Published on Dec 19,2016
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Edureka is proud to announce an upgrade to one of its most popular courses – Hadoop Administration.

In the world of Big Data, new challenges are born every single day. Organizations – both large and small – have come to terms with the fact that data is their most valuable trump card to understand, engage and retain customers, irrespective of the industry domain they operate in. Having a Big Data strategy is a good first step, but it is equally important to ensure effective administration of Big Data technologies, tools and strategies. By the day, Hadoop Administration is becoming increasingly critical.

Upgraded Hadoop Administration Course Features

The Edureka Hadoop Administration course is aimed at providing industry-relevant insights around Big Data, mastering the Hadoop framework and broadening your horizon by understanding the latest methodologies to work better on large datasets. The Edureka course now comes with modules around setting up, managing, monitoring and resolving real-time cluster issues. Each of these modules is specially curated to offer to learners, comparative knowledge around prominent distributions like Cloudera, Hortonworks and other related services.

Additionally, the Edureka course also enables learners to understand how to work with services and/or components on top of the Hadoop framework, and securing clusters in accordance to business objectives. The course also provides information around latest Hadoop features like High Availability and Yarn Architectures.

Some of the additional modules that are now part of the course are:

  • Understanding working of HDFS and resolving simulated problems
  • Decommissioning/commissioning of nodes in Hadoop distributed clusters
  • Workload & usage patterns, Industry recommendations around Hadoop clusters
  • Working with Sqoop
  • Cloudera manager and cluster setup
  • Pig setup and working with Grunt

To learn more about the upgraded Edureka Hadoop Administration course, please visit

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Published on Dec 19,2016

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