Published on Feb 14,2018
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What is Lambda Architecture?

The Lambda architecture is an accommodation of speed layer and batch layer, where the data goes to both layers redundantly to get processed. The combination of both is called Lambda Architecture.

First, the data comes to data center, then to both the layers. As it goes to the batch layer where the data can be persisted into HDFS, then the workflow is run in periodic intervals.

In the speed layer, the data is passed in real time as it goes through different functions. Then, the query gets executed in batch or speed layer computer view. It is important to note that the servicing layer is the place, where the data is stored in some form in NoSQL or HDFS.

Once the data is processed in Hadoop platform, we can keep the data in HDFS or NoSQL.

The query could use NoSQL layers or use HIVE to run query over the dataset. Thus, the service layers serve the queries.

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Published on Feb 14,2018

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