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DevOps Engineer Salary – How Much Does A DevOps Engineer Earns?

Last updated on Jul 01,2020 11.4K Views
Saurabh is a technology enthusiast working as a Research Analyst at Edureka.... Saurabh is a technology enthusiast working as a Research Analyst at Edureka. His areas of interest are - DevOps, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and...
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DevOps Engineer Salary:

Salary of a lead DevOps Engineer can be between $137,000 and $180,000, according to April 2018 job data from Glassdoor. I hope you guys have enjoyed my previous blogs on DevOps, in this post on DevOps Engineer salary I will talk about what are the various factors on which the salary of a DevOps Engineer depends.

Before we dive in the details of a DevOps Engineer salary, let us analyze the DevOps market trends:

DevOps Adoption Trend:

Consider the following image:

DevOps Adoption - DevOps Engineer Salary - Edureka


Looking at the above image we can see that 81% of the enterprises are using DevOps practices along with 70% of small to medium businesses.

There are multiple reasons for the increase in the adoption of DevOps practices.

  • Automated delivery pipelines facilitate the release of small features more frequently
  • Increase in adoption of Microservice architecture
  • Lower failure rate of new releases
  • Shortened lead time between fixes
  • Faster mean time to recovery in the event of new release crashing

Let us now see the DevOps Engineer job trends.

DevOps Engineer Job Trends:

DevOps Engineer ranks #2 on Glassdoor’s 50 Best Jobs in America rankings. “the role of DevOps Engineer has seen a 225% jump in postings on Indeed,” according to an SD Times report. 

Consider the below table, I have taken this data from Indeed and AngeliList, in general, Indeed is less startup-focused than AngelList.

Current jobs by state (Indeed):

StateNumber of Jobs
Washington DC1715


Current jobs by state (AngelList):

StateNumber of Jobs
New York57
Washington DC16


Also, consider the below graph for DevOps Engineer job trend:

DevOps Job Trends - DevOps Engineer Salary - Edureka


Now that you can see enough evidence to prove the demand of a DevOps Engineer, you must be wondering what does it take to become a DevOps Engineer. I have a dedicated post on DevOps Engineer Skills, I would recommend you to have a look.

And if you are wondering what does a DevOps Engineer do? Check out my post on DevOps Engineer Role.

Now is the time to have a look, how much does a DevOps Engineer makes in a year (DevOps Engineer Salary).

DevOps Engineer Salary:

According to Indeed and AngelList, 80% of the companies pay more than $90,000 starting salary to a DevOps Engineer. Also, 35% pay at least $115,000, and 17% pay more than $125,000.

DevOps Adoption - DevOps Engineer Salary - Edureka


Note: This may vary based on the company, geography, and experience.

Let me give you a few numbers based on the above factors as well:

DevOps Engineer Salary Based on Company:

I am listing down the salary offered to a DevOps Engineer by major companies who are actively hiring DevOps Engineers.

CompanySalary Range Per Annum
IBMRs 300,000 – Rs 715,000
Tata Consultancy ServicesRs 400,000 – Rs 750,000
Cognizant Technology SolutionsRs 360,000 – Rs 800,000
AccentureRs 350,000 – Rs 1,500,000
CapgeminiRs 300,000 – Rs 850,000
AmazonRs 638,000 – Rs 1,400,000
InfosysRs 420,000 – Rs 2,000,000

Source: Payscale

DevOps Engineer Salary Based on Experience:

Entry level DevOps Engineer Salary:

Salary Range Per Annum
SalaryRs 278,657 – Rs 1,029,326
BonusRs 2,905 – Rs 130,000
ProfitRs 0.00 – Rs 317,500
TotalRs 288,795 – Rs 1,093,112


Mid Level DevOps Engineer Salary:

Salary Range Per Annum
SalaryRs 590,651 – Rs 1,857,184
BonusRs 39,732 – Rs 298,797
ProfitRs 73,136
TotalRs 597,427 – Rs 1,967,180

Source: Payscale

For senior professionals with 20+ years of experience the salary is around $133,000 per year, according to payscale.

Well, I believe it is a known fact that for the same work people in different countries get different pay. Let’s see how much the salary of a DevOps Engineer varies based on the geography.

DevOps Engineer Salary Based on Geography:

I am listing down the DevOps Engineer salary for the following major cities:

CitySalary Range Per Annum
BangaloreRs 325,672 – Rs 1,942,394
HyderabadRs 360,585 – Rs 1,517,277
London£33,800 – £79,122
New York$72,906 – $155,086
San Francisco$84,307 – $166,547
Chicago$60,141 – $130,809
Seattle$73,630 – $156,635

Source: Payscale

By this I come to the end of this post on DevOps Engineer Salary, I would recommend you to check out the following blogs as well:

Got a question on this topic, mention it in the comments section.

If you are looking for online structured training in DevOps check out Edureka’s DevOps Masters Course Content. The curriculum is designed after extensive research on 5000+ DevOps Job Descriptions. It includes 2000+ hours of interactive learning and 12 courses, this will set you on the path of becoming a successful DevOps Engineer.


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