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What Are IIM Certificate Courses & How To Choose The Best?

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People join employment with the qualification and experience they have at that time. But as they move forward in their professions, it may appear that they don’t possess many skills that are required for higher positions. For many, leaving a job to pursue education is not an option due to financial commitments. But if they want to advance in their careers, they must acquire new skills. It is here that the IIM certificate courses help a lot. These are online courses, mostly of short duration, that help working professionals learn new skills. 

Certificate courses like the IIM Shillong HR course are a great way for those already working as HR personnel to upskill themselves and get empowered to move to higher positions. You can learn more about this course on our website.

Understanding IIM Certificate Courses

Various IIMs across India offer certificate courses for working people. These courses are comparatively shorter, but some of them can be a year long. The advantage of these courses is that you can learn new skills in the field that you are already working in without leaving your job. These courses are conducted online and have convenient times that will not disturb your regular job. The IIM certificate courses are created in such a way as to empower the employed participants to gain the latest skills to face the changing business atmosphere. 

Why Choose A Certificate Course From IIM?

Before you choose one of the IIM certificate courses, you must know how it will benefit you. Without any specific advantage, you should not waste your time and money. As a person who is already employed, there must be excellent benefits in sacrificing your time with family to attend the certificate course. Let us see the merits of such a course. 

Why Choose A Certificate Course From IIM?

Brand Value

IIMs carry a unique brand value that no other B school can hope to beat. Employers in India and abroad trust institutions to produce quality management graduates. This image has come from years of improving the syllabus and employing the best faculty available both in India and abroad. These prestigious institutions have been keeping up with the latest developments in technology and management techniques. It is the reason why those completing IIM certificate courses successfully are highly valued by employers. The brand name of IIMs is enough to get you a highly rewarding job. 

Acquire Leadership Qualities

One of the reasons people choose IIMs for their management courses is the curriculum they follow. It includes all the modern concepts of management and will make you capable of handling any management position. As you learn all the latest management techniques in these institutions your company gains greatly from employing you. The qualities you gain from attending the IIM certificate courses make you capable of handling even the toughest situations with ease. The mentorship offered by IIMs, combined with the vast experience of the faculty, puts you face-to-face with real-life situations. 

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Change Careers Easily

An important skill that you learn at the IIM is to handle change. All of us know that there is continuous change happening in the business world, and this can upset an ordinary manager. But a person who has completed IIM certificate courses will be in charge of the situation and can adapt to any change in the working environment. It makes making a career change very easy. You don’t have to get stuck in an industry that has very few growth prospects. Armed with the IIM certificate, you can boldly make a career change and be successful in your new assignment. 

Benefit From The Network

Networking is very important in today’s world. People seek the support of those placed in similar positions for various business reasons. Attending the IIM certificate courses will place you in close contact with equally qualified and capable people from around the country and even from other countries. You can learn a lot from interactions with them. Further, these contacts you develop during the course can be great sources of information that are vital in your present job. They can help you when you change your job. You may also be able to find highly talented people for your company. 

Get Assured Placement

These IIM certificate courses are not just meant for working professionals to acquire skills and move forward in their companies. It is also an excellent place to look for a new job. Those who have left the job and attended the course can make use of the excellent placement procedures. There is ample support for the participants to find the job that they desire. The mentors help them find the right job where they can advance in their careers very quickly. The institutions also provide support for those who would like to start their businesses. 

One of the certificate courses that can get you to your career objectives is the Executive Certificate Programme In General Management offered by IIM Raipur. You can know more about this course on our website. 

Is A Certificate Course Right For You?

How do you decide whether a certificate course suits your needs and will help you reach your goals? It would be best to ask yourself a few questions before enrolling in the programme to get what you desire. 

  1. What Is Your Objective?

If you put effort and money into this course, you must first identify what you want to gain from it. A clear goal is very important irrespective of whether you are an entry-level employee or aiming to join the C-suite executives. What do you aim to achieve by joining a certificate course? You must know if you want to make a career change, take up new responsibilities or get a promotion. Joining the IIM certificate courses is good for those looking for promotions or a raise because it shows your keenness to gain knowledge. 

Certificate courses are also good for those forced to take a different role. Various circumstances force a change of duties. Sometimes there is a need to learn new skills due to the adoption of emerging technologies by the company. In some other firms, a change in business practice will force employees to change roles. IIM certificate courses are very helpful in all these cases because they focus on the essential skills needed for the new position. 

  1. A Degree Or A Certificate?

It is a doubt that many people have when they want to join a course. Both degree programmes and certificate courses are available online for working professionals. It will again depend on what you need to achieve your goals. In some cases, companies prefer a master’s degree, where you learn subjects beyond what is taught by a certificate course. In other cases, you only need to acquire a few specific skills for the job. You must compare the ROI on both degree and IIM certificate courses and decide the one most beneficial to you. 

If you join a degree programme, you will have to spend much more time on the classes and projects. The course duration will be anywhere from two to four years. Wherever you plan to attend the course, the cost of such programmes can be very high. But these courses focus on a broader field. A certificate course is generally of shorter duration, mostly ending within a year. They also need you to spend less time, leaving you enough time for your job and family. The IIM certificate courses also cost less than the degree courses and will give you a better ROI.

  1. Are You Fit For Online Learning?

Certificate courses for working professionals are mostly available online, and this is what is most advantageous about them. One need not leave their job to attend these courses and acquire new skills. The online classes occur during the evenings and on weekends. It allows working people to learn at their convenience. Some of the IIM certificate courses also have a small portion of the programme at their campus. However, the majority of the programme must be learned online, and this may not suit everyone.

Virtual learning has pros and cons. Students who attend classes online must be highly motivated to spend time going through the lessons without any supervision. They must encourage themselves to complete the daily work without anyone asking questions. For someone who is employed and has a family, this course might be stressful as they may not get any free time. If you are motivated enough to achieve your goals, the online course is ideal. The advantages are that you don’t have to leave your job and there are no expenses related to travel to college. 

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  1. What Returns Can You Expect From Certificate Courses?

This is a very important question for which you must have a reasonably accurate answer. If you are going to invest time and effort into the course, it must give you good returns. For those who are attending the course for a promotion, they must see if the position and salary hike will justify the cost of the course. In some cases, the company may sponsor the course as they will benefit from the skills you learn. The new job must bring in excellent remuneration for those seeking a career change after attending the IIM certificate courses.

It is not enough to consider only the remuneration part of the new position. One must also take into account the other benefits they earn from the course. One of the biggest advantages of the course is the networking opportunity it provides. You tend to interact with many people in similar positions in the IIM certificate courses, and you cannot put a price on the benefits you gain from their association. Most of these courses also attract participants from abroad and meeting such people can open a new world of opportunity for you. 

  1. Which Course Must You Choose?

It is crucial to choose the right course so that you gain the most out of it. The first thing to check is the institution that conducts the course. In most cases, the name of the institution that offers the certificate carries a lot of weight. The IIM certificate courses are highly valid among employers in India and abroad. Choosing programmes from such prestigious institutions assures a good career change. The faculty is the other important aspect when choosing a certificate course. An experienced faculty can impart more real-life knowledge that is useful in your profession. 

One must check the curriculum in detail before joining the IIM certificate courses and ensure that it covers everything that you need to learn. Depending on your professional goals, you may need to acquire a specific set of skills. You must check the topics covered in the course to ensure that you can master these skills on completion. Working professionals also need to check the timings and see what commitments they must make. It is also essential to check if the timings are flexible for you to take care of both your profession and education. 

  1. Does The Course Provide Practical Learning?

One of the advantages of attending a certificate course is that it allows you to acquire skills that you need for your career change or to take up higher responsibilities. These courses are also of short duration and don’t take too much of your time. But you must ensure that you can learn everything you need for your work within this short period. For this, the course must provide practical lessons. No theory class can give you the knowledge that you get from hands-on experience. 

Most IIM certificate courses have faculty who are working in corporations in high positions or have handled such positions earlier. This means they have much practical knowledge they can impart to you. The course you join must also have case studies that you can use to practically learn the issues you will face in your office. Such learning will make you more competent for higher responsibilities and this is what most companies look at when sending their employees for such courses. 

Now that we know the parameters you must look for when choosing a certificate course, we must see what you can learn from some of these courses. The Post Graduate Certification Course In Human Resource Management offered by IIM Shillong is one such course that has attracted the attention of many working professionals. As HR is becoming a more critical role in every company, many people want to make a career change in this field. You can learn more about this course on our website. Let us briefly see the benefits of learning HR management. 

Benefits Of Learning HR Management

Benefits Of Learning HR Management

Work With People  – If you like to work with people, this course will help you embark on a career that empowers you to help people achieve their professional and personal goals. 

Great Salaries – It has been found in various studies that HR managers and those in the department earn great salaries. This is not the case only in India but also in many countries across the globe, as this department has become highly crucial in every organisation. 

Career Advancement – Joining the human resource department opens the door to quick career progression. In many companies, the top HR managers share space with the C-suite members. This means that your opportunities to grow professionally are immense. 

Another course that seems to generate a lot of excitement among working professionals in recent times is the Executive Certificate Programme In General Management offered by IIM Raipur. More details about this course are available on our website. For those who are interested in this course, it is worth knowing the advantages of completing the General Management course. 

Advantages Of Learning General Management

Bring New Ideas To The Workplace – One of the biggest benefits of attending a general management course is that it helps you bring new ideas for the growth of the organisation. Such programmes bring you into contact with people from different backgrounds from whom you can learn different perspectives on the same problem. 

Improve Leadership Qualities – An important quality that employers look for in their managers is excellent leadership skills. The GM course helps you develop this capability and makes you ready for higher positions. Being a good leader will help you advance in your career very quickly. 

Better Communication Skills – Communication is another important skill for those in leadership positions. Those who are better at presenting their ideas and concepts have a better chance of progressing in their professions. IIM certificate courses in general management are excellent in improving your communication skills. 

Summing Up

Those who are interested in studying while working have numerous choices when it comes to online courses. They need not leave their job or sacrifice their professional life to acquire new skills. Many institutions offer certificate courses in various specialisations that are essential for career advancement. What is crucial is for you to select the right one. Attending a course offered by prestigious institutions in the country is beneficial because the brand name in itself is enough to improve your chances of achieving your professional goals. 


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What Are IIM Certificate Courses & How To Choose The Best?