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How To Best Utilize Count Function In Python?

Published on Sep 23,2019 1.2K Views

This article will tell you how you can best utilize Count Function in Python and follow it up with a detailed programmatic demonstration Following pointers will be covered in this article,

Let us get started then,

Count Function In Python  

Have you ever wondered how to find the number of occurrences of a particular word in a paragraph or a sentence? Well, if your answer is yes. Then you would not have to look any further. Here is a comprehensive illustration of how to use the popular “Count” function in python programming language. Count is an inbuilt function, which helps the user to determine the number of iterations of a certain sub string within a main string. It could be of two types. The first type is without start end parameters and the second type is with parameters. 

Moving on with this article on Count Function In Python,

Sample Program For Count Function

Let us look at an example to get a better perspective. The below code takes two inputs from the user. One being the main string and the other being the sub string that is to be counted. The output is the number of times “ROSE” has occurred. 

print(“nWelcome to EDUREKA !n”)
string1=input(“Enter the stringn”)
find=input(“nEnter a word to find its occurrencesn”)
print (“The number of occurrences of”, find, “in the sentence  **”, string1, “** is =”)
print(“Thank you have a nice day!”


Output - Count Function In Python - EdurekaMoving on with this article on Count Function In Python,

Count Function Using Optional Parameters 

Optional parameters include providing the length of the main string onto to which the search of occurrence in restricted. For example, when we provide the index or the range from 0 to 10. The search on the main string happens only on the first 11 characters. Hence, the term “ROSE” was found only once in that interval. In case, the length of the main string is increased to cover the second “ROSE”. The corresponding output would be two. 

print(“nWelcome to EDUREKA !n”)
string1=input (“Enter the stringn”)
find= input(“nEnter a word to find its occurrencesn ”)
print(“The number of occurrences of”, find, “in the sentence  **”, string1, “** is =”)
print (“_______________________”)
print (“n Thank You have a nice day!”)


Output - Count Function In Python - EdurekaThis brings us to the end of this article on Count Function In Python.

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How To Best Utilize Count Function In Python?