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Career Assistance Services - Edureka

The foundation of any academic institution is the learners, whereas the fundamental need of every learner is a great learning experience & subsequently landing a deserving opportunity through the skill sets they have acquired. The contributing factor to the academic institution’s achievements is the number of learners landing a job through the company’s career assistance.

Our Career Assistance Services Department plays a crucial role in career guidance & adding to the students’ endeavors in forming their business ways while energizing & aiding to their profession change, relevant to their skill sets.

Let’s talk in-depth about Career Assistance Services Department Edureka:

Career Services Department - EdurekaWhy is the CAS Department invaluable

We provide Post Graduation Courses in the domain of Data Science, Big Data Engineering, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing and Digital Marketing. The college coordinated efforts and the nature of the curriculum offered to establish a primary explanation as to why students favor us over different foundations. However, this by itself isn’t sufficient to legitimize the students’ objectives of settling on the course. CAS works on ensuring learners placement and involvement in Industry activities. From empowering the students to connect with topic specialists, getting them coached, and enabling them to receive career guidance from industry experts for interview preparation; we reliably work with the learners with students at every curve of the course.

CAS Services

It is a long journey of 9 months learners choose to dedicate with us for course completion. Even professionals, despite their bustling schedule, decide to upskill with us due to the value addition that the programs bring. CAS has stepped up and ensured these 9 months for the students are loaded up with valuable exercises that assist them with boosting their profession.

  • Starting with the live career webinar in the first month of enrollment, we plan career-oriented webinars for students, directed by Industry specialists each month of the course term.
  • We help in building the right career-oriented attitude with the help of various leadership skill development webinars throughout the 9 months duration.
  • First impression, is the best impression & we make sure we build a lasting one with profile building assistance in the 4th month.
  • It goes without saying, the interview preparation comes after having a resume in hand. 7th and 8th months are devoted to interview grooming with one-on-one mock interview sessions and other supervision.
  • We constantly introduce learners to Internships and hackathons and in the 9th month, a graduation celebration is coordinated in the presence of corporate pioneers and college delegates.

CAS relationship with learners

Being an integral part of a learner’s career journey, CAS department works closely with the students. Be it any time, the group is accessible to help the students, and furthermore, their concerns are paid, attention to swiftly and help is given in the best manner. Introduction to hackathons events allows them to grandstand their aptitudes in serious stages and win titles. The CAS department acts as the bridge between learners and the industry.

Bridging the talent gap - CAS

A student’s reality and corporate world are a fingertip away. That being said, it actually needs a medium to communicate, this is the place where CAS becomes an integral factor. Students are allowed the chance to associate with different Industry specialists. There is no preferable guide over a topic master who knows in and out about the business. We have master professional tutors with immense information and experience so senior students on top can get adept guidance. Introducing students to positions, temporary jobs, ventures are one among the administrations. Fitting practice makes a man awesome and that is the reason why preparing meetings are of significant importance. Instructing the students and up skilling to the business standard is guaranteed by the CAS office through different online classes, workshops and coaching meetings.

CAS specialities

Team CAS completes with a team of experts who are committed to the improvement of students who chose to pick us for vocation excellence. Dealing with even the minutest of issues from students’ vocation prospects is the thing that makes CAS uncommon and significant.

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