#IndiaITRepublic – Top 10 Facts about TCS

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#IndiaITRepublic – Top 10 Facts about TCS

The Indian IT space is like the ocean – changing continuously. There are a few sharks that rule the waters effortlessly while other smaller fish thrive in the shadows. These sharks, while vicious and powerful, complement the smaller fishes and, in many cases, have been seen supporting them. Our final Indian technology behemoth is one such gentle giant.

The sixth and final tech giant on Edureka’s list is one that is representative of everything about the Indian IT sector in general – Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). A tech giant which has bases in almost every major city in the country, TCS has become synonymous with Indian IT. So, let’s delve into the top 10 facts about TCS that we have curated for you.

1. TCS Footprint:


TCS is breaking records not just in India but all over the world.

2. How Big is Big?:


TCS is the 10th largest IT company in the world!

3. TCS Revenue:


Biggest not just in terms of headcount or clients but in revenue too!

4. Achievement:


From a clunky, paper-work intensive process to a digitized, smooth one, TCS is to be thanked for reinventing the Indian passport services system.

5. First on the List:


Last year, TCS became the first company to breach the $100 billion capitalization mark.

6. Contribution to India:


Did you know that TCS played a huge part in redesigning the UIDAI portal?

7. Did You Know:


It was TCS that started the R&D boom in India! The first such center was in Pune.

8. Technology Areas:


TCS professionals are upskilling in these technologies. Time to watch and learn.

9. TCS Leadership:


The best IT company got the best CEO! Rajesh was ranked ‘Best CEO’ in Institutional Investor’s All Asia Executive Team rankings 2018.

10. Contribution to Society:


A leader not only in IT but also in humanity! TCS has scored Gold in the toughest CSR ranking of all – the EcoVadis CSR Assessment – for the 5th year in a row.

These were the top 10 facts about TCS that you may not have known. Know any facts that we might have missed? Let us know by hitting us up in the comments section below.


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These were the top 10 facts about TCS that you may or may not have known about. If you have any questions, suggestions or there are any specific topics you’d like us to cover, feel free to hit us up in the comments section below. We will be back tomorrow with 10 more facts about more technology companies, specifically startups. So, make sure you are subscribed to our blog through the subscription box below and never miss these important updates.


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