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What is the difference Between CSS and CSS3?

Published on Aug 27,2019 3.3K Views

The main function of Cascading Style Sheets is very much important. Where CSS works together with HTML and to provide the basic style and appearance and this will let us know that HTML elements will look on the web page. Where CSS3 is the latest version of CSS. Let’s understand the various differences between CSS and CSS3 in the following order:

CSS3 provides capabilities like JavaScript and also provides mobile development features with additional features like transitions, gradient, etc. So, let’s compare CSS and CSS3 on these parameters.


Compatibility of CSS and CSS3

CSS is not compatible with CSS3 because its main purpose was to focus on providing different formatting features. They were in addition to capabilities for the position of texts and objects. But these features were been updated to the latest version that is CSS3.

Css and Css3

CSS3 is the backword compatible with CSS. This won’t make any code written in CSS as invalid. CSS3 makes the webpage look more attractive and better. They are very fast at loading and less time required to build the page.


Rounded Corners and Gradient

When the time CSS3 was launched, the developers used to design images which would look like rounded corners to different structures and background gradient. This process includes the developer designing the specific border and uploading the design over the server. They need to place the image on the webpage and in the end, CSS has to position this border correctly.


In CSS3 the developer just need to write the code like round border {border-radius: 20px}. And it’s done they need not send through any server and perform any kind of other activities. Even gradients can set by using code like gradBG {Background:liner-gradient(red,black);}


Text Effects and Animations

In CSS the animations were written in JavaScript and JQuery. It did not have the features in the design layer and even the page element also did not have any kind of special effects like shadowing texts, text selections, etc.


In CSS3 the developer could add the text-shadow to make it easier to read. They could also add the visual effects to break line and to the longer words so that they fit easily inside the columns. It also includes the continuous change of size and color of the text even the time of change can also be set.


Pseudo Classes

These are used to specially define the state of an element in CSS.
Syntax : selector: pseudo-classes{ property: value;}. This also provides various properties like hover on(), simple tooltip hover().

In CSS3 these pseudo-classes is much similar to CSS but they have few additional features which differentiate these two. These include the root target which document’s the root element. Uses the numerical values within the (n) to target.


Lists in CSS and CSS3


  • CSS allows the user to set different list for ordered and unordered lists.

  • The user can also set the image for a list item marker.

  • Add background colors to the list and list items.

  • They can be circle, square, disc-like list-style-type.



  • In this to use the list in CSS the display property should have the list item defined in it.

  • It does not support the numbering system.

  • It enables that the image is set against the list item marker.

  • It also has a list style position and can specify the position of the marker box.


With this, we come to an end of this article where we discussed the differences between CSS and CSS3. Check out the Web Development Certification Training by Edureka. Web Development Certification Training will help you learn how to create impressive websites using HTML5, CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap 3, jQuery and Google APIs and deploy it to Amazon Simple Storage Service(S3). 

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What is the difference Between CSS and CSS3?