Published on Jul 19,2018
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A Gateway into the world of programming, Python is seen as a simple & flexible language to learn.  Python, a general purpose language that is seeing a large scale use in analytics and computing is equipped with a vast library for data manipulation and analysis.

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Topics covered in the presentation:

1. Introduction to Python.
2. Python and Big Data.
3. Python and Data Science.
4. Key features of Python and their usage in Business Analytics.
5. Business Analytics with Python – Real world Use Cases.

So Why Python for Big Data Analytics?

  • The Best Library for Big Data Analytics which includes Pydoop & Scipy libraries!
  • Portable library and a platform that supports GUI programming enabling it to create portable applications on various operating systems
  • A simple language to learn for beginners as its easy to learn and maintain.

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Published on Jul 19,2018

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