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Free Machine Learning eBook – Getting Started with Machine Learning

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Swatee Chand
Sr Research Analyst at Edureka. A techno freak who likes to explore... Sr Research Analyst at Edureka. A techno freak who likes to explore different technologies. Likes to follow the technology trends in market and write...

This Edureka Machine Learning with Python eBook covers the most integral concepts of Machine Learning that will help you get started in a step-by-step manner along with examples. Below are the chapters included in this Free Machine Learning eBook:free Machine Learning ebook - Edureka

  1. Introduction to Machine Learning

  2. Machine Learning Basics

  3. Python Fundamentals for Machine Learning

  4.  Machine Learning Classifications

  5. Advanced Machine Learning Concepts

  6. Practice Datasets for Machine Learning

  7. Top 30 Interview Questions & Answers

  8. Career Guidance

Download now and get your feet dirty with this mind-blowing technology.

This eBook will also help you get into the Post Graduate Artificial Intelligence Course by NIT Warangal at Edureka.

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