Published on Jul 19,2018
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The influence of Big Data and its high impact on almost all the industries today is all too familiar.  It is the next frontier for innovation, competition and productivity of enterprises and has led to the growth of professionals who deal with ‘Data’ every day.

But, do you know that the demand for analytics skills has outstripped the supply?

SAP, the business software group conducted a survey that found that 92% of respondents saw the volume of their organization increase in 12months, while three-quarter of respondents believed their organization needed new data science skills.

So, what is the way out to fill this skill gap?

Can a Data Science Course do the needful?

Oh yes! Learning and getting equipped with data science skills and technology will not only fill the need for Data Scientists, but is also going to make you all the “IT Super Hero’s”.

Organizations who previously did data mining dealt with well-behaved data. Today, the amount of un-structured data is far more than the structured ones. And, it definitely needs highly expertized Data Scientists to handle them. This condition is not only seen in a particular sector, but is faced across all the industries.

Take a look at the industries that are now Big Data based and are madly looking for Data Science Experts.

industries-that-widely-use-big-dataSo, to be one among them, a Data Science Course is a must.

Well, I have something to show that is even more interesting. And, that is – professionals from different verticals who are already in the race to become successful Data Scientists.


So guys, it’s time to buck-up and ace the race at the earliest.

Moving on from here, if we see the job openings in Data Science, the number and opportunity is as huge as you cannot even imagine. Here is a close look from the


Future Jobs Belong to Data Scientists

Data Scientists are changing the way decisions happen by making better use of Big Data.

Well, it is not just the job openings and opportunities, but how much it pays. Yes, let us now talk money. Can you think of a figure of how much would a Data Science Job fetch you? You can bet on it by comparing with the salaries of other IT Jobs.

Well, let me just give out the figures from the even before you can think of them.

Top Dollars for Data Science Experts


This is really big! Isn’t it?!

It is time to get a data science course – take a sample class today!

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Published on Jul 19,2018

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