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Ethical Hacker Salary in 2024: Top 6 Countries Around The World

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You’ve probably heard of the phrase “ethical hacker” and are excited about the prospect of working in the field of cybersecurity. But have you ever thought about the financial advantages of going into ethical hacking? The role of an ethical hacker is to safeguard digital systems by identifying and addressing vulnerabilities before malicious hackers can exploit them. They are also known as white-hat hackers or penetration testers.

But, the question here is how much do ethical hackers get paid for their work? We’ll be seeing the latest data on Ethical Hacker Salaries in 2024 to get a better understanding of their responsibilities and how it resonates with other Cyber Security Job roles and salaries.

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Ethical hackers in India earn an average monthly salary of ₹51,230. Certified ethical hackers in India earn an annual average wage of ₹5,17,500. In general, the amount you earn is determined by a variety of factors. This article summarizes key employer considerations such as your education, relevant skills, and whether you have any related certifications.

Now, let us understand who an ethical hacker is? 

Who is an Ethical Hacker?

An ethical hacker is a proficient individual employed for their superior technical and non-technical abilities and knowledge, which are utilized to locate and fix vulnerabilities and exploits on target systems and networks. An ethical hacker works with the consent of the system or network owners, which sets them apart from the dreaded “black-hat” hacker. Ethical hackers occasionally use both black-hat and white-hat methods. As a result, they are able to find systemic weaknesses before thieves do.

The laws of the country, as well as any guidelines that the owners of the systems or networks think the ethical hacker must follow fit. Evaluating the safety record of a company or organization is the main objective of white-hat hackers. An ethical hacker in the formal security sector is also referred to as a Cyber Security Specialist.

Now you have a clear picture of who an ethical hacker is; we will take a look at why ethical hackers are in demand. 

Why are Ethical Hackers in Demand?

The competitive pay in the cybersecurity industry is another factor driving the need for ethical hackers. Organizations are willing to invest in qualified experts who can protect their systems because they understand how important it is to have strong security measures. In the current job market, ethical hacking is a lucrative career choice due in part to the scarcity of cybersecurity talent, which drives up salaries.

In the face of changing cyber threats, ethical hacking ensures trust, regulatory compliance, and a competitive edge by protecting consumer data and bolstering digital security.

By proactively identifying and resolving cybersecurity vulnerabilities, protecting vital assets, and guaranteeing operational continuity, ethical hacking enhances industries.

Ethical hacking provides business leaders with leverage by identifying and resolving cybersecurity flaws, protecting information, and maintaining operational integrity.

A profitable career path in ethical hacking is offered, with competitive salaries commensurate with the high demand for cybersecurity knowledge.

Now, we will take a look at the common factors that impact white-hat hackers’ earning potential.

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Common Factors That Impact Ethical Hacker’s Salary Range

There are majorly 3 factors which influence white-hat (or ethical) hackers’ earning potential:

  • Education: White-hat hackers become knowledgeable through cybersecurity courses, computer science degrees, and certifications such as CEH. Practical skills are refined through specialized training and practical experience. Sustained success requires constant learning and the ability to adjust to emerging trends in cybersecurity. This combination of education, practical experience, and agility forms a robust foundation for ethical hacking careers.
  • Skills: Technical proficiency, tool expertise, networking, cryptography, and web application security knowledge are prerequisites for white-hat hackers. Finding and fixing security vulnerabilities requires effective communication, problem-solving abilities, lifelong learning, and a dedication to moral behavior.
  • Certifications: A common path taken by ethical hackers to verify their cybersecurity expertise is to obtain certifications such as OSCP and CEH. Certifications like CompTIA Security+ and CISSP cover fundamental concepts, while practical penetration testing is the emphasis of GPEN and ECSA. Specialized knowledge in fields like incident handling, network security, wireless security, and security management is made possible by additional certifications like CWSP, CISM, ECIH, and Cisco CyberOps. These certifications are widely accepted in the industry and improve professional credibility.

Now, we will go through the certifications that are required to become an ethical hacker. 

Cyber Security Certifications For Ethical Hackers

A number of certifications are intended especially for those who want to work in ethical hacking. These are industry-widely recognized certifications that can aid in building credibility. These are a few well-known certifications in ethical hacking.

  • CEH :- EC-Certified Ethical Hacker, or CEH, This is a certification that is widely accepted around the world and attests to a person’s proficiency in penetration testing and ethical hacking techniques for spotting and protecting computer systems, networks, and applications from online threats.
  • CompTIA Security :- For entry-level professionals in the field, CompTIA Security+ is a globally recognized, vendor-neutral certification that validates fundamental cybersecurity skills. It covers topics like network security, compliance, threats, and cryptography.
  • CISSP:- The internationally recognized (ISC)2 CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) cybersecurity certification attests to a professional’s proficiency in a variety of security areas.
  • CISA:- ISACA offers the internationally recognized CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) certification. It accredits experts in information system auditing, control, and security with their skills and knowledge. For those working in IT governance, security, and information systems auditing, CISA is highly valued.

Ethical Hacker Salary in the USA

An accomplished, The average pay for an ethical hacker in US is $101k.The highest paid workers may take home as much as $156,780 annually.

Average Salary by Skill/Specialty

Skills/Specialty Average Salary
Cyber security Analyst$89,456
Information security manager$123,284
Security Engineer$105,391
Security Architect /IT$139,143
Security Consultant$117,720
Information security analyst$81,377
Certified ethical hacker$82,986
Senior Cyber security engineer$122,324
Network engineer$93,113
intelligence analyst$115,753

Top Employers/Companies Hiring Ethical Hackers in USA

  • Lockheed Martin Corp Employees :- $90k
  • Wilmerhale Employees:- $101k
  • Avalere Health Employees:- $91k
  • U.S. Department of The Treasury Employees:- $88k
  • Cadient Group Employees:- $105k

Gender Ratio for Ethical Hackers in USA

  • Male :- 87.9%

Avg. Salary: $63k – $152k

  • Female :- 11.0%

Avg. Salary: $64k – $159k

Ethical Hacker Salary in India

In India, the average pay for an ethical hacker is ₹7,69,000. The salary of an ethical hacker in India in addition is ₹2,19,000 in cash compensation, ranging from ₹1,47,000 to ₹5,17,500.

Average Salary by Skill/Specialty

Skills/Specialty Average Salary
Cyber security Analyst₹5,98,839
Information security manager₹1,548,322
Security Engineer₹8,28,560
Security Architect /IT₹1,978,400
Security Consultant₹7,50,000
Information security analyst₹6,24,116
Certified ethical hacker₹5,13,105
Senior Cyber security engineer₹14,99,180
Network engineer₹5,44,000
intelligence analyst₹6,55,000

Top Employers/Companies Hiring Ethical Hackers in India

  • Tata Consultancy Services:- ₹641k
  • Genpact Employees:- ₹637k
  • Accenture:- ₹812k
  • EY (Ernst & Young):- ₹960k
  • Infosys :- 910,630

Gender Ratio for Ethical hackers in India

  • Male :- 88.1%

Avg. Salary: ₹308k – ₹2m

  • Female :- 11.3%

Avg. Salary: ₹306k – ₹2m

Ethical Hacker Salary in Canada

The average annual salary for an ethical hacker who has done an ethical hacking certification in Canada is -C$90,000. In Canada, the average supplementary monetary income for an ethical hacker is CA$7,540, ranging from CA$3,966 to CA$14,335.

Average Salary by Skill/Specialty

Skills/Specialty Average Salary
Cyber security Analyst C$76,366
Information security manager C$113,860
Security Engineer C$103,678
Security Architect /ITC$118,987
Security Consultant C$95,000
Information security analyst C$77,497
Certified ethical hacker C$65,000
Senior Cyber security engineer C$129,397
Network engineer C$1,04,629
intelligence analyst C$81,051

Top Employers/Companies Hiring Ethical Hackers in Canada

  • Telus Corporation Employees:- C$81k
  • LogMeIn :-C$80k
  • Vanderlande:- C$86k
  • WestJet:- C$81k
  • Exel Logistics:- C$72k

Gender Ratio for Ethical hackers in Canada

  • Male :- 86.3%

Avg. Salary: C$58k – C$133k

  • Female :- 12.6%

Avg. Salary: C$56k – C$117k

Ethical Hacker Salary in Australia

Certified Ethical Hackers (CEHs) in Australia earn an average of AU$100,000 annually, so it’s a lucrative career choice.

Average Salary by Skill/Specialty

Skills/Specialty Average Salary
Cyber security AnalystAU$79,240
Information security managerAU$156,000
Security EngineerAU$90,589
Security Architect /ITAU$162,693
Security ConsultantAU$92,289
Information security analystAU$73,333
Certified ethical hackerAU$101,736
Senior Cyber security engineerAU$134,546
Network engineerAU$116,000
intelligence analystAU$125,000

Top Employers/Companies Hiring Ethical Hackers in Australia

  • Computershare Limited :- AU$91K
  • McGraw-Hill Companies :- AU$90K
  • CCA Industries:- AU$85K
  • Laureate:- AU$81K
  • Skillsoft Corporation:- AU$79K

Gender Ratio for Ethical hackers in Australia

  • Male :- 88.5%

Avg. Salary: AU$60k – AU$181k

  • Female :- 11.5%

Avg. Salary: AU$88k – AU$190k

Ethical Hacker Salary in Singapore

The average annual compensation for an ethical hacker who has completed a certified ethical hacking training in Singapore is S$70,000.

Average Salary by Skill/Specialty

Skills/Specialty Average
Cyber security AnalystS$60,000
Information security managerS$100,000
Security EngineerS$67,200
Security Architect /ITS$140,000
Security ConsultantS$72,000
Information security analystS$91,975
Certified ethical hackerS$9,500
Senior Cyber security engineerS$99,000
Network engineerS$120,000
intelligence analystS$81,977

Top Employers/Companies Hiring Ethical Hackers in Singapore

  • WATG:- S$82K
  • Hilton Corporation :- S$185K
  • KLC International:- S$89K
  • Balamurugan:- S$24K
  • Accor:- S$44K

Gender Ratio for Ethical hackers in Singapore

  •  Male :- 95.6%

Avg. Salary: S$7k – S$120k

  • Female :- 4.4%

Avg. Salary: $35k – $35k

Ethical Hacker Salary in Dubai

The average salary of ethical hackers in Dubai is AED 155k

Average Salary by Skill/Specialty

Skills/Specialty Average
Cyber security AnalystAED 119,195
Information security managerAED 300,000
Security EngineerAED 149,760
Security Architect /ITAED 246,000
Security ConsultantAED 180,000
Information security analystAED 180,000
Certified ethical hackerAED 120,000
Senior Cyber security engineerAED 51,600
Network engineerAED 9,000
intelligence analystAED 10,000

Top Employers/Companies Hiring Ethical Hackers in Dubai

  • Sun & Sand Sports LLC Employees :-  AED 92,216
  • William Hare Employees :-  AED 90,000
  • RAK Bank :-  AED 93,721
  • Dubai World Trade Center :-  AED 73,233
  • Archirodon :-  AED 77,605

Gender Ratio for Ethical Hackers in Dubai

Male:- 89.7%

  • Avg. Salary: AED 13k – AED 434k

Female:- 8.8%

  • Avg. Salary: AED 10k – AED 220k

Salaries For Other Cybersecurity Professionals

ProfessionalsAverage Salary
Computer Forensic Analyst₹7,68,000 [Source]
Cybersecurity Analyst₹5,39,840 [Source]
Penetration Tester₹6,27,000 [Source]
Cyber Security Consultant₹10,00,000 [Source]
Security Engineer₹7,00,000 [Source]

As you are clear about who an ethical hacker is, the skills, salary, and companies that hire ethical hackers, now let us conclude in short. 


Ethical hackers can expect to make between 2.4 LPA And 5.2 LPA in India and 82T to 1L in the US. Depending on experience, certifications, and location. The industry, specific skills, and the need for cybersecurity knowledge influence compensation. Earning potential in this rapidly changing field can be enhanced by maintaining certifications and closely monitoring industry trends. Ethical hacking presents excellent career opportunities with pay that matches the crucial role these professionals play in protecting digital systems.

These are some of the frequently asked questions.


1. How much do Certified Ethical Hackers (CEH) earn?

In India, ethical hackers can earn between 2.4 and 5.2 LPA, and in the US, between 82T and 1L. Depending on experience, certifications, and location. The industry, specialized skills, and the necessity of cybersecurity knowledge all affect compensation.

2. Who is the highest-paid hacker?

Empirical hackers are paid the most at companies in San Francisco (roughly $150,000) and the least at companies in Minneapolis (approximately $97,000), according to surveys. Conversely, the mean annual compensation for a Certified Ethical Hacker, or CEH, in the United States is roughly $90,000. Over $120,000 is possible for professionals with experience.

3. Is it hard to become an ethical hacker?

Although becoming an ethical hacker can be difficult, it is possible with certifications, hands-on training, and self-study. Maintain a strong ethical mindset, keep up with the latest trends, and concentrate on networking, security concepts, and programming. In this ever-changing field, success hinges on involvement in the community and ongoing education.

4. What is the salary of an Ethical Hacker in CBI?

Government agencies that employ cyber security specialists include CBI and ICERT. One can obtain a reliable source of income in this way, and in such circumstances, the monthly salary of a mid-level ethical hacker in India might vary from 45K to 70K.

5. What is the salary of a fresher Ethical Hacker?

A fresher hacker’s average salary ranges from ₹2,19,000 to 5.4l.

6. Which Ethical hacking job has the highest Ethical hacker salary in India?

  • Cybersecurity Analyst 
  • Information Security Manager
  • Cybersecurity Engineer
  • Security Architect
  • Application Security Engineer
  • Network Security Engineer
  • Ethical Hackers
  • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

This wraps up our blog post regarding the salary of an ethical hacker. I hope I was able to clarify the salary trends across various nations and businesses. If you want to learn the most recent course and get training in the field, take a look at the Edureka Certified Ethical Hacking Course – CEH v12. With this unprecedented official partnership between EC-Council and Edureka, you have the chance to become certified as a globally CEH v12 practitioner. The primary cyber security competencies that are necessary for network and security analysts are the focus of this certification programme.

Have a query for us? Kindly let us know in the comments section, and we’ll get in touch with you.


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