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A Tour To Edureka’s Employee Engagement Program @ Infosys EdgeVerve

Published on Oct 08,2020 581 Views

Edureka organized a lively employee engagement program for Infosys EdgeVerve employees at different locations in India. This event was aimed at improving the knowledge base, engaging them in fun games, and assessing their existing skills in various technologies. The whole event was led by Jean Thomas, Global Human Resources Business Partner (Bangalore), and Madhumitha, Senior Member – Human Resources (Chennai & Pune).

Edureka’s Employee Engagement Program at Infosys EdgeVerve

Event Locations

We successfully conducted Employee Engagement Program (Learning Carnival) at Infosys EdgeVerve Campuses:

  • Bangalore – 27th August 2019
  • Chennai – 29th August 2019
  • Pune – 5th September 2019

Focal Points For EdgeVerve Event

In the times of the digital revolution, it is important to know about what is happening and what will happen in the IT sector. With this in mind, we provided a knowledge sharing session for techies to build deeper skills and stay at the forefront of technologies.

The big part of our learning program entailed two major compelling technologies: 

  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) 

  • Machine Learning

Event Highlights

EdgeVerve employees enthusiastically participated in Learning Carnival and other successive employee engagement activities. In the lively and curious environment of the EdgeVerve workforce, Edureka delivered answers to crucial questions related to AI and Machine Learning during the Tech Talk session. 

During the event, Edureka had focused on major 4 types of content to engage EdgeVerve employees:

Edureka’s Employee Engagement Program at Infosys EdgeVerve

  1. Tech Talk By Industry Expert

Tech Talk on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning conducted by an industry expert associated with Edureka. He discussed several intriguing concepts of AI and Machine Learning. It brought in many interesting questions that modern industrial challenges revolve around AI, such as:

  • Is Artificial Intelligence Dangerous?

  • Applications of AI

  • AI Subsets (Machine Learning and Deep Learning)

  • Introduction to Machine Learning (ML)

  • Types of Machine Learning

As a result, Employees grew more aware of the major skills they can target while learning about Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and their future applications.

  1. On-Premise Skills Test

Edureka also organized an MCQ technology skill test using a QR scan code method where we allowed EdgeVerve employees to choose their favourite technology from the offered list of technologies. About 500 avidly participated in the skills test and were curious to know how much score they achieved in respective technologies.

  1. Fun Brain Games

We had created a detailed list of  “Guess the Technology” games along with related snippets and hints to make the engagement fun and amusing. This was also one of the compelling highlights of the EdgeVerve event.

  1. Rewards and Recognition

To sum up the event, Rewards and Recognition were given by the senior members of the Infosys EdgeVerve L&D Team on behalf of Edureka. There were 3 prizes for the employees who performed exceptionally well in the skills test:

  • Outstanding Performance – Skill Test Certificate + LVC worth ₹ 20,000 along with Goodies

  • Excellence Performance – Skill Test Certificate + SP worth ₹ 8,000 along with Goodies

  • Top Performer – Skill Test Certificate + Goodies

R&R at Infosys EdgeVerve

Likewise, we had conducted an Employee Engagement Program at Infosys Finacle. Check out, here.

Are you interested in conducting an Employee Engagement Program or Corporate Training for your organisation? Reach out to us at or give us a call at +91-86606 74718.


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A Tour To Edureka’s Employee Engagement Program @ Infosys EdgeVerve