Published on Feb 14,2018
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IST: 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM, 2nd October’14.

PDT: 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM, 1st October’14.

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Hi All, we are having a Free Webinar on Pentaho. The title of the webinar is ‘Introduction to Pentaho’.  We will be discussing the essential topics in detail and any queries or clarification can be clarified during the session.

Topics Covered in the Webinar:

  • Introduction to Pentaho
  • Pentaho & Big Data
  • Why Pentaho for BI
  • Use Cases of Pentaho
  • Components of Pentaho
  • Companies using Pentaho

Pentaho Features:

Pentaho has the following features :

  • Pioneering Meta Driven approach.
  • Robust and easy to use Graphic User Interface (GUI).
  • Strong community with more than 13500 users.
  • Enhanced data quality features
  • Faster Processing
  • Less upfront cost
  • Powerful JavaScript for performing information tasks.

Advantages of Pentaho:

Pentaho’s open source Business Intelligence (BI) products are leaders in the market and offers numerous advantages:

  • Accelerate user productivity and performance.
  • Easily access, manage and combine data from any source
  • Turn data in to insights and make business decisions based on it.
  • Empowers developers with visual tools to reduce coding and accomplish greater productivity.
  • Provided a combination of integration and business analytics platform that accelerates the realization of value from Big Data.
  • Allows business users to be self-reliant, by providing  immediate access to analyze and visualize any data.

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Published on Feb 14,2018

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