Published on Sep 22,2015
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The digital boom is moving at an unprecedented rate and more and more businesses are becoming data driven and technologically savvy. They realize that the digital platform is the most effective way of reaching out to potential customers and reeling them in. With this in mind, digital marketing budgets are soaring, new engaging content is constantly being developed and search advertising and social media marketing tactics are zooming forward.

Now with so many on-going online activities, it is important to keep track of what is being done when the responses start pouring in. This is where the use of digital marketing analytics comes into play to measure the effectiveness and success of online campaigns.

Based on the analytics results, budgets, investments and subsequent marketing tactics can be planned to amplify and optimize results each time. And this is no small job. Companies are starting to realize that this isn’t a role for a novice or for someone to do alongside their regular work profile. What they need is a full time digital analytics expert; someone who is trained to monitor the online trends and evaluate and customize plans to help propel the brand on various digital platforms.

With this demand growing exponentially, digital analytics has become a highly coveted career option. Here are some of the important traits you need to have to become a successful digital analytics expert.

Trait #1 Technically Savvy Business Acumen

It is important for a digital analyst to understand the technical as well as the business side of any organization. An analyst will be required to observe complex patterns of online consumer behavior and translate it into lucrative business solutions and campaign ideas. Those who are able to maintain a balance between the technical as well as the non-technical knowledge hold a distinct advantage in the field.

Trait #2 Problem And Opportunity Identification

Often in the case of marketing, the most obvious problem isn’t the true problem at all. It is just indicative of a small component of a specific pattern based on various behavioral, cultural and business aspects of the brand. For example, marketers may think that a campaign has not been successful because it did not get sufficient visibility and will aim for higher media spends. But the truth could be that the campaign was ‘viewed’ by the required number of people but it was not ‘shared’ because the message was not relevant to the targeted audience. A digital analyst needs to pick up on subtle observations and treat it as an opportunity to present an innovative solution.

Trait #3 Profitable Commercial Judgement

Marketing campaigns can be scaled up or cut down drastically as required. Marketers often have a creative imagination and may want to invest large sums of money to execute an inventive idea. But a digital analyst needs to be financially savvy and understand the commercial viability of a project. It involves detailed research to analyse what will work and what will not to take a call about how much to invest in a campaign. It is crucial that a digital analytics expert can identify the risks and find a way to optimize expenses to increase the reach and effectiveness of a campaign.

Trait #4 Information Ingenuity

A digital analytics expert’s role largely depends upon the reading and collection of information. The analyst should be able to handle large volumes of data at once and also juggle numbers and quick calculations. The analytics expert also needs to be able to work by compiling data from disparate sources and identifying distinct patterns in the information gathered. Being comfortable handling new and varied information and drawing profitable conclusions forms the crux of this role.

Trait #5 Detail Oriented Analytical Skill

A digital analytics expert needs to constantly question the ongoing online activity. It is important to stay abreast of trends and advancements in the field and constantly think of how the new data can help to solve a specific problem. It is important for an analyst to be proactive in the every day job to find current and relevant data. An analyst should be able to identify the smallest details which could indicate an upcoming trend and analyse it critically to understand whether it can benefit the business in any way.

All in all, a digital analytics expert needs to be a good communicator. Just finding information is not enough, he also needs to present it in a way that can convince others about the pragmatism of the observations and the profitability of the solutions. Technical aspects can be learned on the job, and various tools are available to help him excel; but having an aptitude towards analytical thinking and an understanding of consumer behavior and market trends are the inbuilt qualities that companies seek in a digital analytics expert.

With the growing scope in the field, companies are on the lookout for data analytics experts in various profiles. For example, the role of a Data Test Engineer involves manual testing and development of test cases in close association with the design team. A Data Developer on the other hand needs to be adept at writing and maintaining high quality and performance optimized codes for the programs. For those well versed with mathematics and technology, the role of a Data Technology Lead is ideal where one is needed to ideate and generate complex algorithms which pick up data across industries and help design the most favorable approaches. Lastly, one of the most sought after roles is that of a Predictive Analyst who can leverage various analytics tools to dig out insights and present advantageous scenarios and profitable solutions. From testing engineers to developers and analysts, these various portfolios are great avenues for individual growth and development in the growing sector of digital marketing.

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