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Hadoop and Java Job Trends

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Hadoop has seen a boom in the market since the beginning of 2010. Earlier, anyone looking for information on Hadoop would get absolutely nothing.

Only Java documents would show up in the search results. In fact, most of the people were unaware of what Hadoop was. It was limited only to companies like Facebook and Google that were using Hadoop. In India, TCS, Satyam Infosys and Wipro, too, were not using Hadoop, though they were aware of the practices. It was only from early 2010 that most of the companies started using Hadoop.

hadoop - edurekaHadoop is synonymous to Big Data. But Big Data is much bigger, as it involves velocity, volume and a variety of data. Hadoop is just a way to tackle this big information within a small time frame. It has seen an exponential growth since 2010. Today, big companies across the globe are waking up to the advantages of Hadoop and taking their businesses to the next level by implementing Hadoop. Google, Facebook and Yahoo have successfully implemented Hadoop because of which they have an edge over the others.

hadoop and java job trendsInteresting Combination of Hadoop and Java

Java job trend continues to be constant, as there is a good demand and supply for java professionals. However, Java-Hadoop job trend is drawing a lot of interest among professionals. This trend has picked up since mid-2011 and it has seen an unexpected demand for the combined skill set.

Hadoop and Java Job Trends 

Let us look at the graph below to see how this trend has picked up recently:

Java professionals can easily migrate to Hadoop. However, to be an expert in the field of Hadoop a good understanding of Hadoop concept is required along with the application of Java. There are a number of job openings available for professionals with Hadoop skills. For instance, Hadoop Developer, Hadoop Engineer, Big Data Engineer are some of the lucrative job titles. The names might vary but the job profile is more or less the same today, as there is no clear cut distinction between administrators and developers. However, with time, there will be a separate administration and development roles defined for each category. For instance, a Hadoop Engineer will take up administrative roles, while a Hadoop Developer or a Big Data Engineer will opt for developing.

Today, several Java architects claim to be Hadoop architects. However, to be a hardcore Hadoop architect, it is essential to have Hadoop knowledge along with Java knowledge. He needs to have administrative knowledge and a thorough understanding of how Hadoop works. Hadoop architect is very rare to find and it has become the most difficult hiring decisions for companies these days.

When it comes to a Data Scientist, it is not a position but a role that many Data Analysts play. It is easy for them to make a transition but they should understand the data very well. Java comes in handy along with good knowledge of Mahout, R, Cassandra, and MongoDB.

Hadoop is definitely an integral part of all these job profiles and has opened up several possibilities.

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Hadoop and Java Job Trends