How to Become a DevOps Architect?

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As the field of DevOps is gaining massive popularity due to its cross-functional efficiency, the role of DevOps Architect is gaining equal importance among aspiring professionals. Bridging the gap between the development and operations team, a DevOps Architect is responsible for establishing work pipelines and basic project architecture to provide a direction to a project. 

But exactly what is this role, and how does it integrate DevOps and solution architecture processes in the right order to meet project needs? Let’s explore all about the role of a DevOps Architect, along with the underlying factors behind its growing popularity, its career prospects, and how you can become one! 

Who is a DevOps Architect?

The DevOps Architect positions are usually senior roles within the organisation and act as a big signaler that sets the company’s DevOps strategy and ongoing operation. This role encompasses a combination of soft and hard skills, providing a special perspective to define the requirements for IT operations, bridging the gaps and championing a high-performing, highly engaged, and fast-delivery culture. 

Why Become a DevOps Architect?

Working as a DevOps Architect is similar to having to solve a mix of challenges that are technical, strategic, and also require leadership. The personnel in this role may be the first ones to incorporate cutting-edge technology to help enhance operational efficiency and reduce the time taken to develop new software products. 

While the excitement of working on unique designs that are robust and scalable and the increasing demand for competent architects are the main pluses, this career path is both promising and satisfying.

Are DevOps Architects in Demand?

DevOps has been integrated into various sectors, accounting for its significance. In a report published by Markets and Markets, DevOps is estimated to reach $25.5 billion market size by 2028 at a CAGR of 19.7%. On the other hand, according to the data collected by Google, 86% of companies deem DevOps valuable in the efficient production of innovative software. This, in turn, puts DevOps Architects at the center of the modern IT industry, setting them up for an optimistic future. 

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How to Become a DevOps Architect? Step-Wise Guide

Becoming a DevOps Architect is a multifaceted process, including education, skill development, and collecting practical experience. Here’s how you can navigate this complex terrain to eventually emerge as a Senior DevOps Architect.

  • Step 1: Navigating DevOps Skills

Start your DevOps journey by understanding the major skills required to excel in this role. This includes:

  • Fundamental DevOps concepts
  • Scripting languages like Python or Ruby
  • Containerization
  • Automation
  • Cloud Computing
  • Continuous Integration/Continuous Development
  • Orchestration
  • Version Control system

Along with this, an array of soft skills such as communication, analytical skills, teamwork and problem-solving abilities are also required to be understood and cultivated in your skillset.

  • Step 2: Obtain Formal Education in a Relevant Field 

In order to establish a career as a DevOps Architect, commence with a strong foothold in tech disciplines. You can start by acquiring a bachelor’s and/or master’s degree with a focus in computer science, information technology, electronics and communication or any other relevant sci-tech discipline. 

  • Step 3: Strengthen Skills with Added Certifications

Additional training and certifications are necessary to add credibility to your resume while enabling you to learn intricate DevOps concepts that are not always provided in a degree curriculum. Apply for certifications like: 

  • DevOps Foundation
  • AWS Certified DevOps Engineer
  • Certified Kubernetes Associate
  • Docker Certified Associate
  •  Azure DevOps Solution Certification


  • Step 4: Internships and Training

The best way to strengthen your skills is to implement your hard-earned skills in practical applications. Actively take part in DevOps training sessions and apply for an internship to build on your work experience. Internships and training ensure you’re on the right track to seek consistent growth and refining your skills. 

  • Step 5: Create a Compelling Portfolio

This is your time to compile all your certifications, training, open-source projects and work experiences together to build a compelling portfolio which effectively highlights your skills. A comprehensive portfolio is sure to bring you exciting opportunities from potential clients as well as recruiters. 

Roles and Responsibilities of a DevOps Architect

Role of DevOps Architect

In order to navigate the realm of DevOps and to effectively manage its various aspects, DevOps Solution Architects are entrusted with specific roles and responsibilities. Here are some of the DevOps Architect roles and responsibilities: 

  • Orchestrating and automating the software development life cycle (SDLC) 
  • Ensure smooth team collaboration
  • Maintaining infrastructure
  • Development and implementation of CI/CD
  • Manage toolchains that automate DevOps
  • Oversee app deployment
  • Ensure high availability and scalability of systems 
  • Effective communication among team members, along with providing mentorship

How Much Does a DevOps Architect Earn? (India and USA)

The salary of a DevOps Architect can vary considerably between regions, determined by differences in living costs, demand, and regional job market circumstances. Here’s a quick glance at these figures across India and the USA.


RoleAverage Annual Salary
DevOps Engineer SalaryINR 9,00,010
DevOps Architect SalaryINR 9,36,838
DevOps Solution Architect SalaryINR 23,10,265
Senior DevOps Architect SalaryINR 27,50,000



RoleAverage Annual Salary
DevOps Engineer SalaryUSD 105,454
DevOps Architect SalaryUSD 122,300
DevOps Solution Architect SalaryUSD 127,334
Senior DevOps Architect SalaryUSD 171,491


DevOps Architect Skills and Tools
Both technical and soft skills are required to be a successful DevOps Architect. The most critical technical skills are:

  • Scripting language knowledge (example: Python, Ruby and Shell)
  • Cloud platforms expertise (example: AWS or Azure)
  • Familiarity with containerization and orchestration tools, such as Docker or Kubernetes
  • Skills for CI/CD tools
  • Infrastructure management

Notably, soft skills, which often include problem-solving, team leadership, and communication skills, are as crucial in implementing the principles of DevOps as hands-on technical work.

DevOps Architect Career Path

The career path of a DevOps Architect is marked by continuous learning and adaptation to emerging technologies. Key milestones include:

  • Increased demand for DevOps knowledge: Staying abreast of the latest practices and tools is essential for success.
  • Growth and development in the DevOps field: Pursuing advanced certifications and specialising in areas like cloud architecture can enhance career prospects.
  • Key Responsibility Areas of DevOps Architects: Mastery of implementing DevOps strategies and leading teams is crucial.
  • Technical skills required for a career in the DevOps field: Continuous skill enhancement in new technologies and methodologies is vital.
  • Where can you start your DevOps journey? Beginners can start by acquiring fundamental DevOps skills through courses and hands-on projects.
  • How to make your DevOps career successful? Focusing on strategic thinking, collaboration, and innovation can propel your career forward.

Explore resources like “How to become a DevOps engineer” to kickstart your journey in this dynamic field.

Why Are Organizations Hiring DevOps Architects?

Organizations recruit DevOps Architects to enhance their development and operate workflows. The target is to go with the quick deliveries, more reliable processes, and better efficiency of the code deployment. The leadership of DevOps Architects through strategic wisdom and technical skills helps businesses to adopt modern best practices, fully leverage new-fangled technologies, and maintain various advantages against the competition.


The DevOps Architect plays a pivotal part in the cross-technical shift from old, slower, and uncoordinated ways of IT operations and software development to modern, fast, and collaborative ways. Therefore, by building on their DevOps Architect skill set and experience and performing in an entrepreneurial way, aspiring DevOps Architects should expect an exciting and influential career that will steer the whole world towards a more automated future.

DevOps engineer training offered by Edureka can further help you navigate this dynamic field with the right skills in your arsenal! 

DevOps Architect FAQs

  • What qualifications do I need to become a DevOps Architect?

A combination of studies, professional qualifications, and practice in the DevOps approaches is the most appropriate assortment required.

  • What is the salary of a DevOps architect in AWS?

Salary ranges are diverse and may differ due to experience, site location, and the particular needs of the position.

  • What makes a good DevOps architect?

A combination of technical expertise, strategic planning, leadership qualities, and an ability to keep the operations while developing at the same time.

  • What does a DevOps architect do?

They architect and implement DevOps strategies embodying the ideal of continuous improvement, thus the smooth mixing of developers with operations to enhance effectiveness.

  • Which companies are hiring?

The DevOps Architects job roles span to tech giant companies though to startups from the tech industry as many companies are interested in hiring DevOps Architects.

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How to Become a DevOps Architect?