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How To Install Java 12 On Windows 10

Published on Jul 03,2019 4.1K Views

Research Analyst, Tech Enthusiast, Currently working on Azure IoT & Data Science... Research Analyst, Tech Enthusiast, Currently working on Azure IoT & Data Science with previous experience in Data Analytics & Business Intelligence.

Oracle  JDK is a highly versatile kit which can be used for testing applications, and program development alike, using the Java programming language. This article is going to be a brief guide on How to download and install Java 12 on Windows 10, for beginners.

Java is one of the most extensively used computer languages. It is an object-oriented programming language and is very easy to learn. To write and run Java code we need Oracle Java Development Kit (JDK) installed on our computer. JDK provides a development environment for programs, applications and tools based on Java.  

Java SE 12.0.1 is currently, the latest release for the Java SE Platform.

So, if you follow these few simple steps, you should be able to download and install JDK 12 on your Operating Systems, completely hassle-free.

Download Java/JDK from the Oracle Website

To install JDK on Windows, open any browser, search for download Java/JDK 12 and open the Oracle Official Website.

Step 1: Visit the Oracle Website Downloads Page

  • Head to the Menu button on the top-left corner of the screen (which looks like 3 short lines stacked on top of each other) and proceed to Products >> Java >> Download Java (JDK) for Developers

oracle website - how to install java on windows - edureka                                                                          Or,

you could straightaway log on to the downloads page on the Oracle Official Website.Java website - how to install java on windows - edureka

  • Click on the download button. It looks like a square with the Java logo on it.

Step 2: Java SE Development Kit

  • Scroll down. You will come across a box which looks like the following image. You’ll see a plethora of options to download the Java SE 12 installation file for Linux, MacOS and Windows. JDK SE - install java on windows - edureka

  • At the top of the box, you’ll see an option named Accept License Agreement. Select the bubble next to it.

  • You, then, have to select your operating system. For Windows 10, click on jdk-12_windows-x64_bin.exe

Note: You need a 64-bit operating system to install any version of Java after JDK 9. If you’re still using a 32-bit OS, you can’t install Java JDK 12.

Install Java JDK 12 on your system

After the download has been completed, you can follow a few simple steps to install Java JDK 12 on Windows 10.

  • Open the downloaded file and it will lead you to an installation wizard simply click on Next.installation wizard 1 - install java on windows - edureka

  • You can go ahead and change your installation location but I reckon you keep to the default location and click on Next.installation wizard 2 - install java on windows - edureka

You now have installed Java JDK 12 on your Windows 10 System!

Set up Java Environment Variables on Windows 10

Hope you’ve found it pretty simple till now. But here’s the catch!

By just downloading and installing JDK 12, Java is not going to work. You need to set the environment variable which will help in compiling the  Java Code. Now, to set up a Java environment, you’ll need to do the following.

Step 1: Set up Java Environment Variables

  • Navigate to C:Program Files and look for Java folder. Open it and you will find jdk 12 folder.

  • Go to the bin folder and copy the path of the bin folder.

  • Next, navigate through this path, Control Panel > System and Security > System > Advanced System Setting > Environment Variables

  • Under the System Variables, you will find a variable named PATH just go to edit and add the bin folder location. environment variables - install java on windows - edureka

Java does not necessarily need any environment variables to be set. However, setting environment variables does make certain things easier. The environment variables point to the folder location where your preferred version of Java is installed. These environment variables are mainly required by external programs and tools to figure out where exactly is Java installed on your machine.

Step 2: Check if the Variables have been set correctly

Now to check whether you have successfully set up Java, open the Windows Command Prompt and type the following commands

  • java -version

  • javac 

You should see something like the following image.cmd - install java on windows - edureka

Congratulations! You’ve just successfully learnt to install Java 12 on Windows 10. Now you’ll be running complex codes in Java in no time at all!

Want more of Java? Go ahead and check out the Java Training Programme by Edureka, a trusted online learning company with a network of more than 250,000 satisfied learners spread across the globe. Edureka takes you through every step on your journey of learning Java. We have a curriculum, designed for students and professionals, alike, who want to be a Java Developer. 

Got a question for us? Please mention it in the comments section below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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How To Install Java 12 On Windows 10