Published on Jul 13,2018
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Capacity Planning

How is capacity planning done in Apache Cassandra? This is a frequently asked question which will now be simplified.

There are two aspects to Capacity Planning- User data size and Usable Disk capacity. How can one estimate the user data size? If you have one terabyte of information to be stored, there can be some over heads above the one terabyte of data. There might also be some indexes that might take more time and space.

There is something called as Usable disk capacity. Sometimes, extra space is needed to carry out internal processes. Hence, all the disk space is not available to the user so the usable disk capacity has to be calculated first. Therefore, there are certain factors that you have to consider like the various operations happening on the disk, the various internal processes happening on Cassandra cluster etc.

Usable Disk space

 Ways to calculate usable disk space is mentioned in the image below:

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Published on Jul 13,2018

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