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How To Avoid Indentation Error In Python

Last updated on Jul 05,2024 126K Views

Python is one of the leading and emerging programming platforms in the world of programming today. With its vast array of features and great flexibility, one can achieve a lot on this platform, given they know how to operate it. In this Indentation Error in Python Following pointers will be covered.

One of the most interesting queries that we get from coders of all expertise level and experience is how to fix the indentation error in python and in this article we will discuss more in detail about just that.

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Let’s Begin!


A Small Introduction to Indentation

Before we dive down into the specifics of why an indentation error happens in the first place, let us first get acquainted with a basic idea of Python.

Python as a programming language was first introduced in the year 1991 and since then programmers around the world have adapted to it and created various applications both for the web and mobile. In Python, all the code that you type is arranged via correct whitespaces and therefore if at any instance you have a bad indentation, the overall code will not run and the interpreter will simply return an error function.

Python LogoA quick about the indentation error is that no matter if you are a pro or a newbie at programming, this is bound to happen to you at some point in time or the other.

Python follows the PEP8 whitespace ethics while arranging its code and therefore it is suggested that there should be 4 whitespaces between every iteration and any alternative that doesn’t have this will return an error.

Moving on with this article on Identation Error in Python

The cause of Indentation Error in Python

As mentioned in the introduction paragraph, one of the main reasons for the indentation error is the absence of tabs and or whitespaces between lines of code. Since python makes use of procedural language, if you miss out on adding tabs or spaces between your lines of code, then you will most likely experience this error. Although in some cases the entire program will run correctly, in others the error will come in the middle of the execution and therefore pause the entire process.

Mentioned below are some of the common causes of an indentation error in Python:

  • While coding you are using both the tab as well as space. While in theory both of them serve the same purpose, if used alternatively in a code, the interpreter gets confused between which alteration to use and thus returns an error.
  • While programming you have placed an indentation in the wrong place. Since python follows strict guidelines when it comes to arranging the code, if you placed any indentation in the wrong place, the indentation error is mostly inevitable.
  • Sometimes in the midst of finishing a long program, we tend to miss out on indenting the compound statements such as for, while and if and this in most cases will lead to an indentation error.
  • Last but not least, if you forget to use user defined classes, then an indentation error will most likely pop up.

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A solution to the Indentation Error

Now that you know why this error is caused in the first place, let us explore some of the solutions to it.

#1 Solution

While there is no quick fix to this problem, one thing that you need to keep in mind while trying to find a solution for the indentation error is the fact that you have to go through each line individually and find out which one contains the error.

In Python, all the lines of code are arranged according to blocks, so it becomes easier for you to spot an error. For example, if you have used the if statement in any line, the next line must definitely have an indentation.

Take a look at the example below.

Example- Indentation error in python- Edureka

If you need guidance on how the correct form of indentation will look like, take a look at the example below.

Example - Identation error in Python- Edureka



#2 Solution

If the above-mentioned solution didn’t work for you, and you are having a hard time figuring out which line you have missed the indentation at, then follow these steps. Go to the setting of your code editor and enable the option which shows the tab and whitespaces. Once this feature in turned on, you will see small single dots in between your code, where each dot represents whitespace or a tab. If you see that a dot is missing somewhere that it needs to be, then that line probably has the indentation error.

To enable the option in order to view the tabs or whitespaces, take a look at the image below.



Another option to get out of this problem is to use the built in Indent Guide in the Python interpreter.

Enabling this option will guide through each line of code and show you exactly where your error lies. Although this method is highly inefficient taking into consideration that your program contains several lines of code, this is the surest way to find and fix all existing errors.

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Python is one of the most popular and adaptable programming languages out there. With its support for a wide variety of programming styles and languages, it is easily one of the most preferred choices for developers and coders worldwide. But even so, indentation error in Python, that everyone faces once in a while.

Using the solutions mentioned above you can easily fix your indentation error in Python and continue programming efficiently into the future. All the best. To learn more join our Python master course.

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How To Avoid Indentation Error In Python