Published on Jan 30,2018
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What is Amazon Import Export?

This feature basically allows import or export of large amount of data between AWS and portable storage devices (including Hard disk and CD drive but only those devices with standards supported by Amazon). Here, we burn data on device and ship it to Amazon and in the process  we specify which bucket Amazon should copy, making it easier to upload large amounts of data.


  • Migrate Large Amounts of Data into the AWS Cloud
  • Direct Data Interchange
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Off-Site Backup
  • Content Distribution (for delivery to customers)

When to use Import & Export

Suppose you have 1 Terabyte of data and a varied network speed. Here, if network speed is at 80% then it will take 82 days to transfer 1 TB of data and so on.

Life Cycle

We must install a command line tool and create a job with items like account ID, target bucket name, shipping address, transferring data to S3 (Import) from media or copy from S3 to Media (Export).

Manifest File

The data is always in the YAML format. The job created will be in YAML format. The file includes items like bucket name, access key ID, device ID and return address.  Amazon will burn the data to S3 based on this data.

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Published on Jan 30,2018

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