Published on Aug 21,2014
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Edureka offers a variety of professional courses that caters to the unique learning needs of individuals. Considering the busy lives of IT professionals, e-learning is a prefect method to learn and update yourself with the current technologies in IT sector. E-learning has various advantages like learning at your own pace, updated learning, freedom to learn from where you want and with LMS you can track your progress as well.

Keeping the benefits of e-learning in mind, Edureka has come up with the following facilities:

Online-Live, Interactive, Instructor-Led Sessions

This is a key differentiator compared to other online course providers. The major difference being the ‘Live’ aspect of the training. The online-live training simulates in-class training and provides all the benefits of it, with an added advantage of getting trained from the comforts of your home.

24/7, Life Time Technical Support

Once enrolled with Edureka, you are eligible for a life time support. We have a 24/7 support to team to guide you in your learning journey and provide clarification whenever needed. Depending on the course you have selected, we will guide you step by step during installation, setup and project works. All you have to do is call us and we will provide necessary guidance.

Classes through Webinar

Webinar offers many advantages over traditional media formats and even traditional form of learning in this case. The training sessions are made to be engaging and interactive through use of videos, audios, and slides. A webinar provides an innovative and an appealing way to communicate with the instructor during the training session.

Virtual Machines for Practical Session wherever applicable

Virtual machines are ideal for testing out Linux operating systems, which is required for courses like Hadoop, MongoDB and Cassandra. We will guide you through the installation and setup process. This will be a local access for you and in case your system doesn’t meet the pre-requisites, we will provide you with remote access to our cluster for your practical sessions.

Flexibility to Reschedule

We provide weekend as well as weekday classes and you can choose a batch as per your convenience. You can actually customize your course contents and timings as per your convenience. In case you end up missing a class, you can even take the same class in a different batch without any extra fee.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Once enrolled, you’ll receive immediate access to the LMS for the selected course and can start learning right away. You have access to the course contents in the form of complete set of previous class recordings, PPTs, PDFs, presentation slides, assignments and project documents in downloadable format in the LMS.

For more information on our learning plans and features, visit our website

In case of any clarifications, add you questions in the comments form and we will get  back to you.

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