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How to Structure a Digital Marketing Plan?

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Planning is very important in Digital Marketing. Without a proper strategy, it’s good not to have a business venture. So, this article on Digital Marketing Plan will be your guide on how to plan your business strategy.

This blog will walk you through the following topics:

    Let’s begin!

    Why is Digital Marketing Plan necessary?

    A Digital Marketing Plan is a document that mainly includes the details of your marketing campaigns, short and long-term business goals. It is also sometimes called a Digital Marketing Strategy. Planning is basically for maximizing your business benefits and goals associated with it.  So? Why is this required?

    Digital Marketing Plan-Edureka

    Undoubtedly, Digital Marketing is becoming an integral part of our lives and our business. Without this added to your plan, you are missing a lot of opportunities to connect with your customer base. However, to make your marketing strategy work, you should have some clarity. This clarity can be got by proper planning. Some major reasons that you should consider having the perfect Digital Marketing Plan are:

    • You’ll easily be able to attract viewers to your site that will help in converting, (those viewers will be your loyal customers).
    • Create a marketing strategy that helps in planning all the actions on how to reach your target customer.
    • You’ll gain an in-depth knowledge of the market and your target audience.
    • This lets you use all the resources that are available in an effective and organized way.

    These are the major reasons why you should have a good Digital Marketing Plan. And also, if you talk about the scale in which Digital Marketing is growing, you should start planning your business strategy in a way that you shouldn’t try to copy other business strategies and also try to implement your business plans accordingly.

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    What is the structure of a marketing plan?

    A good Digital Marketing Planning is key to all your strategies that will give you a foundation for all key online marketing activities. So, we have PRACE to the rescue. 


    Once you know your way around this, let’s see to give you a break-down of the step-by-step structure for a Digital marketing plan.

    • List your business goals 

    The very first thing to do when you are developing your digital marketing plan is to carry out an internal and external analysis of your firm. This need not be so important to brand your business but it’ll definitely help on your final marketing plan document sets the stage for everything to come. Also, to do this, we have a useful framework called SWOT analysis. This helps in allowing you to look into matters like the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and the market. 

    Business goals-Edureka

    Once you have everything in place, strive hard some goals related to your domain. Also, the wonderful part is, you can work on developing your Digital Marketing plan with SMART goals. The question is, what’s SMART goals? This is nothing but Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely.

    SMART goals-Digital Marketing Plan-Edureka

    • Research your target audience

    This is important for focusing on trying to get the traffic and reaching the right audience. If you don’t research your audience before creating content, you might end up creating something really useless.

    Research-Digital Marketing Plan-Edureka

    You need to analyze their interests and plan accordingly. There are many ways to collect prospect’s information to create a persona, such as…

    • Web analytics data
    • Web-based surveys
    • Focus groups
    • Blog post comments

    Next on the list is the design persona.

    • Design your persona

    If you have the required customer data in hand, you’re good to create a good buyer persona. You can’t create an effective Digital Marketing plan without knowing who you want to reach. A buyer persona is important in this case.

    Generally. a buyer persona is a fictional thing. It is people that represent the traits of people you’re trying to target to buy your products or services.

    So, how does buyer persona help in Digital Marketing?

    Buyer personas help you know who to target when you’re running your campaign. In many cases, you’ll have more than one buyer persona you’re targeting. Creating these personas helps you market to different types of buyers based on their interests and needs.

    • Define your marketing strategy

    Once you’re done with defining your business goals, personalize your strategy and help in planning. Things that majorly affect this are:

    1. Audience: What to focus on, whom to target, how to target?
    2. Ranking: You need to know how you’re going to communicate with your unique value proposition and how to do so appropriately in the channels. 
    3. Content Strategy: Know how to create informative content, keyword research, social posting and so on.

    There is one last thing you should do after creating an efficient strategy.

    • Choose the right marketing channel

    It does not matter if you’re new to Digital Marketing or have enough experience in this field. What matters is your idea about marketing it via the right channels. There are a few marketing channels or mediums through which you can let people know about your product. Utilize this knowledge and market it in the right way.

    First thing is, you cannot stick to one digital marketing channel. You need to be well-versed in all channels starting from SEO. With over 2.7 million blog posts getting published every other day and 500 million tweets per day, you have no choice but enhance your knowledge in a particular marketing channel. 

    Moving on to the next topic, let’s see how to make an effective marketing plan.


    How to make an effective marketing plan?

    Follow the steps to have an effective marketing plan:

    • Branding

    The very first thing leading to the success of your Digital Marketing Plan is defining your brand. It is important to analyze your company’s growth, ins, and outs of your brand so that you can easily sell your product. In addition to this, create Unique Selling Points (USPs) to give proper insights into your brand to your audience. And also, even here, focus on SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time).

    Try to increase the audience base by doing the following:

    • Launch your product.
    • Reach out to new markets. It can vary based on your location or the type of audience.
    • Promote your product.
    • Improve the ROI (Return On Investment).
    • Analyze market growth and expand your market share with respect to the competition.
    • Try optimizing the conversion funnel.
    • Attract new customers.
    • Increase the number of sales.

    These are a few important points you should note for having a perfect Digital Marketing Plan.

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    PGP Marketing IMT -Digital Marketing Plan-Edureka

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    At the end of the course curriculum, you’ll have the certification of pride, your Digital Marketing Certificate.

    Digital Marketing Certificate-Digital Marketing Plan-Edureka

    With this in hand, you can easily get into any top companies as Digital Marketing Manager or executive.

    • Choose the right marketing platform

    If you are into creating an efficient Digital Marketing Plan, you need to choose the right marketing platform. There are several marketing channels through which you can easily promote your content and get good leads from it. Some major marketing channels are:

    1. Search Engine Optimization
    2. Content Marketing
    3. Social Media Marketing
    4. Pay-per-click
    5. Email marketing

    So, the choose right one for your business venture.

    • Measure the goals

    A strategy or plan will always yield results and you should always have a strategy to measure the results. This is the crucial phase of Digital Marketing. It determines whether your business was successful with the efforts that you put in.

    You will be done with your marketing plan only if you are able to analyze and measure the corresponding results. You can measure your marketing strategy results using KPIs (Key Performance  Indicators). This helps in determining your campaign’s success. It also helps in showing us if we have got the expected ROI or not.

    In addition to this, you should also have a real-time data visualization system. This is because the world is evolving towards digitalization and there is so much more to explore in this field. Be up-to-date with the current market trends, identify opportunities and room for improvement in an instant.

    The next one on the list is the best practices for a better Digital Marketing Plan.


    Best practices

    • Prioritize your customer needs and plan accordingly.
    • Audit your SEO on a regular basis.
    • Conduct webinars and live events.
    • Prioritize blogging as your primary lead generation medium.
    • Make organic traffic your priority.
    • Distribute your content on the marketing channels.

    With this, we come to the end of this article on the Digital Marketing Plan. I hope you are clear about the topics that are discussed and added value to the knowledge of Digital Marketing Planning.

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    How to Structure a Digital Marketing Plan?