on a daily basis are a combination of Java and Android. So yes, that’s why I chose Java when compared to other programming languages.

Sayantini: I get it. I mean definitely, you’re trying to highlight all the good points about Java but then don’t you think we already know that python has been accepted widely because it’s way better. I mean Java has been there since ages right now, but then python is a new language even then people are choosing python over Java because of how easy it is and how comfortable it has become for the developers to use it. And if you’re saying that Java is so important right now. So don’t you think both of these languages are pretty strong in their own Fields right now, then why is there such a fuss about Java versus python or why is everybody asking about which language to choose and most of the beginners are confused right now? I mean half of the times they’re asking what should we go for Java or should we go for python?

Neha: So tell me one thing if you’re asked to choose. Between Superman and Batman whom will you choose? Is the choice a little difficulty over here?

Sayantini: I mean, yeah, I love both of them. Actually. I can’t choose between the two.

Neha: Yes, because both of them are unique in their own ways. So similarly when it comes to the IT World selecting among Java and python is a cumbersome task as you all might know that Java and python are the most prominent languages of the Millennium.

Sayantini: So I mean, yeah, I understand these two are really important right now, but there is still a huge fuss going on about these two programming languages is a battle. There’s like basically two groups, one is supporting python one is supporting Java. I mean, I will any day vouch for python just like you would vote for Java any day. So I think we can compare various features about these two languages because I think we definitely need to find out which one is the best programming language what’s say?

Neha: Yeah. Sure.

Sayantini: So if we look at some of the features of java and python, like talking about the type of programming language. I mean both of these languages are high-level programming languages, but then python is an interpreted programming language and then you know that it can be executed directly. So what about that? It’s easier to code in Python because you can just directly write the code and executed.

Neha: Yes. I do agree. That python is an interpreted language and that’s why it was a tedious task for developers because they have to use the operating system that is specific to python interpreter to execute the python code. Whereas in case of java, it is merely based on write ones and run anywhere that is the overall concept. So you can easily write and compile the bytecode and run it anywhere, so there is no issue with that. So I think in this regard Java takes an edge over the python.

Sayantini: No, I don’t think so because that’s exactly one reason that python has been accepted worldwide because it can be written directly and you can code it directly executed like that and it’s so simple. I mean it’s way easier than how you can do it in Java and talking about the code readability. I mean, we all know that it’s so easy to understand a python code suppose. I don’t know any programming language and I see a python code I can easily understand that what is it about and what will the output be so I can easily understand just looking at the code itself. And also if you compare the number of lines, I mean to write one code in Python and the same in Java, you can write it in two lines and python. Whereas you need at least ten lines when you do the same thing in Java.

Neha: Yes, I do agree that python has a very simple code and readability. But yes, I hope you know that if you miss a single or simple indentation, I know how badly it will affect the code. So you have to look at the entire lines of the code and then debug it but there’s no such case for Java. It is very simple and it’s structured.

Sayantini: No, I mean, oh look at the curly braces and the semicolon. There are so many curly braces. There are so many semicolons that you need to add while writing. The code in Java makes it a tedious task. We have to make sure that we have this particular curly brace opened her and then close it there

Neha: Yeah but that’s what actually makes Java as a very structured programming language because you can easily Define a block and understand what this particular for Loop if you have writing it. You can easily understand what actually is happening. But in case of python, you’ll write code in a very simple way and if I look at the python indentation that is spaces and everything, I think it will really make a tedious task for the developers to execute the code and then check out the error and everything. So even when it comes to space it’s also if you miss a single space in Python code then obviously the whole code will be messed up.

Sayantini: Yeah That is there, of course, we need to keep in mind. I mean there’s has to be something, some procedure, if we are talking about the structure about Java python has this indentation thing but also it’s pretty easier to figure out the indentation in Python because it easily shows you that where you have done wrong or You have missed an Indentation

Neha: And the same goes with Java code as well. It will say syntax error or the brace is missing, The definition is missing like that.

Sayantini: But! Okay, file. Okay, if you’re really up on that, but I still agree that when it comes to code readability and performance python is still there. I mean look at the performance and the speed. If we compare the performance and speed what about that? Don’t you think python is having a better performance right now

Neha: If you talk about an actual scenario, Python and Java both lack the optimal speed that is actually required. But when it comes to Java, it has its inbuilt just-in-time compiler. That is the jit compiler and it easily converts a high-level code into a byte code and it will execute based on that but in case of python and it has to convert into a jython or cython and then it has to help of the other programming languages and then it has to execute the query

Sayantini: So yes we have the Jython on the Cython and Without that also I think python has an amazing Speed and Performance because if you look at today’s world, most of the real world problems python is dealing with and I don’t think if there was a lack in speed or performance we could have used python for such great projects or applications or anything. So don’t you think that in that way python takes a little Edge over java in the performance?

Neha: No, I don’t agree with this point because as Java has it’s inbuilt compliation. I think Java takes a stand over here with because the Speed and Performance is what is required the as the major aspect. But I think in this regard to our takes a stand because it has its inbuilt compiler and it doesn’t depend on any other languages like python does as python needs its own specific interpreters. And that’s the reason I feel like java takes a stand and also when talking about the mobile Aaps, I feel most of the apps that we are using today are based on the Android and Java based. And I feel python comes nowhere over here. What do you say?

Sayantini: I don’t agree because I would anyway take a stand. So let’s have a look at the chat.  Okay. So waseem said that “python equals to Marvel and Java equals to D. C”.

Neha: I love DC

Sayantini: Definitely, Marvel wins any day so you can see that we can already say that who’s gonna be the winner. What’s say Neha?. Do you agree?

Neha: No, I don’t think so because Java is something that can never get obsolete because since ages it is there and I don’t think so python can easily overthrow Java and it will be there. It’s the same as,let me take an example. Do you watch the World Cup?

Sayantini: Yeah, of course, I love Cricket.

Neha: So I think python is like VIRAT KOHLI and Java is like DHONI

Sayantini: Yeah so VIRAT KOHLI is the captain right now. He’s leading the team from the front.

Neha: Yeah, but DHONI takes a back end because even now VIRAT KOHLI will take suggestions from DHONI right? So that’s how Dhoni is leading the team from the back end and that’s what Java is doing right now.

Sayantini: Okay somewhere. I agree that KOHLI also takes advice is from DHONI. So maybe we can, of course, Java is like it’s had it has been there in the industry since a very long time. So, I think we can say that find Java is still there. But now you were talking about mobile apps, but what about machine learning and data science? That’s like a huge thing right now. If you look at the IT world right now and if you look around everything around you is all about machine learning and data science, there are automated cars. There are robots, artificial intelligence. It’s evolving every day. And what do you think?  Do we write the codes in Java? Definitely not it has to be python. I mean if you start writing code in Java for building a chatbot,, you’ll go crazy.

Neha: I do agree for machine learning, for data science, neural networks, artificial intelligence everywhere python stands as a cold, but what say about the security Aspect?when it comes to protecting your company or your account from fraudulent activity or something. What do you think who takes a standard Java or python in this regards? Java has a wide range of security that python can never overtake it.

Sayantini: Yeah, I agree. But don’t you think the network security and all have taken a backseat these days and everybody is all about the newest Technologies each day. And there’s so much like it’s evolving. The industry is evolving every day. And why do you think that they have selected python for this? I mean everybody will vote for python when it comes to machine learning data science or any of these and especially all of these new technologies deal with python always.

Neha: I can see a comment over here “Python for me, Java feels old-fashioned” laughs. I want to say that Java doesn’t feel like old-fashioned but it stays strong as a pillar old is gold, right? So that’s how Java is. No matter what shines but still, that remains like gold.

Sayantini: Old is gold but I think diamond solitaire is in the market right now.

Neha: But still, the gold prices never decrease right? It’s Remains the Same.

Sayantini: But yeah now talking about all these mobile apps machine learning data science. These are definitely the trending technology right now, but not talking about the real market trends. What do you think about market trends? I mean, if you look at any report you will see that python is shining like anything. It’s growing each day. The growth is enormous and it’s taking a high road and going to a huge level right now. Java has always been there. But if you look at the age of python right now, it has come up new and even then it’s competing well against Java it’s in high demand right now.

Neha: Yes, I do agree that python is shining like anything and it’s literally taking the edge over the other programming language. But still, beginners choose Java why because they want to develop Android apps like mobile apps that are based on Android plug-in platform, right? So for building a mobile app using the Android platform, so obviously you need Java. There’s nowhere that python comes over here.

Sayantini: No Neha. I don’t think Begineers prefer Java anymore. I mean if you look at the beginners right now, they’re mostly going for python these days because if you’re really a newbie when it comes to programming and you have no idea how to write a code you would definitely opt for python any day because when you just look at the code, it’s such an easy simple way to understand and you can just write it down so easily, it’s easy to learn and then you can start exploring more. Whereas in Java first year, you have to understand the structure. You have to know the basic rules, and I think comparatively it becomes easier for the beginners to get along with python rather than Java.


Neha: Yes a little agreeing with your point, but when it comes to salary trends, I feel good. Python and Java have the same salary trend for beginners as well as for experienced people.

Sayantini: Really? Don’t you think python developers on quite a lot more than Java developers?

Neha: No, it is slightly more than Java. I think and Java is also widely being used in many sectors like public and private sectors both. I don’t think Python is being used in any public sectors like banking. So I think Java takes sound over here as well. And when it comes to the domains where it is being widely used.

Sayantini: Okay, I may be salary-wise. There’s not much difference, but then definitely the Demand right now is a lot when it comes to python developers. Java has always been their Java developers won’t go obsolete any day, but python developers are in huge demand right now and not just developers or market trends or salary. Look at the community support right now. I mean, there’s a huge Community Support both of these languages don’t you agree with that?

Neha: Yeah, but python comes under the top five and Java stands out to be the First one it comes to Community Support because it has 900,000 repositories on GitHub alone. So just saying what about the other?

Sayantini: Yeah, I mean, that’s fine. But Community Support wise if you see that Java has been there since ages as I’ve been telling you since a long time right now that Java has been there since ages. So now looking at the duration Java has a huge Community Support. I agree. It’s like the best right now but look at python. I mean it’s a new growing technology. It’s a new growing programming language and even then it has like more than 894 repositories on GitHub itself. And it’s definitely in the top five when it comes to the Community Support. So don’t you think python is giving a tough competition to Java?

Neha: Yes, I do agree that python shining like anything in the market, but Java still stands strong as a pillar and its own. I don’t think that in the near future or something like that python can easily overthrow java. I don’t think Because as the new future like with the new future and then everything down has also Advanced like from java one to Java 13 right now. There are lot many features and has been added and that makes Java more beautiful when it comes to the code and everything.

Sayantini: Yeah, I mean that is fine. Java has been expanding and everything but then when you look into all these aspects don’t you think that yeah, I wouldn’t say that python would take over java, but then, of course, it’s definitely on the way and also Java has been there since not like python can take over java in a day or two, but then I don’t think the day is too far away when python will always be on top and Java would be considered in the second or something.

Neha: So what do you say about the Frameworks like Java have Spring Hibernate and everything?

Sayantini: Yeah. So we have this amateur Coda asking us for Java we have spring. What do we have in Python?

Neha: Yeah, that’s true because I don’t think Python has any framework. Like spring, spring-boot for even microservices.

Sayantini: We have Django. Now talking about the Frameworks. What about the libraries? Python has inbuilt libraries you can use them for any code that you’re writing. It has such great Library support.

Neha: So just tell me one thing. What would you feel if the code that you write is not secured? Security is like the most important factor that we all need. Right? So without the security what if your code is leaked somewhere. So where is the security aspect when it comes to python?


Sayantini: Yeah. We talked about a lot of features and factors, but I think our listeners have more points and they’re telling us like where we can compare. Yeah, right. So we have python packages and also yeah Keras, Tensorflow. These are all new blooming Technologies right now and all of these are like dependent on Python and they just want everything you see around is About Python and not Java. I wouldn’t say Java has been washed away completely because you still need Java for a lot of reasons for a lot of things for security.

Neha: For Speed?

Sayantini: Yeah for Speed as well, but then python is not lagging much behind when it comes to Performance or speed either. So yeah, both of these languages are pretty similar and different they have their unique factors and unique identities, but I think I would still say that python is any day better than Java.

Neha: Yeah, I do agree. That python is a new shiny toy which outperforms Java in like few cases, but still, Java is the code for many applications and industries which can never get obsolete. So this was my perspective.

Sayantini: I think it’s pretty difficult to come to a conclusion. So let’s ask Kislay. What about you?

Kislay: So, personally, I prefer the python for coding because Java, as you know, is an old language but then again Java is something that cannot be replaced, right? Yeah for security purposes and other products which are still there in the market which are being used for like quite a bit time. Java is still there. And if we compare the salary just now I looked on the internet the salary between Java developer and python developer is almost the same.

Sayantini: Yeah. Okay. So we have a comment “despite the elegant syntax doesn’t Python have a slower run time?”. Yeah. So see time is money. We say it writing a Java code takes a long time writing a python code takes little less time when it comes and I agree that maybe the runtimes a little slow, but then you can compensate it with while writing the code itself and I don’t think the difference is much because When it comes to Performance and speed Java and python are almost at the same level.


Neha: And I can see a comment that “third-party modules solves the security aspect as well”. Yeah, I do agree with you Waseem and in case of python but when it comes to other security layers, like major issues like you have the network security to prevent yours account or your company from the fraudulent activity. I think Java is more secure in these regards.

Sayantini: Yeah, maybe in that aspect our takes a slight Edge, but I would definitely still vote for Python and I don’t think it’s lagging too behind and the developers can definitely take the time and do something great in this field as well. And I believe that it’s the day is not too far that python will take over java maybe

Neha: But still, Java will still stand strong as a pillar and I don’t think so. Python can easily overthrow Java. No matter what Yeah.

Sayantini: So somebody asked “what is your take on an excessive line of codes is Java”

Neha: That’s what makes Java very structured, right?

Sayantini: Yeah, but what would you do with a Structure that gives you more lines of code. I mean python also has this structure you need to follow the indentation, but then it has such fewer lines. You can easily understand and just finish it off.

Neha: But still people go for mobile app development with a combination of Android, right?

Sayantini: Yeah. So I don’t know I would still vote for Python. Any then come on dude, you need to agree that it’s easier to write code and easier to understand

Neha: I think so, we are gonna live at the conclusion now.

Sayantini: Okay fine. I don’t think we would ever come to a conclusion about which is the best programming language. So kislay, I don’t think we can come up to any conclusion and you have also been pretty diplomatic. So I don’t think there’s a war going on about which is the best programming language? So I think it’s time we asked our listeners and see

Kislay: Yeah, so that was a very great session. Obviously, we can’t come to a conclusion on such topics but given the comments which we got from our listeners .So I think python is in the lead right now

Sayantini: Yeah definitely. Yeah.

Kislay: What do you have to say about that Neha?

Neha: Yeah, It has been developed in such a way that it’s very simple and very easy to understand for a beginner but still in some aspects. I don’t think so. Java will never give up because Java has been there and it’s even now it’s like a strong pillar at the back end which is doing all its work. It’s like that so same like I told you between Superman and Batman we cannot arrive at the conclusion the same way goes with Java and python also.

Sayantini: Yeah, I think it’s difficult for us to say that which is the best programming language. So let us just get the opinions. I think python has won in the comment section anyway, but then we need to know from everyone

Kislay: A lot of people are still voting for Java as well.

Neha: Yeah, I can see that.

Kislay: So let’s wrap up this session by saying that none of the languages are preferred over the other. It’s a matter of how you use it. And where you use it. So in my opinion because of most of my work as I said, it depends on the work that you are doing. For me by Python is more useful than Java but then again someone who’s been in app development for like if he or she has ten or twelve years of experience and is working in that area for them. Java is better as compared to the python and one more important thing is that when someone is used to a someone programming language like Java, it’s hard for them to let go of that language and go for any other language like python.

Neha: So glad somebody’s comfortable with pipes and from the beginning then I think it will find it very difficult to learn other programming languages.

Sayantini: Yea and the same time I think Java developers. Also, if you notice that they have got so comfortable with Java that they deny moving ahead to Python and all the old like the people who have been using Java since a very long time. I agree but I still Python wins any day

Kislay: And that’s why we have like the latest version of java is what 13? 13 is a huge number if you consider the number of iterations, it had not python is still at 3.7 or 3.8. I guess

Neha: Java is a very old right. So for Python, it has been only a few years

Sayantini: Exactly and within a few years, it has really done something amazing and I think it has a lot more time and can put up the developers of putting a lot more time and effort and it’s gonna go really high right now.

Kislay: So in the end what we can say is that python is something which is there in the future. But Java is still there as the pillar the back support. Don’t you guys agree?

Neha and Sayantini: Yeah Totally!

Kislay: So guys, let’s wrap up the session and hope you guys understood the differences between Java and Python, and which one is better for programming which one is preferred in what aspects and if you have any queries, please feel free to mention it in the comments section below will revert to it as soon as possible and subscribe to edureka channel for more Live cast like these

Kislay: So we’ll have Live Cast every Friday during this time around 4:00 or 5:00 p.m. IST. So do subscribe to our channel for more updates So that’s it for this live session guys. I hope you had a great time. Till then. Thank you and happy learning.

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Java and Python Podcast: Which Language is the Best?