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Google Cloud Pricing – Google Cloud Platform Pricing Calculator

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Talking about the appropriate Cloud Platform, Pricing of the Services play a very important role But what all factors are to be considered while choosing a good Cloud Provider?  In this Google Cloud Pricing blog, we’ll discuss the following topics:

So before moving forward with Google Cloud Pricing let’s have a look at the Pricing Fundamentals of any Cloud Vendor. You can learn more from the Google cloud training.

Pricing Fundamentals

Now pricing depends on many factors such as:

  • Network/Data Transfer: [Cost Per Rack Unit]

There are many things to be considered while defining the price for Networking Services. Starting from basics we have Network hardware costs (Data Transferring, Uploading and Download), the Maintainance Costs and the Internal Labor Cost.

  • Computing: [Cost per GB of RAM]

Compute Prices are mostly Organization Specific (as per CPU usage). Things to be considered are the various Hardware Operations and CPU power being utilized for any task.

  • Storage: [Cost per GB of Virtual Disk]

Storage Costs are based on the type of storage you use, the underlying infrastructure, as well as the speed at which you can store and retrieve data, plays a very important role while deciding the price for any storage service.

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Google Cloud Pricing

Google Cloud Pricing is not only cheaper, they offer other benefits too. Let’s see some features.

Google Cloud Pricing - savings


  • Lower Prices: Compared to other Cloud Providers Google Offers a massive 60% Saving which consists of
    • 24% Sustained Usage discounts
    • 21% List price Differences, and
    • 15% Rightsizing Recommendations


  • Pay-as-you-go: Google Cloud Services are solely based on Pay-as-you-go basis. There’s no upfront cost required, ie. “Use now and Pay Later“.


  • No Termination Fee: There is no termination fee. The second you stop using the services is the second you stop paying for it. Customers have many reasons to continue to use GCP including
    • Competitive pricing
    • Automatic usage discounts
    • Best-in-class performance
    • Innovative solutions, and
    • Strong security principles and practices


  • Free Tier:  Google provides a 12 month free trial period worth $300 of credit and on top of that it also offers a free trial option which has no time limit.

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You can also watch the below video from our Google Cloud expert, discussing about Google Cloud Pricing.

Google Cloud Platform Pricing | Google Cloud Platform Training | Edureka


Google Cloud Pricing Innovation

Google Cloud tries to offer better pricing through Innovation such as:

  • Sustained Usage Discount: Automatically up to 30%-off workloads that run for a significant portion of the billing month on Compute Engine and Cloud SQL

Google Cloud Pricing - discount

  • Per Second Billing: You pay per-second, which is how a cloud should work.

Google Cloud Pricing - billing

  • Preemptive VM Instances: Up to 80%-off workloads that can be interrupted, like data mining and data processing. Preemptible VM instances have a set price, not a market price, making them easier to budget for.

Google Cloud Pricing - vm

  • Custom Machine Types: Pick any configuration of CPU and memory to save up to 50% compared to fixed machine types from other clouds

Google Cloud Pricing Custom machine types

  • Rightsizing Recommendations: Compute sizing recommendations based on usage, so you consume less and save time on management

Google Cloud Pricing - recommendation

  • Codeline: Coldline storage lets you archive at the cost of tape at the speed of the disk, with the same API as regular storage so it’s easy to archive data without changing the applications that access it.

Data Transfer Appliance


Google Cloud Pricing Features


  • Price Leader: A whopping 21% discount on Compute Engines.Google invested $8.8 billion in CapEx in 2015 to develop our innovative infrastructure and technology stack.
Google Cloud Pricing - leader
  • Better Infrastructure: Google builds their our own proprietary systems, including purpose-built chips, protocols, servers, storage, and switches.
Google Cloud Pricing - Custom build
  • Faster: Google Compute Engine instances boot up in 35 seconds on average. BigQuery can scan up to 35 billion rows, 20 TB of data, in seconds.
Google Cloud Pricing - Millisecond
  • Smarter: Google has applied artificial intelligence to optimize power usage in Google data centres. On average, a Google data centre uses 50% less energy than a typical data centre.


Google Cloud Pricing Calculator

Google provides a Price Calculator for its various services so that you can get an estimate of the money you’ll be spending on the resources you might use.

Google Cloud Pricing - price


Try to calculate the price of any particular VM instance and compare it to any other cloud Provider. I bet, getting the resource from Google will cost you lesser.


As you can see here that a 2xCPU 7.5GB Memory Instance with 32GB SSD and 256GB(128+128)Space for GCP is almost 50% cheaper than AWS instance. Plus if you consider the Automatic resizing and no termination charges, Google comes out as a clear winner.

So this is it, guys!

I hope you enjoyed this Google Cloud Pricing blog. 

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Google Cloud Pricing – Google Cloud Platform Pricing Calculator