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Importance of Ethical Hacking: Why is Ethical Hacking Necessary?

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Hacking’ is defined as the unlawful use of another person’s or organization’s computer system or its resources. A hacker refers to a person who takes an interest in understanding and diving deep into the details of the computer systems to maximize and enhance its capacity. Nonetheless, hacking can be legal if done with permission. People who hack into a system with permission, without any malicious intent, are known as ethical hackers and the process is known as ethical hackingIn this article, let’s check out the importance of ethical hacking in today’s world.

If you are beginner check out this video to learn about Ethical hacking.

What is Ethical Hacking? | Ethical Hacking for Beginners | Ethical Hacking Course | Edureka

Topics discussed in this article are:

Importance of Ethical Hacking

The apparatus of hacking refers to the evolution of programs that are required for coding purposes, which in turn give way to more promising security coupled with better efficiency. On the other hand, excess and obsession of particular interest can lead to issues.

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There are different types of hacking, namely:

  • Back Door Hacking
  • Website Hacking
  • Ethical Hacking
  • Network Hacking
  • Password Hacking
  • Ethical Hacking

One of the most common and widely used forms is Ethical Hacking. It is defined as the resource and system that contributes to promising and enhancing various levels of security networks for the customer’s systems. In addition, this kind of hacking owes to better qualities of infrastructure and strengthens the system of the customer.

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Services Provided by Ethical Hacking

Ethical Hacking provides the following services:-

  • Wireless Security
  • Application Security
  • Network Security

Let’s explore each of these services in detail.

Wireless Security

These services provide and assess the level of security in the existing infrastructure and network to provide instructions promising system accessibility and uphold its integrity at the same time. Wireless security works in three steps, which are:

  • Identify vulnerabilities
  • Adopt security measures
  • Deploy the threats

Application Security

This is used for digging deep into and processing the cruciality and range of challenges faces by the thick client (Java) and the thin client (web browsers). Application security comprises of services like client-side testing and web application testing.

Network Security

It lends information on the networks, services, system devices, and their agreements. It also examines and surveys the applications of the voice over Internet convention within the organization environment. Network security’s main objective is to facilitate the presentation of the political repercussions on its own development. 


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Need for Ethical Hacking

Ethical hacking these days is used as a common and favored process to analyze the security systems and programs of an organization. It runs parallel with security judgment, red teaming, intrusion testing, and vulnerability. Here are certain important points that will help you understand more about ethical hacking and its necessity.

  • An ethical hacker usually tends to play the role of a security expert while hacking a computer system. They penetrate into systems in order to detect risks and illegal access of the same. They constantly have to face two hurdles – threat and vulnerability.
  • Ethical hacking follows the guidelines of safe hacking for the efficient working of the system. This is a complex procedure hence an ethical hacker requires great skills in comparison to penetration testing.
  • Ethical Hacking comes handy in corporate sectors and organizations, to fight against unlawful practices of breaching systems and to take precautionary actions on hackers.
  • Dangerous software like Trojan horses, viruses and spam email causes disruption and disturbance in the system and storage space. Ethical hacking provides useful here as it helps to uncover these virus attacks against systems and in addition, lends high-level security.
  • The main objective of ethical hacking is to promise safety in wireless infrastructure which constitutes most of the current business companies’ aims.
  • Ethical hacking has the privilege of gathering access to a company’s network and information system. This automatically provides security to intellectual attacks and threats like viruses. Ethical hacking, as a result, ends up also testing the security levels of the programs and software.

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Since the convolution of security threats have multiplied, the requirement for ethical hackers and their significance across the world is rapidly multiplying. Adopting a driven approach and outlook towards security can help organizations shield their reputation effectively. Well, That’s it, folks! This brings us to the end of this article.

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Importance of Ethical Hacking: Why is Ethical Hacking Necessary?