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Best Generative AI Learning Path in 2024

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As we go through 2024, the recent innovation called generative AI is quickly unfolding its wings to transform diverse domains with its capabilities, whether it is real or virtual. From creating creative content in just a few seconds to helping pharmaceutical companies discern new drugs with predictive modelling – in order to keep up with these innovative reforms, navigating the learning path for generative AI is extremely important.

The following guide can be your compass, unveiling the secrets of generative AI, the roadmap to achieve success in this field and insights into leveraging generative AI for a robust learning path that will help you stand out.

Why Learn Generative AI in 2024?

Why should one step onto the generative AI learning path in 2024? The solution lies in its transformative power and perpetual potential for creation. 

Generative AI is a lighthouse symbolising progress that can create new data, thoughts and digital realms from the depths of already existing information. It is not only about generating pictures that look life-like or changing speech to text; it is about developing personalised content, creating complex algorithms that can compose music, write stories or even invent new products.

The applications of generative AI are not only revolutionary, but they are also diverse, including various industries from entertainment to healthcare and a lot more. In such a world, Generative AI tutorial holds a lot of value. 

This is for both beginners and those who are established in any domain of computer science and are now looking to dive deeper into some of the more sophisticated artificial intelligence applications.

Major Skills Required to Learn Generative AI in 2024

To excel in generative AI, one must develop a robust skill set, including a mix of soft and technical skills. Some of these include:

  • Strong Programming Foundations: It is important to be good at languages such as Python, which is known for its numerous libraries and frameworks assisting in the development of AI.
  • Understanding of Machine Learning and Neural Networks: It goes without saying that a deep understanding of machine learning and how neural networks function is fundamental.
  • Data Science Expertise: The analysis and processing of big data are crucial for building generative models correctly. Therefore, an in-depth knowledge of data science is imperative to step into this field. 
  • Mathematical and Statistical Knowledge: Mastering complicated algorithms requires a good command of mathematics and statistics, which naturally makes it a prerequisite for learning Gen AI. 
  • Creativity and Problem-Solving Skills: The main capacity to think in creative ways and to come up with advanced AI solutions is being a creative problem solver. This is a must-have skill for any Gen AI aspirants hoping to become a part of this dynamic space. 

In addition to these established skills, users should be proficient in the art of prompt creation, which is why we offer a Prompt engineering course to help you redeem the best of generative AI with informative prompts. 

Best Roadmap for Learning Generative AI in 2024

Embarking on your journey to mastering generative AI involves several key steps. Let us offer you a step-by-step guide to navigate this learning curve. 

  • Step 1: Understanding the Basics of Machine Learning

Start with the foundation of machine learning, stressing on the different kinds of learning essential to train generative AI models. These include:

  • Supervised Learning
  • Unsupervised Learning
  • Semi-supervised Learning
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Step 2: Mastering Programming Language

The know-how of Python or any other language commonly used in AI development with its libraries such as TensorFlow and PyTorch is important. Mastery in one of the most popular programming languages, Python, grants you access to an inventory of AI developments and future trends in progress.

  • Step 3: Learning Data Science and Related Technologies

Plunge into data science to grasp data preprocessing, analysis and visualisation. Since data forms itself as the building blocks of any AI process, these functions are fundamental to everything AI. Hence, learning these functionalities in-depth will help you align yourself with multiple AI innovations.

  • Step 4: Hands-on Real-time Project

Use your skills on real-time projects to reinforce the learning material. This practical experience is very useful for debugging the communication and other hidden complexities of AI development.

  • Step 5: Learning Mathematical and Statistics Fundamentals

Improve your mathematical ability, especially in the areas of calculus, linear algebra and probability, which act as a basis for AI algorithms. These algorithms can be best understood and implemented if you’re familiar with the foundations of stats, probability and algebra. 

  • Step 6: Development Basics

Establish a thorough grasp of the software development lifecycle that includes version control, debugging and deploying. Since the field demands working consistently with building new AI models, training, testing and deploying them, basic development knowledge can effectively help build systems. 

In this AI world, Understanding the characteristics of predictive AI and Generative AI is the first step in learning artificial intelligence. Generative AI activities like creating new content, texts, images, etc. Predictive AI focuses on future prediction based on the current data. If you are new to AI. Then, learn the basics of our AI for Beginners course. This course will help you to prepare for the advanced version of AI.

  • Step 7: Keep Learning and Exploring

AI is a fast-moving technology that is gaining momentum day by day. Track the constantly evolving discoveries, new technologies and methods in AI and ML to keep upskilling yourself. 

Responsibilities of Generative AI Developers in 2024

Developers of Generative AI are faced with a multitude of responsibilities, which broadly comprise aspects like designing, developing, implementing and refining the underlying AI models. However, a broad spectrum of responsibilities is aligned on their shoulders. Let us take you through some of the most crucial ones. 

  • Consistent Development and Research: One of the most appreciated aspects of AI is its consistent evolution. For generative AI developers to keep up with this changing realm, they must research and keep an eye on the latest models, algorithms and techniques to never miss out on any innovation. 
  • Model Optimisation: While keeping up with Gen AI innovations, developers are entrusted with the development and optimisation of new generative AI models. This comprises opting for the most in-demand architectures, overseeing algorithms and successfully deploying them. 
  • Consistent Monitoring: Post-deployment evaluation is imperative to keep the systems up and running smoothly at all times. Developers are required to perform consistent monitoring to repel any potential issues. This might also need them to either retrain models or update implemented algorithms.
  • Adherence to Ethical Considerations: From bias mitigation to responsible data usage, developers today are entrusted with fair AI practices. This is only possible if developers align their AI development process compliance with responsible data handling and transparency.
  • Collaborative Efforts: Since generative AI is a multidisciplinary subset of AI, developers may have to successfully collaborate with data engineers, architects, scientists and many more people. Teamwork and effective communication are deeply valued in such instances to ensure successful model deployment.
  • Developing Robust Safety Measures: Maintaining the health of gen AI models comes within the realm of AI safety measures as much as its alignment with regulatory guidelines. Developers need to harness fair data usage to create systems that stand strong against manipulation and exploitation.

Important Points for Generative AI as a Career Option in 2024

Selecting Generative AI as your field of expertise in the early part of 2024 is a move that promises success. Let us share some statistics to showcase how the introduction to generative AI learning path is set to attract success for aspirants. 

  • By 2026, generative AI is estimated to automate 60% of the design and development effort for websites.
  • The generative AI market is estimated to grow by $180 billion in the next eight years. 
  • 86% of IT professionals predict generative AI to play a pivotal role in their organisation.
  • 14% of business leaders are regularly leveraging the prowess of generative AI to streamline their marketing and sales processes.

These statistics imply an optimistic future for aspirants hoping to harness the prowess of generative AI. However, consistent upskilling is the key to making this happen. 

In the upcoming years, we can expect unbelievable AI domination in software development. Future AI will innovate new smarter debugging tools and it will increase the efficiency of generating advanced coding with good quality. To create your future AI tool, Then enroll in our GitHub Copilot Training Course today!


Artificial Intelligence that is Generative marks the wave of unlimited prospects. By adhering to a defined learning track, acquiring vital skills and keeping up the determination to stay current with industry trends, motivated developers will be on an equal footing with the best in their field. Be it your impetus in science, art or the development of novel innovations, the AI world has interesting career paths for the most dedicated minds.

Seeking a thriving career in AI for yourself? Let Edureka offer you expert-led guidance with its Gen AI course, curated with in-demand topics to keep you aligned with current and future trends. With over 200+ hours of interactive learning, this program promises a comprehensive view of all generative AI principles and implementations. 

When preparing for AI exams or AI job roles like ML engineers, AI analyst, AI Consultant, etc. It is very critical to understand how AI is helping different organizations by using different algorithms. AI has transformed the finance sector completely by doing human activities like risk assessment, fraud detection, and investment management. Candidates preparing for an AI interview, Then enroll in our AI For Finance Course today! It will help you to boost your resume.

Learning Generative AI Path in 2024 – FAQs

1. What is Generative AI?

Generative AI, a subset of artificial intelligence, leverages data to produce original content reminiscent of the input, spanning text, images and videos.

2. Is learning Generative AI tough?

Even though it involves difficult efforts, the skill of learning generative AI can be acquired with fervour. It needs creativity, a combination of relevant skills and the criterion of continuous learning.

3. Is learning Generative AI worth it in 2024?

Absolutely. With its role increasing across popular applications, seeking a career in generative AI is a reasonable endeavour.

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Best Generative AI Learning Path in 2024