Published on Feb 15,2018
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Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct is from PMI for Project Management Professionals. It has four core values of ethics and standards for project managers:

  • Responsibility
  • Respect
  • Fairness
  • Honesty


A Project Manager has a level of responsibility based on the organizational structure. These are applied while you are conducting a project. Essentially, you’ll be communicating with all the stakeholders all the time, right from project customers, sponsors, higher management, your team and so on. You have certain responsibilities while managing the project. That’s what Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct is all about. The questions are based on the situations that may occur as a part of project management. Essentially, these four core values of responsibility, respect, fairness, and honesty will come into effect during the project management.

  • It is the duty of the Project Manager to take ownership of all the decisions he makes or fails to make.

Even if you’re not making a decision and something goes wrong, according to Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct you’re responsible for the same.

  • He has to take the ownership of his actions or lack of actions.
  • He has to take ownership of the results of those decisions and actions.

Aspiring to Fulfill Responsibility Expectations

Project Managers need to aspire to fulfill responsibility expectations as follows:

  • Project Managers need to make decisions that do not adversely affect the best interest of society, public safety and the environment.
  • He should accept only those assignments that mesh with his background, experience, skills and qualifications.
  • Project Managers are expected to keep the promises they make.
  • They take ownership of and accountability of their errors and omissions and make quick and accurate corrections. When errors are discovered, Project Managers are to communicate them to the proper parties and to act to repair those errors immediately.
  • The Project Manager protects proprietary and confidential information.
  • Project Managers uphold the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct and hold others accountable to it as well.

Adhering to Mandatory Standards

Project Managers have to deal with regulations, laws, contracts and other mandatory requirements in a project. They are:

  • PMs have mandatory responsibility to adhere to regulatory requirements and laws.
  • PMs adhering to this code have mandatory responsibility to report unethical or illegal conduct to management and those affected by the conduct.
  • PMs are required to bring valid, fact driven violations of the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct to PMI for resolution.
  • Disciplinary action should commence for project managers who seek to retaliate against a person raising ethics violations concerns.

Adhering to the Respect Value

Respect in the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct centers not only on the respect we may deserve as PMs, but also on the respect that others are due through their work and contributions to our projects. Respect in Project Management also is aimed towards our respect for the environment we operate within.

Aspiring to Respect

There are four standards for Respect:

  • Learn about the norms and customs of others, and avoid behavior that others may find disrespectful
  • Listen to others and try to understand their views and opinions
  • Don’t avoid people that we have conflicts or disagreement with; approach them in an attempt to resolve our differences
  • Conduct ourselves professionally, even when those we deal with don’t act professionally.

Aspiring to the Mandatory Values of Respect

  • Project Managers negotiate in good faith.
  • Project Managers do not influence decisions for personal gain at the expense of others.
  • Project Managers are not abusive towards others.
  • Project Managers respect the property rights of others.

Fair Project Manager

Fairness is a Project Manager’s duty to make decisions and act impartially and objectively. PM’s behavior should not be of competing self-interests, prejudice and favoritism.

Aspiring to Fairness

  • Project Managers demonstrate transparency in decision making
  • Project Managers must be constantly impartial and objective and take corrective actions when appropriate.
  • Project Managers provide equal access to information to those who are authorized to have that information.
  • Project Managers make opportunities equally available to all qualified candidates.

Note: When you register as a PMI member, code of Ethics will be available to you on the PMI website, from where you can download it.

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