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Employee Training Rewards That Actually Improve Learning

Published on Oct 12,2022 349 Views

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Employee training and development can be difficult, especially when employees are unaware of its importance. This results in resistance in the organization between employers and employees. It happens due to a lack of clarity as to what they are supposed to do in the future after completing the upskilling.. In today’s world, where nobody has time to stand and stare, it can never be enough to say, “Just do it.” For training to become a priority for the workforce, one needs to make them understand the value of it and the perks it gets along. 

Here are some ways we can incorporate Employee Training Rewards That Improve Learning in learners:

  1. Make them see the real value first. Do they know the learning objective?

If you’re a manager in a large organization, it can be difficult to demonstrate the value of training. There are compliance requirements and regulations that require employees to take training, even if they won’t be directly impacted. But when you connect the dots between employee work and training requirements, your employees will more readily understand how important it is for them to participate.

88% of employees agree that it’s important that employers reward employees for great work.Not only that, a Gallup study showed that a lack of recognition remains one of the most common reasons why employees leave an organization.

So. one must show your employees the value of their training and help them understand how it will improve their day-to-day jobs. The most common way to uplift is by using incentives like free conference passes or free tickets to an event or seminar and cash awards for those who complete one-on-one coaching sessions with their managers. These methods work because when employees see themselves as being valued and motivated by something outside their job description, they’re more likely to want to learn more about what’s needed for success at work.

  1. Create both Learning and Performing Opportunities

Learning something new is no easy task. How often are you asked to take on a new role, or be exposed to different methods of working? It’s a lot easier to sit through lectures than it is to make the time for in-house training sessions – unless you have something in return for your efforts. This can be seen as a good thing, however, it does have its downfalls. If the training only offers skills that will not be implemented within the next few months, then why bother investing time and money into it? If your employees know that they will receive no tangible benefit for completing their training package this could backfire as time passes 

You just need to make sure training doesn’t become a chore for your employees; instead, it provides learning opportunities that help employees grow. Let them see how taking up the training can help them grow.

  1. Healthy Competition Helps

Many learning platforms, including Edureka, offer rewarding programs that provide recognition through certificates and badges for completing courses, Corporate training, training,internship, or even a webinar. Most of us have seen “badges” being awarded at places such as a children’s museum or on a gaming site. These badges don’t just serve to show off achievements, but also help to foster healthy competition among peers. The badges are rewarded by adding “points” to an online profile in a way that is similar to a daily count-down timer for achieving certain goals in any game. With platforms like LinkedIn, collecting these certificates and badges not just boosts the profile of your employees but also generates healthy competition which is rather the need of the hour. 

  1. Be Selective

The important step to developing a rewarding training system is to select the right course. 

Training should be impactful and engaging and should be able to improve behaviors or skills post-completion. If the training doesn’t accomplish this, then why do it?

Get creative, but choose courses that will improve performance and drive business value for your organization. Make sure your reward is compelling enough to attract the most engaging employees and those in high-value roles.

However, do remember that not all rewards are created equal.

The truth is that research shows that 65% of employees actually prefer non-cash incentives. The use of “free” food and money as rewards can be more dangerous for businesses than most people realize.

While it’s true that employees want to be rewarded for their hard work, you can also give them incentives that greatly impact their performance. Sometimes they may even surprise you with how much they enjoy working towards a goal.

  1. Offer more than they expect

If you’re offering a series of reward incentives, then use them sparingly. If they become too predictable and everyone knows what they’re expecting, they’ll lose their strength. Choose one topic each month and promote it in multiple places. Then measure completion rates and impact on learning. For example, if you’ve been giving weekly team lunch talks over the past year, move on to something else to keep them fresh and interesting. An often-cited study from the Journal of Personality & Social Psychology showed a simple expression of thanks by someone in authority led people to be 50% more productive.So, don’t forget to reward participants publicly when they complete the training! 

Training isn’t going anywhere. Believe it or not, training is growing in popularity and effectiveness to the extent that it remains one of the most common reasons people hire new employees today. The problem, however, exists partly because training programs have become so prevalent that they’ve been reduced to a formality rather than a necessity. You must choose the right training platforms that improve learning instead of just creating an impression to get it right.


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Employee Training Rewards That Actually Improve Learning