DevOps VS Software Engineers: Understanding the Key Differences

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Considering the similar nature of diverse roles within software development environments, acknowledging the difference between DevOps and software engineer roles is essential to understanding their distinct responsibilities and skill sets.

The terms ‘DevOps engineer’ and ‘software engineer’ are often used interchangeably. However, a close look at both roles within any organisation can explain their individual, contrasting expertise in different spaces. 

So, when talking about DevOps vs software engineers, it is important to know what exactly sets these two apart when compared against each other.  Let’s decode these differences in our in-depth guide – right from the basics to their key responsibilities!

DevOps Vs Software Engineers

Before initiating the quest to determine the key difference between DevOps and software engineers, let us understand what these two roles entail. 

Who is a DevOps Engineer?

DevOps engineers act as a bridge, combining development and operations to streamline software development processes. They typically integrate a set of DevOps practices in the organisation, which encourages enhanced collaboration and automation to offer an optimised software development pipeline. 

In terms of skill set, DevOps engineer courses often equip these engineers with the knowledge of coding and scripting, software automation, deployment, and infrastructure management. However, their role is central to establishing teamwork among the development and operations departments, ensuring that systems function properly and are scalable.

Now, to further navigate the difference between a software engineer and DevOps engineer roles, let’s explore what a software engineer is. 

Who is a Software Engineer?

Software engineers develop various software applications. They leverage engineering principles and programming languages to design, develop, test, and maintain software. Notably, software developers are usually entrusted with overseeing and optimising the entire software development life cycle from gathering user requirements and designing solutions to coding, testing, and maintaining the software.

Computer science underlies their work, and they are good at resolving intricate problems with intelligible and scalable code.

Now that we have the basic differences between a software developer and DevOps engineers in knowledge, let us now look at some of the more practical, key differences that set the boundaries of these roles. 

Key Differences Between DevOps vs Software Engineer

Here are some of the key differences between DevOps and software engineers

AspectDevOps EngineerSoftware Engineer
Focus and ScopeFocuses on the processes that improve the efficiency and quality of software deliveryConcentrates on creating software applications
Tools and PracticesUtilises tools for continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD), infrastructure as code (IaC), and monitoringUses development tools like IDEs, version control systems, and debugging tools
Technical SkillsDevOps skills, automation, CI/CD deployment, containerisation, Git versioning, infrastructure management and more Programming and coding, debugging, cloud computing, data structures and algorithms, testing and more
Soft SkillsTeamwork, mentorship, problem-solving abilities, analytical skills, communication skills, collaboration and moreLeadership, multitasking, communication, analytical skills and more
ApproachDevOps engineers put emphasis on an enhanced collaborative approach to streamline and automate work processes for faster delivery Software engineers put more emphasis on the designing and implementation aspect of software, creating high-quality codes while running it through frequent tests for optimal results
GoalsAims to streamline software development and deployment processes, enhancing collaboration and automationDevelops functional and efficient software that satisfies user requirements
CollaborationWorks closely with both development and operations teams to foster better communication and collaborationTypically works within development teams and may have limited interaction with operations
Role in Project LifecycleInvolved throughout the project lifecycle, with a strong emphasis on the post-development stages (deployment, monitoring, and maintenance)Primarily involved in the early stages of the project lifecycle (planning, development, and testing)
Primary ResponsibilitiesResponsible for automation of the deployment procedure. They ensure high availability and maintenance of the overall health of the production environmentResponsible for writing code, debugging, and testing software applications

Besides the differences mentioned above in terms of responsibilities, the software engineering and DevOps career paths also enable their respective candidates to receive varying compensation.  Let’s navigate these differences by exploring DevOps vs software developer salary figures.

DevOps vs Software Developer Salary

According to various industry salary surveys and job boards, DevOps salary figures for engineers are comparatively higher than the median salaries of software engineers. This divergence is caused by the need to master the required DevOps approach, CI/CD development, system infrastructure automation, and application availability and scalability.

Here’s a comparison between the two.

CountryDevOps Engineer SalarySoftware Engineer Salary
IndiaINR 9,00,010/ annumINR 6,94,243/ annum
U.S.USD 105,454/ annumUSD 93,157/ annum
U.K.GBP 47,454/ annumGBP 40,143/ annum


It should be taken into account that the provided figures for DevOps salary and software engineer salary are generalised. It is to be noted that factors such as company size, specific job roles, and various skills of employees can further affect salary. 


Though interchangeably used, DevOps and software engineers hold great significance when it comes to optimised software development and deployment. Understanding and identifying the similarities and differences between DevOps and software developer roles will allow organisations and professionals to leverage their unique competencies so that software construction is not only properly implemented but also offered in an effective and really-plot-driven manner. 

For those aiming to hone DevOps practices, Edureka provides a number of resources and programmes to help you get started. From comprehensive DevOps tutorials to expert-led intensive DevOps training, both learning methodologies can guide you to explore a thriving DevOps career.


  1. Is software engineering better than DevOps?

DevOps and software engineers play equally vital roles in achieving modern software development and operations. Knowing the differences and similarities between these roles might lead to professionals and organisations being able to use their powers in the best way possible.

  1. Does a DevOps engineer get paid more than a software engineer?

As per several leading salary survey platforms, DevOps engineers comparatively have a higher remuneration than software engineers. 

  1. Can a software engineer switch to DevOps?

Yes. A software engineer can step into the role of DevOps with the right training modules and expert-led programmes.

  1. Is a DevOps engineer the same as a software engineer?

Although both roles are primarily software-based, they vary in terms of the phases of the software lifecycle. DevOps engineers prioritise the operation, management, and deployment of software systems, while software developers focus on the creation and development of applications.

  1. Does DevOps involve a lot of coding?

Yes, DevOps does entail coding. This includes activities such as automation script writing, infrastructure as code, or tools that help to improve internal development as well as operational processes.

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DevOps VS Software Engineers: Understanding the Key Differences