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Nobody likes to stay where they are in their careers. Everyone wants to advance quickly and reach their professional goals. But acquiring certain skills and capabilities is essential as we advance in our job. How can you do this? Can someone work and study simultaneously? Do reputed institutions offer short-duration certification courses? This article will give all the answers to the above questions. We will also look at some IIM Raipur courses that can help working professionals advance.

The Executive Development Programme In General Management is an excellent course offered by IIM Raipur for those aspiring to occupy the coveted general manager position. You can find all details about this course on our website. Before we look at the other courses that working people can benefit from, let us see the importance of certification in your career. 

Importance of Certification In Your Career


1. Gain An Edge Over Others

Those looking for career advancement are always watching for opportunities for promotion. When your company considers more than one person for a promotion, it is better to have the edge over others. It is what IIM Raipur courses that provide certificates in various fields can offer you. Having specialized knowledge about your job can make you preferable to your employer. The company will understand your commitment to the job and the desire to make yourself competent for higher posts. 

2. Improve Your Efficiency

Being more efficient than others can make you stand apart. Certificate courses help you acquire skills that will make you work more efficiently. These courses help you lay a strong foundation in work ethic and performance. Courses from reputed institutions like IIMs familiarise you with the latest tools and techniques that help you complete your tasks faster. 

3. Increase Your Salaries

The time and effort you put into completing your IIM Raipur courses successfully will get you immediate results. Employers understand that certification comes at a price and are willing to pay you for that. Whether in the firm you are working at or at a new job, you can certainly expect to be paid more than those without a certification. 

4. Acquire New Skills And Knowledge

Organizations want to adopt the latest technologies available in the market. The new technologies help firms work more efficiently and quickly. But there must be people who are familiar with these tools and can work with them comfortably. Certificate courses help you acquire the skills and knowledge required to use new technologies effectively. Employers will compete with each other to hire a person with the knowledge to use such advanced tools. 

5. Show Your Commitment

Companies like to keep employees who show commitment to the job and try to excel in what they do. They like people who continuously upgrade themselves to meet new standards required by the industry. When you enroll in IIM Raipur courses, you are showing your dedication to your job. Companies appreciate that you are trying to learn skills that help you take on higher responsibilities. 

6. Improve Your Employability

The competition for jobs in good companies is intense. If you want to increase your chances of getting your desired job, you must equip yourself with some extra qualifications to set you apart. Everyone comes with a basic degree in management or other technical subjects. Certification courses are the best way to acquire specific knowledge about subjects required for the job. 

7. Enjoy A Flexible Schedule

Attending online IIM Raipur courses gives you the flexibility that regular on-campus courses don’t provide. You can learn the lessons in your own time. Recorded classes are accessible at any time during the course. Even if you are held up at work and cannot attend live classes, it is possible to access the recorded version and ensure that you don’t miss any portions. Such flexibility is very useful for working professionals

8. Acquire Skills At Lower Costs

A regular college education can be very costly. It is especially true if you want to pursue your education in reputed institutions like the IIMs. Apart from the fees for the course, you will also have to spend money on stay, transportation, and food. But with an online certification course, you can get the required certificate in your home at highly reduced costs. 

9. Focus On Specific Skills

The biggest advantage of certification courses is that they teach just the skills you need to move forward in your career. Unlike regular courses, you don’t spend too much time learning what you may never need in your job. IIM Raipur courses are devised to equip the participants with the capabilities they seek and nothing more than that. You save time and effort learning only what you need. 

10. Helps Change Careers

Many people seek to change careers for various reasons. But it is not easy embarking on a new career without the required skills. The capabilities you have acquired for your earlier job may not be enough for the new one. Certification courses are the best way to learn new skills in a short time and make a transition in your career

The Executive Post-Graduate Programme in HRM offered by IIM Raipur is the best place for one to become proficient in workforce management. It helps those interested in the subject make a transition to that field from their present jobs. You can learn more about this course on our website.

Top IIM Raipur Courses For Career Advancement

IIM Raipur offers various courses online for the benefit of working professionals who want to advance in their careers. Let us look at some of them that are very relevant to the present employment scenario. 

Executive Certificate Programme In Digital Marketing And Social Media Strategy

As all of us know, businesses cannot run today without having a strong presence online. Irrespective of whether the company sells its products online or not, it must be visible on the internet. It is because most customers today search the internet before they purchase any of their needs. There is an increased requirement for digital marketers because of this. When you complete IIM Raipur courses in digital marketing, you are making yourself more valuable to employers. This course is ideal for those seeking a job for the first time or someone looking for a career change. 

  • You gain updated knowledge about the fast-developing field of digital marketing and social media.
  • The course covers topics like consumer behavior, social media marketing, and digital marketing practices extensively.
  • Learning the various aspects of digital marketing will help participants of the course implement digital transformation in their organizations. 
  • You will also learn about various digital marketing tools, content writing, advertising campaigns, SEO, managing social media accounts, etc. 
  • The course is offered in a blended mode with both online and on-campus sessions.
  • Students will learn from highly qualified and experienced faculty who will teach them how to handle real-life problems in digital marketing. 
  • Those who complete the course will get a certificate from IIM Raipur which will increase their chances of employment. 

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Job Opportunities In Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Manager – The responsibilities include leading a team of digital marketing experts and ensuring that campaigns bring the desired returns. They combine the different digital marketing activities to make them efficient and bring results quickly. This job requires the person to have a certificate and about five years of experience in the field. 

Search Engine Optimisation  – Everyone knows the importance of SEO in digital marketing. Attending IIM Raipur courses in digital marketing makes the person an expert in this. The job opportunities in this field are immense, and the salaries are also high. 

Social Media Marketing – Social media is one place where most companies are very active today because of the results it gives them. Being active on these platforms helps organizations know what people think about their products and gives them an opportunity to interact directly with prospective customers. Certification in the subject can get you a good job without difficulty.

Content Marketing – Creating and marketing good content is observed to be the most effective digital marketing method. Distributing valuable content is seen to attract genuine customers and retain them. This type of marketing is much cheaper than traditional marketing and brings much more leads. 

Executive Certificate Programme In Business Finance

Companies must manage the funds they have and use them for the various purposes it is meant for. Managing the available money to fulfill all business needs is not an easy task. Quite often, the organization will need more money than what has been invested by the owners. Someone who is proficient in business finance is needed to ensure that the funds are used in a way that the business doesn’t suffer. These experts will also help the company find the right source for additional funds.

  • This course is ideal for those working in the finance or banking domain.
  • The program helps junior, middle, and senior-level managers improve their capacity to make financial decisions.
  • Participants in the course gain a deep understanding of financial markets, techniques, and tools.
  • This course teaches the participants the method of using financial data for analysis and decision-making.
  • Students in this course learn the use of various modern tools and techniques for managing the financial resources of the company.

Career Prospects In Business Finance

Corporate Finance – All companies need specialists to manage their finances and have a separate department for this. Jobs in the corporate sector include accounting, auditing, finance control, and budgeting. People with good financial analysis capabilities can also pursue a career in corporate treasury management.

Fintech – This is another sector that is fast growing in India. Fintech represents the amalgamation of finance and modern technology. Those who have completed IIM Raipur courses in business finance can easily find a job in this sector. There are attractive openings in blockchain, cognitive technology, robotic process automation, and payment gateways. 

Investment Banker – The main responsibility of this person is to analyze investment options and suggest the best one to companies. Investment bankers help companies invest their money in a way to get the maximum returns and least risk. They also help organizations identify new business opportunities. 

Insurance Sector – The insurance market in India is flourishing beyond imagination. The pandemic has increased people’s need for security and assurance. There is immense scope for finance certificate holders in the insurance sector. They can become actuaries, advisors, marketing specialists, or customer service representatives. 

Executive Development Programme In General Management

General managers occupy senior positions in any company. They are responsible for making managers and supervisors work towards achieving the company’s goals. These professionals coordinate with the HR department to hire and train new employees. They also regularly interact with customers to know their experience with the company. GMs must act as the intermediaries between the top management and other employees. Having a few years of experience as a manager and attending this course can help you land a rewarding job in a top company. 

  • The course equips participants with the skills required to manage the overall operations of a firm.
  • Students learn management principles and business environments.
  • The program teaches the importance of data analytics and how it can be used for making better decisions. 
  • Participants in the course learn how to read financial statements and analyze them to arrive at better financial decisions.
  • There are campus immersion modules that help participants interact with their peers and the faculty in person. 

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Career Opportunities For General Managers

Restaurants & Hospitality Facilities – There are many departments in the hospitality industry, and all these need to coordinate if such facilities must work well. A general manager is essential to ensure that all the managers cooperate and do their jobs well so that guests leave the place pleased and ready to come back. IIM Raipur courses in general management equip you with all the skills you need for this job. 

Retail Stores – This is another sector that is seeing good growth and heavy competition in India. This is another industry where various departments need to work together to ensure satisfied customers. General managers in these organizations manage the staff and operations of the stores. You may need to work on Sundays in this sector. 

Offices  – Almost all offices, like those of insurance, healthcare, and real estate companies, need a general manager to ensure that the other managers complete all tasks within the stipulated time. These GMs have regular office timings but may need to be ready to work later than office hours occasionally. They will spend their time interacting with customers and vendors.

Factories  – Most general managers in manufacturing units will need an engineering qualification along with a certification in general management. Companies prefer those who have worked in similar factories and are familiar with production processes. These GMs will need to be flexible to work on Sundays and at night. 

Executive Post-Graduate Programme In HRM

This is a two-year program offered in a blended mode that includes live sessions on devices and face-to-face classes on campus. Human resource management is a crucial function in all companies. Given that it is not easy getting good hands to work for the company, these officials play an important role in hiring the right people and retaining them. They decide the salary and benefits policy of the company. These professionals create good working conditions for employees. 

  • The course teaches students the organizational behavior of individuals and teams in an office setup.
  • Students learn about human resource management and employee-employer relationship. 
  • Participants in the program become proficient in the important task of human resource planning. 
  • The course teaches the students the use of HRIS, and it can help HR officials make their jobs easier. 

Job Opportunities For HRM 



Human Resource Assistant – This is an entry-level position in the department and is most suitable for young professionals making a career change to HR. These officials will be responsible for maintaining personnel records. This position allows you to work in different sections and specialize in a function of your choice. 

Payroll Specialist – Those who have completed IIM Raipur courses in HR management and have a few years of experience in the field can take up this position. As the name suggests, their primary duty will be that of preparing payroll. They are also in charge of reducing staff deductions from the salary before payments are made. 

Training Coordinators – These professionals understand the training requirements of employees and arrange for the same. They coordinate with training experts outside the company and schedule programs suitable for the company staff members. They also consult team managers to understand the training requirements of those in their teams. 

Employee Relations Manager – Conflicts are likely when people from different backgrounds work together. The employee relations manager is tasked with resolving disputes between employees and ensuring that work happens smoothly. 

Summing Up

Everyone desires to get a job of their choice. In a competitive job market, it is essential that you are fully equipped with all the skills needed for the position you are seeking. Working professionals can utilize the benefits of online courses and learn new skills without leaving the job. IIM Raipur offers various online courses that can help you make a career change to one that you like. Most of these courses are short-term and will make you competent to handle various situations in your preferred profession.


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