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Data Scientist Salary – How Much Does A Data Scientist Earn?

Last updated on Mar 02,2020 16.1K Views

Aayushi Johari
A technophile with a passion for unraveling the intricate tapestry of the... A technophile with a passion for unraveling the intricate tapestry of the tech world. I've spent over a decade exploring the fascinating world of...
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By 2020, the amount of data generated by every human being every second will be 1.7 megabytes. With this, you can imagine the growth of data, and that is where a Data Scientist comes to the rescue by analyzing and organizing this data to provide business solutions. In this article, we will discuss the global Data Scientist salary and know why ‘Data Scientist’ is the sexiest job title of the 21st century. In fact, a data scientist can expect an average salary of Rs 693,637 (IND) or $91,470 (US) per year.

Before we delve into the details on data scientist salary trends, let us first have a brief outlook on various industry job trends.

Data Scientist Job Trends

According to the Harvard Business Review, a Data Scientist is “a high-ranking professional with the training and curiosity to make discoveries in the world of Big Data”. As data science is a vast domain, data scientists need to have a versatile skill set in their profile.

The below table illustrates the number of jobs in different locations in the US according to

New York, NY1813
Seattle, WA1544
San Francisco, CA1487
Cambridge, MA936
Boston, MA733


Data Science career opportunities will only shoot through the roof! As the world is turning towards data for all sorts of decision making, both start-ups and well-established companies like Cisco, Dell, VMware etc. are offering lucrative salaries to Data Scientist.

Data Scientist Salary Trends

According to, below are graphs depicting the average Data Scientist salary for India and US.

Salary India - Data Scientist Salary- Edureka

Data Scientist Salary (IN)

Data Scientist Salary (US)

According to Forbes, the number of Data Science and Analytics job listings is projected to grow by nearly 364,000 listings by 2020. Also, the productivity benefits that businesses analyzing data is estimated to be around $430 billion by 2020 over their rivals, who are not analyzing. This is quite evident as you might observe from the above illustration.  

Data Scientists are responsible for many tasks in a business including analytics, building data products using programming languages like Java, along with developing visualizations and machine learning algorithms in Python or R. Because of this, the average salary package of a data scientist is Rs 693,637 (IND) or $91,470 (US) per year. Additionally, based on your experience and skill-set, companies can offer you up to $130,000 per annum.

Job Openings - Data Scientist Salary - Edureka

Note: This may vary based on the company, geography, and experience.

In fact, companies do not weigh your professional background based on your years of experience if you are skilled in Data Science domain. You can observe that over 15% of data scientists that are being hired in India are fresh graduates. The number is even higher in the US. Refer the below plots to gain more insights:

Years of Experience - Data Scientist Salary - Edureka

Source: PayScale

Let me give you a few numbers based on the above factors as well:

Data Scientist Salary Based On Company:

I am listing down the salary offered to a Data Scientist by major companies who are actively hiring Data Scientists.

MicrosoftRs 1,500,000/yr
IBMRs 1,350,000/yr
Rs 1,055,500/yr
Capital One$106,000/yr

Source: Glassdoor

Data Scientist Salary Based on Experience

Entry level Data Scientist Salary (IND):

CompensationSalary Range Per Annum
SalaryRs 297,414 – Rs 1,195,066
BonusRs 2,004 – Rs 161,146
Profit Sharing
Rs 0.00 – Rs 322,976
Total PayRs 306,054 – Rs 1,215,966

Entry level Data Scientist Salary (US):

CompensationSalary Range Per Annum
Salary$61,598 – $122,827
Bonus$1,010 – $15,019
Profit Sharing
$503 – $16,638
Total Pay$60,894 – $127,894

Mid-level Data Scientist Salary (IND):

CompensationSalary Range Per Annum
SalaryRs 590,734 – Rs 2,070,477
BonusRs 1,030 – Rs 792,758
Profit Sharing
Rs 95,000
Total PayRs 595,982 – Rs 2,506,994

Mid-level Data Scientist Salary (US):

CompensationSalary Range Per Annum
Salary$74,623 – $140,210
Bonus$1,973 – $19,998
Profit Sharing
$2,007 – $20,608
Total Pay$77,215 – $158,409

Experienced Data Scientist Salary (IND):

CompensationSalary Range Per Annum
SalaryRs 972,106 – Rs 2,927,745
BonusRs 35,000 – Rs 400,000
Profit Sharing
Rs 25,000
Total PayRs 972,106 – Rs 2,928,194

Experienced Data Scientist Salary (US):

CompensationSalary Range Per Annum
Salary$78,424 – $157,653
Bonus$2,449 – $22,400
Profit Sharing
Total Pay$79,321 – $167,947

Source: PayScale

Well, I believe it is a known fact that for the same work people in different countries get different pay. Let’s see how much the salary of a Data Scientist varies based on the geography.

Data Scientist skills will fetch big career opportunities in Data Science. Here are the skills to become a Data Scientist.

Data Scientist Salary Based on Geography:

I am listing down the Data Scientist salary for the following major cities:

GurgaonRs 1,200,000/yr
PuneRs 736,976/yr
Rs 734,696/yr
Mountain View$124,882/yr
San Francisco$117,256/yr

Source: Payscale

If you are someone looking to get into an interesting career, now would be the right time to up-skill and take advantage of the Data Science career opportunities that come your way.

Edureka has a specially curated Data Science Masters course which will make you proficient in tools and systems used by Data Science Professionals. It includes training on Statistics, Data Science, Python, Apache Spark & Scala, Tensorflow and Tableau. The curriculum has been determined by extensive research on 5000+ job descriptions across the globe.

Got a question for us? Please mention it in the comments section of “Data Scientist Salary” article and we will get back to you.


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Data Scientist Salary – How Much Does A Data Scientist Earn?