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Employee Learning and Development Trends for 2021

Published on Dec 31,2020 722 Views

Employee Learning and Development: What Should We Expect?

For Learning and Development Team – 2019 is history, 2020 will soon be a solved mystery. 2021, on the other hand, is a mystery waiting to be solved and let’s not hope it indeed turns out to be a problem waiting for a solution with no prior notice. 

L&D Trends are like waves, they come well announced, yet leave slithering at the blink of an eye. 

Employee L&D Trends 2021 - Edureka

Here’s to a new set of trends in Employee Learning and Development said to see the night and day in 2021.

Pick up your pens, and papers and start noting them, as they are spelled and explored on the go. This list certainly, can be seen growing to bigger numbers, as we reach the cusps of a new year. 

Employee L&D Trends 2021 - Edureka

Trend 1 Work-Life Balance - Employee L&D Trends 2021 - Edureka

Learning and Development, as an industry has focussed its audience, from time immemorial, a little too much towards topics such as corporate training, upskilling and as a result has inculcated a burning need in them to keep growing every day at work. Although, this may not be a bad path, for their audience to venture on. 

It somehow did not work too well, when work ended up running at crossroads with their personal life. With the rise in rule of the pandemic, employees certainly ended up finding ways to be happy and content, without the pressure caused by their paycheck. As times come and go by, employees certainly wouldn’t want to let go or part ways with the ways in which they work today. 

This seamlessly brings us to the point of why, companies should add aspects of work-life balance in their planned calendar, while they are sent out to employees hereafter. 

Trend 2  Collaborative Work Environment - Employee L&D Trends 2021 - Edureka

Just like our appearance, even the way each one of us works is different. While some of us, like to face problems as they come, some of us, on the other hand, like to take a minute to think before we lay our steps ahead. 

As this never before experienced, social climate guides us into a future unknown. Collaborations and teamwork certainly will help us find our rhythm at work. As companies of the future, do all it takes to become more and more compact. 

Departments and divisions will certainly need to work side by side, as they say, “you either flow with the wind as it drives you on or choose your own path and make it to the end helped or guided by”. 

Trend 3 Gamification - Employee L&D Trends 2021 - Edureka

Over the past few years, gamification certainly has made waves in the Learning and Development space. The fact of it, continuing to play a pivotal role in its further development and growth, certainly doesn’t come as a surprise to many.

Gamification brings out a certain need to do better and better as days come by in employees, that they may lack otherways. Organizations, during the workflow amidst the pandemic noted, that gamification also, helped their employees in better data and information retention. 

Gamification certainly looks more to be a win-win to employees and employers in the new future repeatedly in the years to come as well. 

Trend 4Online Learning - Employee L&D Trends 2021 - Edureka

Zoom, Google duo, and similar others, the number of online meeting platforms certainly has reached numbers that certainly weren’t thought to be possible, 5-6 years ago. Product launches to monthly, weekly, daily and hourly review meetings, everything today is conducted simply at the click of a button. 

Although, there may be some areas of improvement that need to be done to solve minor network issues. The world is sure to see itself growing on a global scale online. Learning is also, more than ever going to happen online. Certification courses and online diplomas will now be considered more valid than before in the future. 

 “Learning finally will happen, beyond boundaries and across platforms ideally in the near future to come.” 

As said earlier, the count on this trend list can certainly multiply in the future. Hence, it is important for organisations, employees and employers to note and follow the fine details explained and explored at this point in time. 

If you feel,  there can be additions to our given list please reach out to us at or give us a call on +91-8660674718, while if your company, on the other hand, is looking to partner with a corporate trainer, you can reach out to us as well.  






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Employee Learning and Development Trends for 2021