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Exceptions in Python

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What is an Exception?

An Exception is an error that happens during the execution of a program. Whenever there is an error, Python generates an exception that could be handled. It basically prevents the program from getting crashed.

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Why use Exceptions?

Many a time, there are valid as well as invalid exceptions. Exceptions are convenient in many ways for handling errors and special conditions in a program. When you think that you have a code which can produce an error, you can use exception handling technique.

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Raising Exceptions in Python

You can raise an exception in your program by using the raise exception statement. Raising an exception breaks current code execution and returns the exception back until it is handled.

Common Exception Errors

IOError (Input Output Error) – If the file cannot be opened

ImportError – If Python cannot find the module

ValueError – Raised when the user hits the interrupt key (normally ctrl+c or delete)

EOFError (End of File Error) – Raised when one of the built-in functions (input() or raw_input()) hits an end-of-file condition (EOF) without reading any data.

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Exceptions in Python