Published on Jan 30,2018
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What is Amazon SES?

The Simple Email Service lets you send marketing and transaction email to customers in a quick and cost-effective manner.

Example:  If the user has a built-in application in Facebook and wants to send a mail for every activity, we need scalable email architecture that supports many mailers. In this case, Amazon gives infrastructure to send email.

It includes the following domains

  • Transactional emails
  • Customer emails
  • Systems emails
  • Marketing emails
  • Gaming
  • Social Networking
  • Blogging
  • Email list service

Getting started with SES

Step 1: Sign Up (It will give development environment)

Step 2:  Verify Email Address

Step 3: Send Email (It will send email from the confirmed ID)

Step 4: Request Production Access

Step 5: Get Feedback

Amazon does not give full scalable access but will increase the limit based on the feedback. In this case, the feedback highlights bounced email due to wrong ID or utilization of quota.  Based on it, it will generate a reputation for the user. If the feedback is negative, it will keep increasing the limit.

A point to note is that Amazon SES is not a mail exchange server, it does not receive email.

How SES Helps

  • It is Scalable
  • No CAPEX Model
  • Compliance with SMTP Protocol
  • Automatic Filtration
  • Feedback Loops
  • Easy Interface

DKIM Signing

It supports DKIM signing for authentication. Sometimes if the ‘from’ address of the user is different (Example @Edureka and SMTP may be something else ‘’) then it has the chance of getting rejected. To ensure it does not happen, it supports DKIM Signing.

Scalable Email Architecture

Suppose we have a web application, which uses SES for mailing. Before using SES, there will a requirement to Queue.  To carry on with the process, we send mail to simple Queue service which will in turn send to SES. Subsequently, SES sends to external people as per requirement.

Whenever there is a complaint, it will come to In that scenario we find the complaint and remove the email address from the list. Whenever we get bounced email, we can configure bounce topic with SES. It is also important to note that SES is a cost effective email delivery service. It makes it attractive for spammers. Amazon evaluates the number of bounce, number of complaints and keeps checking the quality of mails.  If the user misuses, it will ban production access for the user. As long as the bounce is low and quality is good, SES is a very cost effective method to send email. It can send up to 50 email addresses per message. Quota can be increased by sending request to Amazon.

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