Published on Sep 22,2015
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While social media has rolled in and swept everyone up in its wave, email marketing still remains one of the most professional and reliable media of online promotion. All businesses, old or new, can greatly benefit from the advantages of the email platform to reach out to and connect with existing as well as prospective customers in a personalized manner. The unidirectional focus of communication makes email marketing a targeted method of getting your brand noticed and helping your business grow.

Recent research has suggested that when employed efficiently, email marketing can be more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined. With constantly evolving technology, email marketing is also developing and starting to become more and more advanced. Sometime back, where manual interventions were required to sort through mailing lists, data, content and a lot of text, now it can all be done digitally with the help of some great tools. But to ensure that you play your cards right, there are some effective tools you can use to boost your email marketing strategy and increase engagement with customers. So if you are a business looking to use email marketing to make it big, take note of a few tools that will keep you way ahead of the curve.

1. Transactional Email

Order confirmations, delivery receipts, reminders and product tracking emails all qualify as transactional emails which give the customer additional information after a purchase or interaction with an eCommerce site. Transactional emails are an excellent tool for cross promotion or up selling by brands. Transactional messages are opened and read by most customers. This gives the brand a window to advertise other related or relevant products which may hook in the customer for a repeat purchase. Through transaction related emails, brands can suggest other items based on user history, recommend upcoming sales or even provide coupon codes to improve the purchase experience on the site and build a relationship with the customer. Multiple online tools are available to customize standard transactional emails to pique customer interest and build a successful relationship with them.

2. Platform Responsive Templates

With technology ruling all, there is no one platform that reigns over the other. Everyone uses multiple digital interfaces and access data on different devices at the same time. Whether it is a smartphone, laptop, desktop or tablet, each device has its own dimensions and specifications making webpages appear differently on each. To ensure that your brand gets the best visibility, it is important to develop mailers which are responsive to different platforms. This means that the images and layout automatically adjust to the screen of the specific device that it is being viewed on. If you use the same email design for a laptop screen as well as mobile, chances are that the user will not be able to view the latter very clearly, leading to loss of viewership. So to ensure a successful marketing campaign, optimizing your strategy with responsive email design is a key tool you need to harness. There are several tools available online which customize email design for different platforms with no coding requirement.

3. Audio Visual Engagement

People are naturally more responsive to visuals, imagery and sound. Rather than reading a page-long letter or article, most would rather watch a video explaining the same. And more and more brands are cashing in on this consumer behavior insight to boost their email marketing strategy. Studies have shown that embedding a video in an email has displayed higher click through rates, shares and forwards. Video email marketing delivers a stronger impact while delivering a message and also has the capacity to go viral due to easy shareability and ease of use. Certain online websites and email marketing tools allow for marketers to auto convert embedded videos, manually link the videos to screenshots or thumbnails and even add video tags that link to external viewing platforms. Video email marketing allows brands to pack a strong punch by re-purposing videos across all their channels, including social media, thus maintaining a consistency in the brand communication.

4. Predictive Analysis For List Management

Predictive data analytics comprises using digital analytics tools to measure and report the usage, impact and the success of a particular online campaign. Through big data analytics one can identify the specific consumer demographics interacting with the brand and create focused target segments to ensure maximum and efficient reach. Using analytics tools, one can identify the exact trends, consumer insights, customer reactions to emails, purchase history and even track the progress and success of a promotion. Predictive analytics help brands make wise decisions based on actual consumer data to fruitfully drive a campaign by optimizing digital spends.

With an increasing number of companies turning to email marketing to substantiate their digital marketing plans, email marketing managers are more in demand than ever. The primary role of an email marketing manager is to assemble and organize large amounts of data regarding the brand, its consumers, its potential target audience and to device strategies which will have an effective impact on each of the groups. There are a multitude of tools available for email marketing managers to up their strategy and leverage the power of the internet to ensure that maximum number of users click on their mailers.

While new tools and tips will be continuously developed, you can begin with the four strategies mentioned above to commence an effective email marketing plan to help grow your business.

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