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CCA and CCP Certifications By Cloudera: All You Need To Know

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From January this year, Cloudera discontinued its Cloudera Certified Developer for Apache Hadoop (CCDH) and Cloudera Certified Specialist for Apache HBase (CCSHB) certifications. Cloudera announced that the increased proliferation of Apache Spark and its involvement in working with Cloudera ecosystem is the fundamental reason for this. Cloudera also believes that it needs to move from plain vanilla exams to performance-based certifications.

For candidates who had CCDH or CCSHB on their minds, Cloudera strongly recommends that they enroll for CCA and CCP programs.

Snapshot of the new Cloudera programs: CCA, CCP

CCA, the latest addition to the Cloudera developer program stands for Cloudera Certified Associate and tests foundational skills and sets forth the groundwork for a candidate to achieve mastery under the CCP program. On the other hand, the CCP program (Cloudera Certified Professional) tests and recognizes a candidate’s mastery of the technical skills most sought after by employers.

It is important to note (as mentioned by Cloudera on their website) that CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer replaces CCDH and expands its focus from Java MapReduce to include hands-on skills with Apache Spark. CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer requires a two-year renewal. CCP Data Engineer builds on the success of the CCP Data Scientist program, that lets you prove your data engineering talent in a rigorous hands-on environment. CCP Data Engineer requires a three-year mandatory renewal. The CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer exam requires you to write code in Scala and Python and run it on a cluster, while the CCP Data Engineer exam follows a rather interesting approach where you are given a customer problem, a large data set, a cluster, and a time limit. You choose the tools, languages, and approach. It is important also to note that CCA is not required to sit for a CCP exam.

Have you had the opportunity to take a shot at CCA or CCP recently? Do let us know what you think and how the exam went for you.

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