Published on Feb 14,2018
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Understanding Pentaho Reporting

In Pentaho, reporting is basically about showing transformed data in a form which is understandable to business users. The Pentaho Reporting engine is able to create PDF, Excel, HTML, Text and CSV output of your data.

It is basically a regular provision of information and consists of a base data, that is derived from historical data. For business users these are the best options. Therefore, with Pentaho reporting, one is able to transform data into meaningful information tailored to the audience

Understanding Pentaho Report Designer

A Pentaho Report Designer (PRD) is a pixel level accurate reporting tool. It is open source and contains rich source of features like having a rich GUI. It is user-friendly and doesn’t consume a beginner’s time . It allows to create relational and analytic reports from a wide range of data sources. One can connect it to any kind of data sources. It supports sub-reports, charts, graphs and API based reporting which can be embedded in any java applications.

The Pentaho reporting engine executes the report designed by PRD. When you design a report in Pentaho, there is a Pentaho reporting engine which runs those reports.

Giving a practical feel of it, the toolbar will enable you to develop the report. On the right hand side of the application the properties will enable to set the data.

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Published on Feb 14,2018

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