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Edureka At Honeywell E-Learning Fest

Last updated on Oct 21,2020 1.2K Views

The need to upskill is great among today’s working professionals, especially those in the IT industry. As a result, they are actively looking for learning partners to help them. However, with so many e-learning platforms and technologies to choose from, the process can be a confusing one.

“Why aren’t self-paced courses with pre-recorded videos sufficient to help me learn?”

“What technology should I upskill in to grow in my career?”

“What are some must-have features I must look for in a learning partner?”

“How can a learning partner help me stay committed to completing my courses?”

These were some of the questions the Edureka team was looking forward to when we partnered with Honeywell, one of our most valued corporate partners, for their 3 city E-Learning Fest.

The events were held in Bangalore (November 13), Madurai (November 16) and Hyderabad (November 21). Here’s a look at all the action:

Edureka x Honeywell E-Learning Fest - 3 - Edureka
Our team was excited to meet Honeywell employees & answer their questions. So, they came prepared!

Honeywell employees across all cities were excited to take our Skill Assessment Tests to figure out how much they knew about their favourite technologies.

Edureka x Honeywell E-Learning Fest - 3 - Edureka

Apart from the Skill Assessment Test, Honeywell employees also spent a lot of time asking questions and talking to Edureka Course Advisors.

Edureka x Honeywell E-Learning Fest - 1 - Edureka

Once the Skill Assessment Tests were completed, we rewarded those who scored the highest marks. Suffice to say, they were excited by their free courses, coupons, and certificates!

Over 3 packed days, we were able to speak to hundreds of IT professionals and help them understand that there is more to e-learning than pre-recorded videos and the clear benefits that emerge from Live Instructor-Led learning.

We also helped them figure out the next steps for their career and the technology that suited them best. Over 200 Honeywell employees took part in our Skill Assessment Tests and tested the depths of their knowledge.  

To say that the Honeywell E-Learning Fest was a roaring success, would not be an overstatement.

Is your organisation looking for a corporate learning partner? Reach out to us at or give us a call at +91-86606 74718  

Have questions about your career path and how to upskill? Get in touch with a course advisor at +91-9606058413

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Edureka At Honeywell E-Learning Fest