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CISSP (ISC2) Endorsement Application – Requirements and Process

Published on Apr 26,2024 113 Views

Established in 1994, CISSP certification is deemed to be the ‘Gold Standard’ certification in the world of cyber security. Therefore, only selected individuals flaunt its possession today. Besides offering a fairly competitive exam, CISSP also needs an endorsement to evaluate the overall credibility of a candidate.

CISSP endorsement process refers to the final seal of approval, which only an approved ISC2-certified professional can grant after assessing your candidature. While most people draw a comparison between CEH vs. CISSP certifications, CISSP authentication is often described as a singular credible endorsement retrieved by licensed cybersecurity professionals.

To help you obtain this credential, we have provided a detailed guide that explores the CISSP endorsement requirements.

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The CISSP ISC2 Endorsement Process – How To Get It?

CISSP endorsement application

The CISSP endorsement process initiates right as you complete the CISSP examination. As you pass the exam, a notification from (ISC)2 will arrive confirming your success.

(ISC)2 will further email instructions on how to proceed with the endorsement process. This email typically contains information related to the CISSP requirements and application process. If you meet all the criteria, you can start working on getting an endorsement.

Ensure that you claim a CISSP endorsement certificate within 9 months of completing the examination. Failure to get it within the prescribed time may result in the forfeiture of your exam results, thereby requiring you to retake the CISSP exam.

Download and submit the CISSP application form online. Visit the (ISC)2 website to get the form. If you do not have an account, you will need to create one. Here, you will find all the step-by-step instructions on applying for an endorsement.

CISSP Endorsement Checklist

Mentioned below is a comprehensive guide to help you through the CISSP certification endorsement process.

Step 1: Submit the Endorsement Application

After completing your CISSP exam, submit the CISSP application form through the official (ISC2). Ensure that your form receives a signature from any (ISC)2 authorised professional.

Step 2: Verification of work experience

After sharing the application form, (ISC)2 will conduct a detailed review of your provided professional information. Therefore, ensure that teh provided details are all accurate and truthful to avoid any form of discrepancies.

Step 3: Review by (ISC)2

Once your work experience has undergone verification, the endorsement application is run through a comprehensive review by the (ISC)2. This includes evaluation of every little detail, including your professional experience, education, and compliance with the (ISC)2 Code of Ethics.

Step 4: Receive your certification

After successful completion of the CISSP verification process, post review, you will get an official confirmation email, marking your formal status as a CISSP-certified professional.

Step 5: Pay Annual Maintenance Fee

After getting confirmation, pay the Annual Maintenance Fee (AMF) for your certification. This annual fee is paid by all CISSP holders to maintain their certification and access other resources and benefits provided by the (ISC)2.

Filling the Endorsement Form

CISSP endorsement application form
CISSP Endorsement Application

A endorsement form refers to an online form where candidates can fill in essential information illustrating their expertise and qualifications for the certification.

  • After opening the endorsement form, click on the CISSP certification option.
  • Based on the level of your experience and qualifications, you will need to choose between the Associate and Member status. (member status denotes that the (ISC)2 will endorse your application).
  • Provide detailed information about your educational background and professional experience.
  • If you have held multiple positions throughout your career, fill out a separate career history form for each relevant position.

What To Do If You Do Not Have Experience For CISSP Certification

In the light of no prior work experience, candidates interested in pursuing Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification can follow these tactics.

  • Become a CISSP Associate

Even if candidates don’t have the typical experience needed for CISSP, they can still take the exam. If they pass, they become an Associate of (ISC)². This status gives them a two-year grace period to acquire the required professional experience for full CISSP certification.

  • Maintain Your Associate Status

After getting the status of a CISSP Associate, make sure that you maintain it. Inability to do so will lead you to automatically lose entitlement to endorsement for CISSP certification.  This implies that you may have to go through the CISSP examination process and succeed again in order to retain your status as an Associate.

Important Tips To Keep In Mind When Applying For CISSP Certification

CISSP Endorsement Email
CISSP Endorsement Approval Email

Given here are a few tips every aspiring CISSP-certified professional can take into consideration.

  • Get yourself familiar with CISSP certification eligibility requirements.
  • Develop a realistic deadline for completing your CISSP coursework and preparation.
  • Study hard for the CISSP examination. Get assistance from CISSP Exam Prep modules and keep yourself aligned with in-demand skills and topics.
  • Ensure using recently updated documents only, that are easily available at the time of submission.
  • You can use reputable study materials or practice exams to improve your knowledge and readiness for the exam.
  • Ensure preparing for your CISSP interview questions & answers.


The CISSP endorsement is not all about paperwork; this certificate validates your professional standing in the cybersecurity field. By thoroughly assessing experience, skills, and ethical standards, an endorsement ensures that CISSP-certified personnel have the required set of skills and abilities, which can lead them to claim high salaries in India.

At Edureka, we promise the best-in-class training experience tailored to help you achieve CISSP certification success. Our comprehensive CISSP Certification program contains all essential domains of the CISSP Common Body of Knowledge, helping you with the knowledge to excel in this field.


1. Who can endorse me for CISSP?

Any (ISC)2 candidate who has been certified can endorse you for CISSP, vouching for the authenticity of your professional experience.

2. How long does CISSP endorsement take?

Once you have completed and successfully submitted your CISSP endorsement application form, it can take up to six weeks for any update.

3. Do you need to be endorsed to take the CISSP exam?

No. Getting an endorsement prior to the CISSP exam is not mandatory. However, after taking the CISSP exam, the candidates must attain their endorsements since it makes any cyber professional’s candidature credible.

4. How do I get my CISSP endorsement?

Here are all the steps you need to follow to claim a CISSP endorsement certificate:

  • Successful pass the CISSP exam
  • Meet the CISSP experience requirements
  • Fill out and submit the provided endorsement form

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