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How To Install pip In Python: Get Started With Python Installation

Last updated on Nov 27,2019 2.8K Views

Python programming language has picked up a lot of popularity in recent times. With its array of features it becomes very easy to work with python programming language. Libraries like tensorflow, keras are a cutting edge addition to artificial intelligence while working on python. To install all these libraries, we need pip. In this article we will learn how we can install pip in python. Following are the topics discussed in this blog:

What Is PIP?

Pip is a package manager for all python packages and modules. We use pip to install different packages in python. For versions above 3.4 pip is already installed. It gives an easy method to set working environment. Pip is a recursive acronym for ‘pip installs packages’.

Lets take a look at how we can install it on our systems.

How To Install PIP In Python?

If you have installed python version later than 3.4, pip will be already installed by default. To check the version run the following command.

version-how to install pip in python - edureka

To install pip separately, follow the steps below.

  1. Download
  2. Open Command prompt
  3. Run the following command

install command- how to install pip in python-edureka

To upgrade the version, you can run the following command.

You have successfully installed pip on your system.

Installing A Library

To install a package using pip, run the following command. For example, if we want to install matplotlib, we will follow the below approach.

Installing a library in Pycharm using pip:

pycharm-how to install pip in python-edureka

In this blog, we have learnt about pip, which is the package manager used to install various python packages and modules. Python being one of the most popular languages is making a lot progress in the field of artificial intelligence and deep neural networks, with the increasing demand it is extremely important to get on track with the rest of the industry. To master the skills and become an expert python developer, enroll to Edureka’s python certification program to kick-start your learning.

Have any questions? mention them in the comments, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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How To Install pip In Python: Get Started With Python Installation