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How to become a Hadoop Administrator?

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Companies irrespective of their size are adopting Hadoop. As a result, every organization with Hadoop implemented in to their system needs a Hadoop Administrator. Even organizations that haven’t implemented Hadoop yet, need an Administrator as any production cluster larger than 20-30 nodes requires a full time admin. Hence, there is an urgent need for professionals with Hadoop Administration skills.

In this post, we will be discussing the skills required to become a Hadoop Administrator, Who can take up  the Hadoop Administration course and the different job titles synonymous to ‘Hadoop Administrator’.

Skills Required to become a Hadoop Administrator:

The following skills can help you become a Hadoop Administrator:

  • General operational expertise such as good troubleshooting skills, understanding of system’s capacity, bottlenecks, basics of memory, CPU, OS, storage, and networks.
  • Hadoop skills. This is the most essential requirement as they should be able to deploy Hadoop cluster, add and remove nodes, keep track of jobs, monitor critical parts of the cluster, configure name-node high availability, schedule and configure it and take backups.
  • Good knowledge of Linux as Hadoop runs on Linux.
  • Familiarity with open source configuration management and deployment tools such as Puppet or Chef and Linux scripting.
  • Very little Java
  • Master of Unix commands
  • Sound knowledge Unix based File System
  • Knowledge of Networking.

Hadoop Administration Training – Best Way to get the Required Skill

The best way to gain these skills is to enroll for a Hadoop Administration training program. Through this training program you will gain a comprehensive understanding of all the steps necessary to operate and manage Hadoop clusters, from installation and configuration to load balancing and tuning your cluster.

You can Become a Hadoop Administrator Too!!

Hadoop Administration is not restricted to a particular field in IT. An array of professionals such as Java developers, system admins, storage admins, DBAs, Software Architects, Data Warehouse Professionals, IT Managers, Software Developers and students interested in Hadoop cluster administration can benefit from this course.

Pre-Requisites for Taking  Hadoop Administration Course:

  • Prior knowledge of Hadoop is not necessary.
  • Little knowledge on Java, as Hadoop is Java based.
  • Good knowledge of Linux, as Hadoop runs on Linux.
  • Fundamental Linux system administration skills such as Linux scripting (perl / bash).
  • Good troubleshooting skills.
  • Understanding of system’s capacity and bottlenecks.
  •  Basics of memory, CPU, OS, storage and networks

Job Titles similar to ‘Hadoop Administrator’:

Besides the usual ‘Hadoop Administrator’ job title, there are other job title that has the same job responsibilities as a Hadoop administrator. They are as follows:

  • Hadoop Cluster Admin
  • IT Systems Engineer
  • Hadoop Engineer.
  • Hadoop System Admin
  • Data Engineer
  • IT Hadoop Administrator
  • Data Analytics Administrator
  • Cloud Systems Administrator
  • Web Engineer.
  • Hadoop Architect

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  • Soumenndra Pattanaik says:

    I am working as Linux/Unix/Windows/Virtualisation Admin,BASH Scripting and having some DB admin experience, I want to switch my career into Hadoop Admin. After completing Hadoop Admin course ,can I able to apply for Hadoop Admin job?

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