DevOps Engineer Roles and Responsibilities

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Jul 27,2018
DevOps Engineer Roles and Responsibilities
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DevOps Engineer - The buzz that never ENDS!

DevOps Idea - Edureka

Looking to become or hire a DevOps Engineer? Wait my friend; before you proceed any further and understand the core responsibilities of a DevOps Engineer, let me make things clearer to you. You can often listen to two great misconceptions tied to DevOps culture that do a great harm; people think that:

  • DevOps engineers are Sysadmin who can even code and are the ones who are solely responsible for system uptime

  • Sysadmins are not necessary for a DevOps environment since developers take over system admin tasks

And you know what, both are WRONG!!

So What Exactly is DevOps Culture then?

The original idea of DevOps is to smooth out the interaction between development and operations. It is a method which will help you to achieve great results – not a job position. You can define DevOps as sysadmin participating in an agile development process alongside developers and using the same agile techniques for their systems work.

DevOps means different things to different people, as “agile development” itself covers a lot of ground.

The “DevOps” movement is about having everyone understand how the entire system works, and everyone being able to express what their underlying business value is.

  • Developers are all about innovation, making something cool and new

  • Sysadmins are focused on never letting the site go down

Before DevOps came along developers weren’t incentivized to worry about the site uptime and vice versa

Want to become a DevOps Engineer?

Devops Engineer Blog - Team - Edureka

But WHO are these DevOps Engineer? and WHY should anyone hire a DevOps Engineer?

First of all WHO is this DevOps Engineer? Well, these are people more precisely an elite group of people who not only have years of experience but also have in-depth knowledge of the technicalities in the domain. Let me clear the FACT that there’s no formal career track or an Abra-Kadabra trick for becoming a DevOps engineer. These people are either developers who get interested in deployment and network operations, or are sysadmins who have a passion for scripting and coding, and move into the development side where they can improve the planning of test and deployment. Either way, these people are the one who has pushed beyond their defined areas of competence and have a more holistic view of their technical environments. 

Become A DevOps Engineer Now

It won’t be surprising if while looking for the DevOps Engineer role you found a smaller number of companies creating that title. If DevOps is understood primarily as a mindset, it can get really ambiguous and awfully fuzzy. Let’s check out this list of core DevOps attributes:

  • Ability to use a wide variety of open source technologies and tools

  • Ability to code and script

  • Experience with systems and IT operations

  • Comfort with frequent, incremental code testing and deployment

  • Strong grasp of automation tools

  • Data management skills

  • A strong focus on business outcomes

  • Comfort with collaboration, open communication and reaching across functional borders

What does any Company ultimately wants to get successful – Quality with Speed at Least expenditure. 

Coming to the next question WHY or WHEN should anyone even hire a DevOps Engineer?  Looking the current market trend, DevOps is an essential role to hire full-time early on. Hire people when your product has shipped, or when you have at least three developers on board. Live products require more monitoring than you can expect. If you haven’t hired this person yet, realize that DevOps work is already happening in the background and your team would move faster if that function was explicitly owned.

If you’re not ready to make this leap, consider talking to a consultant to help set a basic foundation. With the right plan, you could hire freelancers in order to manage costs but, this will only be a temporary solution.

A great DevOps engineer is seriously a game changer. As a DevOps engineer, you will ensure that the system is running smoothly and being monitored so that you can respond to issues as it arises. You will ensure that your developers are never doing repetitive tasks, and the infrastructure is kept up to date as the stack evolves. As the processes change and the company grows, the DevOps engineer automates as much as possible to accelerate work. Because of DevOps, developers can focus on their core work so you can deliver products earlier and more reliably.

Here is a testimony on Live DevOps Training Online course by an Edureka learner.

Edureka Learner Testimonial – Shyam’s Success Story

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In a Company, WHAT are the skills and responsibilities of a DevOps Engineer

Let’s explore the pageable container below and check out some of the responsibilities and skills required for a DevOps Engineer in big firms like VMWare, Samsung, SAP, etc.


Key Responsibilities:DevOps Engineer - Edureka

  • Design, build and maintain the CI/CD infrastructure and tools to deliver Horizon Cloud Service

  • Design and Develop the test automation to validate the builds in the CI/CD pipeline

  • Work closely with development teams to ensure that solutions are designed with customer user experience, scale/performance and operability in mind

Requirement and Preferred Skill:

  • Bachelors degree in Computer Science or equivalent

  • 5+ years of experience with Python other scripting languages such as Perl, Ruby etc

  • Experience in developing and maintaining CI/CD process for enterprise SaaS and on-prem applications using tools like Git, Gerrit, Jenkins, Maven, Gradle, etc

  • Expertise in Linux System Admin and Bash Scripting

  • Experience with configuration management tools such as Ansible, Chef, Fabric, Puppet or SaltStack

  • Hands-on experience in build and administer VMs and Containers using tools such as Docker, Vagrant, Kubernetes

  • Experience in designing and maintaining cloud-based solutions with Azure


Key ResponsibilitiesDevOps Engineer - SAP logo - Edureka

As DevOps Engineer in SAP PdMS development team, you are expected to do the following:

  • Support the continuous integration and release process in a complex micro-service based cloud- and on-premise environment

  • Maintain the existing pipeline infrastructure and drive innovation

  • Work closely together with the developers from PdMSand other teams to integrate new components smoothly into the product

  • Support complex integration scenarios with other cloud applications

  • Ensure landscape availability and stability (dev, pipeline, demo, live systems)

  • Understand and enhance the existing build processes

  • Support demo creation for new product releases  

  • Enhance the overall product quality by providing tools, libraries etc. to developers and roll them out to team members

  • Maintain and extend existing automation scripts

  • Investigate and evaluate new tools and DevOps technologies

  • Self-driven, proactive, explorative, analytical thinking and problem-solving. Strong drive to automate manual processes.

Mandatory Skill-Set:

  • 2+ years of professional experience with

    • Programming languages (Java )

    • Scripting languages like Bash / Groovy / Python / Go / Ruby

    • Developing multi-tenant and SaaS application

  • 1+ year experience with cloud foundry

  • Strong knowledge of build processes (Maven, Npm, Grunt, etc.)

  • Strong quality focus (Clean Code, Unit/Integration test knowledge)

  • Experience with modern CI/CD practices and pipeline design/operation

  • Solid experience working with Git

  • Embrace the Agile process, be self-empowered, take ownership of, and responsibility for your work; collaborate and communicate effectively with team members and other teams.

  • Ability to adapt quickly to new challenges and an evolving technology stack

  • Good verbal and written English

Optional Skill-Set: 

  • 1+ years experience with SAP Hana XS Advanced

  • Experience with Docker (Kubernetes) beneficial


Roles:DevOps Engineer - Samsung Logo - Edureka

  • Serve as a primary point responsible for the overall health, performance, and capacity of one or more of our Internet-facing services

  • Gain deep knowledge of our complex applications

  • Assist in the roll-out and deployment of new product features and installations to facilitate our rapid iteration and constant growth

  • Develop tools to improve our ability to rapidly deploy and effectively monitor custom applications in a large-scale UNIX environment

  • Work closely with development teams to ensure that platforms are designed with operability in mind Function well in a fast-paced, rapidly changing environment

  • Participate in a 12×7 rotation for second-tier escalations with remote working option for off business hour

Necessary Skills / Attributes

  • Experience with UNIX / Linux systems and/or systems administration experience

  • Good experience in Amazon Web Services (AWS) Experience with Python (preferred), Ruby Working knowledge in NoSQL DBs (Cassandra), web services, HTTP, TCP/IP, DNS

  • Good to have experience in monitoring tools like Nagios, Grafana etc

  • Good to have experience in configuration management tools like Ansible/Terraform

DevOps Roles - DevOps Engineer Blog - Edureka

What is the Average DevOps Engineer Salary?

IBM: 506143 per annum
Amazon: 1012629 per annum
Accenture: 711800 per annum
TCS: 549074 per annum
Sprinklr: 1028933 per annum
Infosys: 616667 per annum
OLA: 1250000 per annum
Directi: 1250000 per annum

Interested in becoming a DevOps Engineer! But HOW should you prepare?

“Dreams doesn’t work unless you do”

If you are really interested in becoming a DevOps Engineer then put all your efforts in. If interested you can visit the following links and keep yourself focused to become a DevOps Engineer

Check out the blog about top 10 DevOps tools you must learn in 2018

DevOps Top 10 Tools you must learn in 2018

Check this YouTube playlist which consists of more than 100+ free videos on DevOps.

DevOps Tutorial YouTube Playlist

If you want to really wanna get DevOps certification for your career, you can visit our landing page and check out the content and features of DevOps Training and Certification from Edureka.

Crack DevOps Engineer Interview

If you are a DevOps engineer or looking forward to becoming one, then with a strategic understanding of tools, processes and utilization of technology, be assured that 2018 is going to be your year. According to Gartner, organizations around the world are increasingly adopting the DevOps culture and by the end of 2016, 25 percent of top global 2000 organizations have already adopted DevOps as a mainstream strategy.

If you plan to give an interview for a DevOps-centric role, here is a comprehensive list of the most popular DevOps Interview Questions. These questions are framed keeping in mind the business requirement of the current market. Always remember the FACT:

“The EXPERT in anything was once a BEGINNER”

DevOps Training and Certification from Edureka

“Your FUTURE is decided by what you do TODAY, not TOMORROW”

Excited to become a DevOps Engineer, but need more expertise in the domain? Don’t worry. We at Edureka, have designed an awesome DevOps Training and Certification course for you with a lifetime access. The course at Edureka is regularly updated and is designed keeping in mind the latest market/industry’s trend. Don’t hurry, go through our Landing Page, do your research, and if you are really satisfied with the content and wanna become a DevOps Engineer then click on the button, and book your seat in the online live DevOps training session at Edureka, and learn from professionals with 10+ years of experience of working with DevOps.

Let's see WHAT Edureka's customer have to say?

DevOps Engineer - Md. Tanvir - Edureka Customer

Md Tanvir - DevOps Engineer

“Edureka helped me realize my goal of becoming a DevOps Engineer”

Previous Designation: Software Engineer

Present Designation: DevOps Engineer

Payment Hike Received: 100%

Tanvir’s Edureka Journey: My objective of joining Edureka was very clear; I wanted to become a DevOps Engineer. I was working as Linux Admin at the time and was looking for a training programme that would help me completely master the tools used by a DevOps Engineer. It was a wonderful learning experience and the instructor and support team were very dedicated. Every one of my doubts was cleared in a timely manner and the hands-on and class recordings helped a lot. At the end of the course, I had gathered the confidence to make the switch to DevOps.

Kiran - DevOps Engineer- Edureka DevOps Customer

Kirankumar Wadeyar - DevOps Engineer

“Edureka helped me become a DevOps Engineer”

Previous Designation: Php Developer

Present Designation: DevOps Engineer

Pay Hike Received: 50%

Kiran’s Edureka Journey: I took an interest in DevOps after realizing on the job as a Software Programmer that one would be wise to add complementary skills to their kitty. If you are an operations staff, you would be wise to automate your job and if you are a developer, you need to confront the reality of taking care of business with operations, if you are to remain relevant. My search for a good training partner led me to Edureka and I’m glad I decided to up-skill with them. Learning DevOps at Edureka helped me get noticed and land a good pay hike in my last organization. I thank Edureka and the trainer who helped me achieve this level of excellence in my career. Today, I am a DevOps Engineer and I work on incorporating new innovations and identifying and solving challenges that require harmony among operations and designers.

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