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The Complete Guide To The IIM Raipur ePGP

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Many people get stuck where they are even if they work hard at their jobs. Many are frustrated that they cannot move forward in their careers even after putting in many years of service. Though these people possess a lot of experience in their fields, they lack the skills they require in today’s fast-paced world. But they cannot leave their jobs and attend a full-time course. The IIM Raipur EPGP is an ideal solution for such people as it helps them gain an MBA degree without leaving their jobs. 

The Executive Post Graduate Programme In HRM is an ideal management degree suitable for working professionals. It offers everything you need to advance in your job while not forcing you to take a break from your present employment. You can visit our website to learn more about this course. Before we know about the EPGP let us see why it is necessary for those who are already working to join an online MBA course. 

Why Is MBA Essential For Working Professionals

  • High Flexibility

An online programme offers a lot of flexibility to working people. These courses offered by reputed institutions like IIM ensure that those already working don’t have to disturb their professions to attend the course. Like the IIM Raipur EPGP, the institutions conduct these online programmes in the evenings on weekdays and at regular times on weekends. It means working professionals don’t have to leave their jobs and lose the regular income that is vital for themselves and their families.

  • Learn New Concepts

Management concepts continue to change and evolve as experts find new insights into managing a business. The methods used in man management have changed drastically over the years. It becomes necessary for those interested in people management to learn these new concepts to progress in their careers. Enrolling in an MBA programme that teaches these new methods will help in moving forward professionally. 

  • Learn New Technologies In Demand

Even in the various management fields, new topics emerge as technology progresses. Companies want their employees to be proficient in these new methods to benefit from them. Suppose you are looking at a career change. In that case, you must be thorough with the new management techniques, and this is possible only if you join an online programme like the IIM Raipur EPGP in management that teaches the most in-demand subjects presently. 

  • Improve Career Prospects

Everyone wants to move forward in their careers, which requires upskilling and learning new skills. It is not possible while working in a company. You will have to join a course that teaches you these skills that will help you progress professionally. The advantage of an online MBA course is that you can acquire new capabilities without leaving your present job. It will help you greatly improve your chances of promotions or getting a new job. 

  • Improve Your Network

Networking is the ideal way to improve your chances of a better job or progress in your business. The online MBA courses, like those offered by the IIM Raipur EPGP programmes, provide ample opportunities to meet and connect with people from different companies. You also get to interact with faculty that comes with great experience and knowledge. Such interactions will improve your capabilities and help you succeed in your profession. Those planning to start their businesses will also benefit greatly from these connections. 

  • Learn Diverse Perspectives

Not everyone sees everything from the same perspective. It is always better to know others’ perspectives about various things and see if there is anything new you can learn from it. An online MBA programme is an excellent forum to interact with people from different backgrounds. You can even find students from other countries in the course, which will help you know how foreigners look at situations and find solutions for them. Knowing different viewpoints on the same matter will help you greatly in a management position. 

  • Get Global Acceptance

You may have worked for a few years in a company and gained experience, but it is not easy to get a job or join foreign employers. The IIM Raipur EPGP MBA course is an excellent way to make yourself desirable to foreign companies in India and abroad. A management post-graduate degree from a prestigious institution like the IIM will open more doors for you. You will have the edge over others regarding getting a good job. 

  • Improve Your Personality

Many soft skills are useful both in your professional and personal skills. The MBA courses from IIMs concentrate much on these skills. Acquiring them will greatly improve your personality and make you a much more acceptable person both among your colleagues and family. Moreover, when learning online, you will also acquire digital skills necessary for today’s technologically advanced office environment. Such skills make you someone who can adjust to various situations. 

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What Is The IIM Raipur EPGP?

EPGP stands for Executive Post Graduate Programme. IIMs across the country offer this programme to help experienced professionals gain more skills and advance in their careers. It is a part-time course, meaning the participants need not leave their present job to attend this course. The students learn everything that a full-time MBA course offers but at their convenience. The course is conducted in the evenings and on weekends online to suit office-goers. The IIM Raipur EPGP MBA in human resource management is one course specifically meant for those already working in HR or aspiring to do so. 

This course is attractive because companies can benefit from their employees acquiring the latest skills without leaving their jobs. All organisations prefer seeing their employees rise the ladder rather than recruiting someone new for higher positions. The EPGP programmes are ideal for this purpose. With innovative content and experienced faculty, students in this programme learn much about the latest management techniques. The course teaches the participants soft skills and analytical methods using the latest real-world case studies. The IIM Raipur EPGP courses are sure to create the world business leaders of tomorrow. 

The Executive Post Graduate Programme In HRM offered by IIM Raipur is ideal for junior, middle or senior executives already working in the human resource department. It helps them learn the latest techniques used worldwide in workforce management and learn new skills to handle people. You can learn more details about this programme on our website. 

Features Of EPGP

The course spread over six terms in two years offers more than a thousand hours of content delivery of which nine hundred hours of teaching. The course is delivered in a blended mode which means that there will be both direct-to-device classes and campus visits. The details of the classes are as below:

  • Core courses – 450 hours
  • Advanced core courses – 150 hours
  • Elective course in terms five and six – 300 hours
  • Application of managerial concepts in real-life situations – 60 hours
  • Mini dissertation under a faculty member – 60 hours

There will be a campus visit in both the second and last term.

  • At the end of the course, everyone completing it successfully will get an MBA degree from IIM Raipur, which is one of the top business schools in India. 
  • There will be masterclasses conducted by executives from top organisations where they will share their real-life experiences. They will share their methods of conceiving, implementing, managing and adapting various policies in a challenging work environment. 
  • The course empowers you with the status of an IIM Raipur alumni with a rich network of people from various backgrounds and cultures. This will help successful students tap into various job and business opportunities. 
  • The method of imparting lessons is a combination of live lectures, discussions, assignments, projects and case studies. Students learn industry-relevant lessons through discussions and business simulations. Participants also get an opportunity to solve a real-time problem in collaboration with others as a project. 
  • The participants of the IIM Raipur EPGP also get access to the extensive virtual library of the institutions that hold much valuable knowledge that will help in their professional pursuits. 
  • Participants get an opportunity to attend live classes with the elite faculty members and interact with their peers in the two on-campus sessions. These are conducted at the beautiful and modern Raipur IIM Campus.
  • When you join the course, you learn from some of the best faculty in India. As you all know, IIM attracts professors even from abroad. There are also industry experts who will impart great knowledge from their years of experience in real-world situations. 
  • You get personalised career support services during the course. Experts from global career transitioning services offer one-to-one sessions with mentors to arrive at tailor-made solutions to suit your career aspirations.
  • An exclusive start-up boot camp is available for those who would like to embark on an entrepreneurial journey. You get access to world-class mentorship to bring your business idea to reality. A three-module exclusive course is available for entrepreneurs where they get a live mentor to review their progress. One learns various aspects like how to create a great marketing idea and to market test it.

Who Benefits From EPGP?

Senior management executives who are poised to move to executive or department head positions benefit much from this programme as they interact with chief executives with a few years of experience under their belt. This course is also useful for middle-level executives to deepen their knowledge about managing higher responsibilities. The IIM Raipur EPGP is very useful for those who are already working in a department but are yet to possess the critical skills needed to move forward in their field. 

The course is also very useful for professionals whose companies are going through a change. It helps them manage modern realities like digital transformation. They can also learn the use of modern tools and techniques to ease their work and find more time for creative activities. Entrepreneurs having technical skills can learn managerial capabilities that are essential to managing their firms. This programme empowers those who are planning a career shift by providing industry-specific knowledge imparted by experts in the subject. 

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Selection And Admission Process

Eligibility – Students wanting to join the IIM Raipur EPGP must possess at least a minimum of two years of experience at the managerial level or have been running their own business for the same period. They must possess a minimum of fifty per cent marks in their degree or equivalent course. 

Documents -Students must present a passport-size photo, photo ID and address proof along with the application. They must also attach qualification certificates and mark sheets of their 10th, 12th and graduation. Working participants must present their appointment letter or salary slips as proof of employment. Businessmen must submit ITR or GST certificates for a minimum of two years. 

Shortlisting – The institution considers the academic performance of the prospective participant at the senior secondary and graduation level for shortlisting. The score of experience will depend on the number of years and the kind of experience of the person. Women and those from non-engineering backgrounds may be considered using the diversity factor.

Selection – The final selection is made based on two parameters – interview and profile. The interview panel will look at five aspects of the candidate, namely experience, leadership skills, communication skills, team spirit and ethical orientation. The interview and profile are given equal weightage when selecting a person for the IIM Raipur EPGP

The Executive Post Graduate Programme In HRM is a course that is ideal for those wishing to advance in their careers as human resource managers. You can find more details, like the fee structure and admission process for this course, on our website. 

Summing Up

In a highly competitive job market, it is not easy getting into a career of your choice. There are so many others with similar experience and qualifications aiming for the same few positions. What can set you apart is a good certificate from a reputed institution. IIMs across the country are highly regarded by companies both in India and abroad. Getting a degree from this prestigious institution has become easy for working professionals with their EPGP courses. You can achieve your career goals if you can complete a course in this programme successfully. 


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The Complete Guide To The IIM Raipur ePGP