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Top 21 Human Resource Interview Ques & How To Ans Them

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It is everyone’s wish to embark on a career they like the most. One must acquire the necessary skills and qualifications for the job one desires. But those two don’t always promise a job. To get into any job, it is very important to answer the human resource interview questions suitably.

You can learn about answering interview questions in the Post Graduate Certificate Course In Human Resource Management offered by reputed institutions. A visit to our website will tell you more about this course. But getting the certificate is only half the job. It is necessary to shine at the interview if you want to join a reputed firm. This article will show the most important questions and how you must answer them. But before that, let us see how you can prepare to appear for an interview.

Preparations For An HR Interview

Preparation for an HR Interview

Understand The Job Profile

It is very important to understand the job profile thoroughly before attending the interview. You must read the requirements very well to know what the company expects from you. It will help to know what skills and capabilities they are looking for. If you learn this well, answering the human resource interview questions will be easy. 

Take A Look At Your Resume

Check your resume and compare it with the job description. See if your skills and qualifications align with the job’s requirements. If need be, you must realign your resume to make sure that the most important skills the company needs are highlighted and appear prominently in the resume. You can also give more importance to the experiences that match the requirements in the job description. 

Know The Organisation Well

Learn everything possible about the company. You must know their products, customer segments and the market in which they operate. You can also check their social media pages to see the latest events that have happened in the organisation. It will help you greatly to know the company’s top officials and if they have participated in any public events recently. Such information will help you answer human resource interview questions about the firm. 

Do A Mental Interview

It is very important because it will help you prepare well to face the HR officials. You can imagine yourself sitting before the interview panel and mentally answering the most probable questions. It is best to be yourself always and not lie about your interests and capabilities. No company likes a person who lies to get into it. In this article, we are preparing you with a few most likely questions and how you must answer them. 

One can learn everything about attending an interview in the Post Graduate Certificate Course In Human Resource Management. You can learn more about the course from our website. 

Twenty-One Most Probable Human Resource Interview Questions

21 Most Probable Human Resource Interview Questions

  1. Tell us about yourself

This is most probably the first question they ask. This looks like a simple question, but you must understand what they want to hear from you before answering the question. 

Fresh candidates can talk about their degrees and certifications besides telling the HR personnel where they stand among their peers. They can also talk about their personal qualities and interests. 

An experienced person can tell the HR personnel about the positions they hold in their present job. Those already working can also inform any special projects they have done and their accolades. It is also good to answer these human resource interview questions with the skills most suitable for the job they have applied for. 

  1. Why do you want to work with us?

The answer to this question helps the interviewer know whether you have understood the job requirements and how you can fulfil the needs. It also helps them know if you are a good fit for the job. You must answer this question by mentioning the most useful skills for this job. It is also good to tell them about the projects you have done in your previous company that is similar to what is required for the post you are aiming for. 

  1. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

This is one of the human resource interview questions that will help them know whether you possess the qualities needed for the job. The ideal answer is to list the most useful strengths of the role the company is offering. It is good to mention not more than two weaknesses, and that too those that are not directly linked to the job. You can also add that you are working on correcting them. 

  1. What motivates you?

This is a straightforward question that you can answer by listing out the things that motivate you the most. You can mention job satisfaction, career goals, being part of a team, improving your professional skills, etc., as the primary aspects that motivate you. There is no harm in mentioning money, but that should come as the last item. 

  1. What is more important for you – work or money?

You must always say that work comes first. Every company wants to hire those who are passionate about their work. You can say that if there is work satisfaction, you will excel at it. When you are good at your work, money will automatically follow. This is one of the human resource interview questions you can answer by informing your wish to keep learning and improving your skills. 

  1. Why are you looking for a job change?

This is one of the human resource interview questions that is asked of people who are already working. You must never mention anything bad about your present employer. It is best to answer the question positively. You can say that you want to expand your horizons and are looking for new challenges. 

  1. What is the salary you expect?

You must never mention a specific number. It is best to say that you are more interested in what the job offers and that you are certain the company will compensate you for your work. Freshers can say that they are more interested in learning the job and that they are sure of being paid as per the industry standards. 

  1. What is your aim in life?

This is a common human resource interview question where they expect to know whether you are a goal-oriented person. You can tell them that you aim to become part of a reputed organisation and get a chance to use your skills for the company’s benefit. It is also good to tell them that you wish to be happy in the job and build a comfortable life for you and your family. 

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  1. How would you be an asset to our organisation?

This is one of the most usually asked human resource interview questions asked in every interview. The best way is to tell them about the skills that are most useful for the job and how you will use them to help the firm achieve its goals. If you are a fresher, you can say that you are confident of bringing tangible results for the firm if you are given the platform and mentorship. 

  1. How will you handle stress and pressure?

Most corporate jobs come with a lot of pressure. You can answer the question by stating that you will handle stress by being organised and prioritising your tasks. It is good to mention that you will try to complete your tasks before the deadline to ensure that work is completed on time. I am not discouraged by pressure as it helps me push myself to achieve better results. 

  1. What is your idea about working overtime or at odd hours?

This is another one of the tricky human resource interview questions that you must answer honestly. Don’t show too much eagerness to put in more hours just to bag the job. It can land you in a tough position later. Promise to put in extra hours or work at odd hours when there is a need. But be sure to mention that you wish to be compensated adequately for such work. 

  1. If you are hired, how long do you plan to be with us?

The HR personnel asks this question to know the long-term plans of a recruit. The company wishes to know if it is worth putting the effort and money into training a person. The best answer is to tell them that as long as they feel you are contributing to the company’s growth and also experiencing job satisfaction, you will stay with the firm. 

  1. If needed, can you relocate for this job?

This is one of the human resource interview questions asked to find out if you can travel extensively. You can answer the question by saying that if it is necessary for the job and if it will boost your career, you are willing to travel. However, if you cannot travel due to personal compulsions, be frank about it. 

  1. Are you a team player?

By this question, the interviewer wants to know your willingness to collaborate with others in the company. Answer this question positively by mentioning the projects you have done in your present job with other team members. Freshers can talk about assignments they have done along with other students. 

  1. Do you suffer from any serious health issues?

This human resource interview question is asked to know if there is any illness that is likely to reduce your productivity. Unless you are suffering from any serious diseases, it is best to say that you are fine health-wise. Pregnant women must mention their condition at the interview itself.

  1. What is your work ethic?

HR officials ask this question to know if you are disciplined, organised and committed to the job. Focus on your core strengths, like being organised and completing tasks on time. Freshers can talk about how they finish all their assignments on time and are punctual to class always. 

  1. How do you take criticisms?

This is a human resource interview question that helps the HR personnel find out if they are open to feedback and criticism. You can answer this by saying that you are open to any criticism that will help improve your work. It is also good to accept that you are also bound to make mistakes and will be happy to be corrected. 

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  1. How would you evaluate yourself on a scale of one to ten?

Never show yourself to be perfect. But you must also not show that you are not good. Tell them that you consider yourself to be an eight as you possess the necessary skills for the job, but there is always room for improvement. 

  1. Will you quit the job if you win a lottery that will set you up for life?

Never answer this with a “yes” because that will show you as a person who is only interested in money. Tell them that while you will be happy to have funds for the future, you consider the job important and interesting enough to continue working. 

  1. Do you consider yourself overqualified for the position?

This is one of the tricks human resource interview questions to check whether you are boastful or humble. Show confidence, but not overconfidence. Tell them that while you consider yourself qualified, you are not overqualified, as there is always something to learn in every job. 

  1. How are you different from other candidates?

It is best to answer frankly and tell the interviewer that you are in no position to compare with others as you don’t know their qualifications and capabilities. You can say that you are perfectly qualified for the job and are confident of being a strong contender for the job. 

You can learn a lot about such questions in the Post Graduate Certificate Course In Human Resource Management conducted by reputed institutions. You can learn more about the course from our website. 

Summing Up

We have not given a complete list of questions that one can expect at an HR interview. But knowing them is good to prepare you for the event and have your answers ready. Whatever questions the HR official asks, one of the best rules to follow is, to be honest with your answers. It is better to lose an opportunity than to be caught later with a lie. 


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Top 21 Human Resource Interview Ques & How To Ans Them