Published on Feb 22,2017
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In order to install R, we need to have R Studio. R Studio has a better GUI (Graphical User Interface) and a lot of menu-driven options. Any code typed in R will also work in RStudio.

Steps to install R:

Step 1. R is installed from

Step 2. R Studio can be installed from

Step 3. We can install packages by clicking on “packages” tab and “install packages”

Step 4. We can select the location from Cran (mirror).

Step 5. We select the ‘A3’ package.

Step 6. We then load packages by clicking on “packages” tab and “load packages”

Step 7. Then we type the command in the console:


It will also install those packages in which A3 has dependencies.

Step 8. Once we go to “load packages”, it will show packages already installed.

Step 9. We can also type the command


*A point to note is that the user must load the package every time

Step 10. In the Help section, it will provide a list of all packages and the functions within a package. The A3 package helps to build predictive models.

Step 11. For example, when we want to use the function ANOVA, the command to be typed is :


Step 12. In case the function is not available in the package, we can type the following in the command line:


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Published on Feb 22,2017

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