Published on Feb 22,2017
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Introduction to Apache Thrift

Thrift is basically a driver level interface that provides API for client implementation. In other words you will know the server, the methods in the server and how the clients have access to it. The client can be implemented in multiple languages say Python, C sharp and so on.

What does Thrift offer?

Thrift generates the different language binding where you define a service as a ‘.thrift file’ given its feature of being language independent. The advantage of it is that  one can decide any server and the language for it.

Thrift has a common transport interface where you can define and use any protocol coupled with version support.  There is no need to use any other tool apart from thrift if the method has changed and also the same version can be maintained.

What is Generated code?

Generated code will configure client and server automatically. It will show the interface where it describes how server will send response and how the client will response. It is important to define the core method and how the service looks along with the attributes one has to supply and what calculation is supposed to be done. Apart from that a signature needs to be defined and a code needs to generate in order to create a web service. A point to note is that Thrift supports all languages as well.

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