Published on Dec 11,2017
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Python IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is a code editor, which allows editing of code making use of a series of peripheral components and attachments. Irrespective of which code editor you are using, it may give almost the same result.

Features of Python IDE

  • Its beyond an ordinary text-editor
  • It offers a variety of language-specific shortcut editing functions.
  • Very fast and comfortable to be used
  • Python is also an interpreter

PyCharm is one of the Python IDE code editors that are generally used by programmers.

Downloading PyCharm :

The Free Community Edition of PyCharm can be downloaded from the link below:

Note: Edureka customers, who have installed the virtual machine and the entire python package given by Edureka, need not download PyCharm as they will already be having PyCharm in the virtual machine Python itself.

Starting Python

To start Python, you just need to type Python in your terminal’s command line and press enter.

The $ sign denotes the start of a terminal command line, and the # sign denotes a comment. Python ignores anything written on the right side of # sign on a given line.

Using the Interpreter

  • In addition to being a programming language, Python is also an interpreter. It reads other Python programs and commands, and executes them.
  • Python programs are compiled automatically before being scanned by the interpreter. The hidden scanning process makes Python faster than a pure interpreter.
  • Once you’re inside Python, you can type commands at your own will.
  • Quantities stored in memory are not displayed by default
  • If the quantity is stored in memory, typing its name will display it.
  • To exit the interpreter, you need to press [Ctrl + D]

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